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Our Winter Session Bible Study Now Available!


We are excited to announce our upcoming Bible study which will be on the first 8 chapters of Luke! Join us this winter as we strive to leave the comforts of this world that hold us back and walk in faith the life Jesus has called us to……Living Like Jesus!

 For those who are new to Good Morning Girls…..here’s a little bit about us:

What is GMG?

“Good Morning Girls” are a group of Christian women who use email, Facebook, Twitter or text messaging to keep each other accountable for their quiet times. It’s a tech accountability group.

Monday-Friday you email, FB, tweet or text your friends and say “Good Morning” and share with your group what you read and learned through your time in God’s Word. Proverbs 27:17 says “As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another.” You share with your group how God spoke to your heart that day.

We have 4 2 month sessions a year and provide an online bible study to guide you in your quiet times. We also provide blog posts M-W-F all pertaining to what we are studying to help you dig deeper into God’s Word. On Monday’s we provide a list of additional resources that you can use during the week to help you dig deeper into God’s Word. Good Morning Girls can be as basic or in depth as YOU need. We normally only read 2-3 verses a day, but by the end of the session you will have read and written out an entire book of the bible!

What is the purpose of GMG?

The purpose of GoodMorningGirls is to encourage women to get into God’s Word. God is passionate about His Word reaching “To the ends of the earth” and He’s passionate about His daughters getting to know Him better and deepening THEIR relationship with Him…..no longer feeling alone.

I have always said that a woman alone in her own home with her own limited self, sinful children and a house that is subject to falling apart, is a target for Satan. Joining hands with other women, having a prayer partner, starting a small group, is a defense against vulnerability.”- Sally Clarkson

GoodMoringGirls is about grabbing your friends or making new friends and coming together in God’s Word. GMG is about developing a closer walk with our Lord so He can change us from the inside out and help us be the best mom, wife, sister, daughter and friend that we can be.

What are others saying about Good Morning Girls?

GMG has been a great tool in the last year not only to help keep me accountable in reading and applying God’s Word but also to get to know some of the ladies from my church in a deeper and more meaningful way.“- Jenna


GMG has been great for me. I have met some amazing women and even though we are an online group I feel like I’ve really gotten to know them and learn so much from them. I have noticed a difference in my days when I start with GMG. It has been tough to always start my day with God but with GMG it has been easier to commit to.“- Emily


GMG has given me the opportunity to grow while being unable to attend bible study at my church. It has encouraged me with all the comments from other moms.“- Elizabeth


Good morning Girls has been a God sent to me. Having children and not being able to leave the house much in the past it had been a very sad and lonely and depressing time for me. Good morning Girls has given me the chance to pull together and this time around help host for the first time online fellowship. It has given me adult communication and structure with Gods words. It has helped me run/ teach/ guide my home, family and relationship with my husbands in ways I never expected. My whole life has changed to the good and I am finally beginning to smile once more and not feel so isolated to the world that is so different in opinions than mine.“- Kimberly


To receive the FREE Living Like Jesus: Luke 1-8 Bible study documents, click here and subscribe to GMG today!

What questions do you have for me concerning the upcoming winter session? I’d LOVE to answer them for YOU!

Love God Greatly!

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  1. I have love the accountability of GMG. It has helped me to remain faithful in studying Gods word. When I open the Bible I am no longer overwhelmed thinking I can never learn or understand all of this. I think one of my favorite things GMG has taught me is we take a bite each day. The feast is over the span of our life. We don’t have to learn it all in one reading.

  2. 1. I clicked on this site (probably as as a connected site to Proverbs 31) and had not revisited until today. Does the GMG only apply to women that are home in the morning? I get up at 6am and leave for work by 7:30am (try to do devotions during the first 30-45 min that I’m up)

    2. When does the Bible study begin?

  3. Ohhh thank you for your sweet testimony, Linda! It’s always wonderful to hear how God is working through our reader’s lives! :)
    Hi Jackie- Ohhh no, it’s for ALL women! Our study begins January 14th, enrollment starts on Tuesday, January 1st. :) We would love to have you join us! :)

    Love God Greatly!

  4. Great – I signed up; have been looking for a new bible study, as my last one just ended.

  5. Looking forward to leading again this session!!!

    Jackie S. — we have women that drift in and out of our groups through out the day and night depending on their schedules.

  6. Que emoción volver a leerlas ¡Dios las bendiga inmensamente!

  7. Amy Talbott says:

    I access. Your site mainly from my tablet and I am having trouble signing up for the emails. I was getting them for the Colossians study but they have gone away and I want to be able to get the materials. Any suggestions? Or do I have to access the site from my laptop to sign up for emails? Thanks.
    Amy Talbott

  8. I’m already signed up for your emails. Will I receive a link to the Bible study?

  9. Dear Angela, Courtney, Jen and Witney,
    thank you so much! I’ve studied 4 sessions with GMG and will do it again, of course! Looking forward to it very much!
    I tried to sign up – but for some reason I can’t, can you help?

  10. cathleen rafalko says:

    Good Morning! I followed a bit of the col study and enjoyed the days i read. I do belong to a local ladies morning bible study. I do better when studying in person with others. I usually have ques and benefit from hearing others share how Father opens their eyes. Have women from GMG connected in person by finding someone who lives nearby to share in the study together when possible?

    Thanks for all your hard work in organizing these studies! One of my 2013 goals is to polish my walk with HIM and to learn more about Father’s loving and soverign nature.

    In His Love,
    Cathleen, Hackettstown, NJ

  11. I have been subscribed for a while now and tried clicking on the part where it says subscribe here to receive the free ebook but it just tells me I am already subscribed – are the new materials not available online yet or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

  12. katherine amick says:

    Good morning! Can’t wait for the new study. I have enjoyed the last 2 I did. I didn’t see the link for the new one though. Will it be available tomorrow? Thank you so much! Can’t wait!

  13. B.McGinnis says:

    My mother and I woke up every morning early before anyone else and we did this study together. It was great preparation for the Christmas holiday. I had never felt so close to Jesus as I had this year. This advent season was extra special. I’m so thankful for GMG and this advent study. We are looking forward to starting the next GMG SOAPing study. Thank you soooo much!!

  14. I am excited to get into a new study. It keeps me grounded in the Word.It is the way to start everyday.

  15. I really love the bible studoies, i havent signed up yet, i usually just them by myself but they are great!! Thank you!

  16. Hi Angela! I’ve been a subscriber and a participant in GMG for quite a while now. I love what your ministry has brought into my life. I have a question about the Winter Bible study documents. I’m a subscriber, but the links in today’s email were to the Advent documents. Where can I find the Winter study documents? Thank you!

  17. If we are already subscribed to GMG, do we need to re-subscribe to download this session’s Bible study? Thanks! I’m looking forward to it!

  18. I have subscribed but i can’t to the documents for the study. Is there any way to have them emailed to me?

  19. Jennifer D. says:

    I am so excited about starting this and having some accountability. I have already vowed to myself to be more faithful in my quiet time. I definitely need the accountability and have never been able to have anyone close by that will do that. Thanks for offering this for those of us who need that accountability

  20. I feel crazy, but I can’t seem to find out how to download the winter study. I am subscribed. How do I access it? Thanks

  21. I second Abby’s post:

    “I can’t seem to find out how to download the winter study. I am subscribed. How do I access it? Thanks”

  22. This couldn’t have come at a better time for me. LOVE this concept and am LOOKING FORWARD to joining in 2013! (that’s tomorrow!!! WHoo Hoo!!!)

    hugs – Les

  23. Denise Karmie says:

    How do we get connected to a group? I have enrolled but cant access documents, is there something else that I need to do?


  24. Hi,I would like to translate these new materials to czech language, is it possible? Please contact me on my e-mail. Thank you and God bless new year with GMG studies. Monika

  25. If I already subscribed to GMG, do I need to resubscribe to join this next session?
    I thoroughly enjoyed the advent study! Thank you

  26. Candi Schultz says:

    I’m very excited! GMG has been such a blessing to the ladies in our church. When does the winter session start?

  27. Hi Ladies- I am part of the GMG Leadership Team. The links for Luke are not attached yet so that is why you can’t download them. They will be available later this week. The study starts January 14. All women are welcome to this study. You can do your devotions any time of the day! If you are already receiving emails, you are subscribed. Thanks for your interest in Good Morning Girls! Blessings, Shonda

  28. Looking forward to the newest study. I love the convenience of GMG studies!

  29. Thank you for sharing and inviting! The Advent study was wonderful the kids and I LOVED it!!!
    I can not figure out or find the link to download the Luke study. can you please email it to me

  30. Wanda Oliver says:

    I have miss you all these past few days. I’m excited to start a new study and read how the Lord’s word is revealed and works in each of our lives.

  31. Linda Hagopian says:

    I so enjoyed leading my little group of ladies through the advent study! I am looking forward to what God has for me/us in Luke!!!

  32. I was having trouble getting the Luke Bible study…frustration, frustration…THEN I read all the posts and saw Shonda’s post about this link not available yet….I guess it pays to “keep reading”!! Anyway, this has been the best group… I love the studies and am memorizing Colossians…just finished Chapter 1. Thanks so very much!

  33. Hey sweet friends! Just wanted to let you know that the sign-ups for the Luke 1-8 Bible study is now available…also if you have already subscribed to GMG you don’t need to do it again. :) Both files that you need should be at the bottom of today’s email. :) So glad you’re joining us! :)

  34. Donna Castanedo says:

    Please add my email to the blog subscription. Thanks

  35. Donna Castanedo says:

    I can’t tell that my subscription to the blog has been accepted and I am having trouble joining the message board. It keeps saying that I am entering the code wrong. I have tried multiple times. I am very frustrated. Could someone help?

  36. Hi, Sorry if this has already been asked, can we join if we are by ourselves? I just moved here and don’t know many people. Thank you.

  37. Hi,
    Sorry if this has already been asked, can we join if we are by ourselves?

  38. Is this only for YOUNG women? I am nearing 60 still have a teen at home (started college this year) and I am a Grandma! I own a business with my husband doing TAXES and I have a real problem getting out to a Bible Study with other women. one I can do online would be so helpful! Is there room for someone like me?

  39. I haven’t read the whole comment thread, so I apologize if this is a repeat question. Have you thought of putting this reading plan on YouVersion? I have no idea how easy that process is, but the plans are helpful. I use my smart phone to read on YouVersion during early morning feedings with my baby and would love to have this plan readily accessible.

  40. As per my earlier comment, here is a link to YouVersion on how to submit a plan. However, it may not be feasible for this plan. Perhaps for the future? http://blog.youversion.com/plan-submission/

  41. Rebecca Yarnell says:

    Please enter me in the giveaway for a copy of “The Dig”! I am so excited to start this Bible Study with my kids!

  42. Sarah Miller says:

    Hi there! I’m still not receiving updates for upcoming studies :( May I please have the Luke soap doc, for Living Like Jesus?

    Thanks SO much! I really love your ministry :)

  43. Looking into the new year ahead and planning Bible studies, I want to inspire you all in your walk with God. I have created a 35 page set of printables to help you stay organized and on top of your Bible study. It includes journal pages, study notes, memory verses, reference guides, and so on. May you grow in God in the year ahead. His blessings on all of you!


  44. Jada Smith says:

    Looking forward to it! :)

  45. This is a challenging season of life for me in a few areas (health and family relationships). Additionally, we recently have been unable to attend regular church services due to changes in work and family schedules (our church has just one service). This will continue for at least 4 more months. I have decided to do this study with my 13year old daughter. Hopefully, the accountability will only be enhanced by our communications over God’s word. I’m looking forward to this time with my daughter, and how God will use the GMG Luke study to draw us both closer to Him.

  46. I have liked the BMG Facebook page, just joined here, downloaded the lap book and subscribed using Google reader. I would love to also do the lap book with my son, but I am a little lost as I click from page to page. I am not sure if I need to sign up/in anywhere else. Any help would be appreciated.

  47. I have enrolled for your Luke Bible Study but can’t seem to download the reading schedule or anything.

  48. I subscribed to the study and received the e-mail to activate my subscription, but how do I access the study? I have not received any e-mails from GMG other than the activation e-mail.


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