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Winter Session Enrollment Starts TODAY!

I’m excited to announce our GMG winter session enrollment starts TODAY!

Winter Session Info:

Enrollment: January 1st-January 14th

Session dates: January 14th-March 8th
What is Good Morning Girls? (GMG)
If you have never heard of Good Morning Girls before here’s a little explanation. “Good Morning Girls” is a title for a group of women who use email, Facebook, Twitter, Skype or text messaging to keep each other accountable for their quiet times. For 3+ years, I have been a part of a group of girls who email each other each daily after we have our quiet time. We say “Good Morning” and then share what we read in our quiet time. Some of us have our quiet time first thing in the morning, while others squeeze it in during children’s naps or at bedtime. The time of day doesn’t matter…..our focus is just being in God’s Word daily!

Here is a video about Good Morning Girls and a few testimonials from my own personal GMG friends!

For those of you viewing this in your email, click here.

Who can join?
Single women, married women, women with kids, women without kids, high school or college girls….. basically ANY woman who wants to pursue walking with Jesus. (This is our belief statement- scroll to bottom of page).

Our main goal is to be accountable to each other and to help each other maintain the discipline of reading God’s word daily as we apply what we are reading to our lives.

What’s the commitment?
Joining a Good Morning Girls group requires commitment. Now that I have had time to watch these groups form and grow, I am aware that some start strong but then fizzle out. As a result the entire group can get discouraged. So it is very important that if you join a group you remain committed to the end. Even if you can only check in once or twice a week – please do not quit completely. The other girls WANT to hear from you!

This is a 2 month commitment.
The winter session runs from January 14th-March 8th.

What To Study?
The winter SOAP Bible reading plan of Luke 1-8 is optional.
You can choose as a group to read through a certain book of the Bible together, to join a Bible study together such as a Beth Moore study or each do your own thing.

What we provide: (FREE)

  • SOAP Bible reading plan (we also call it a bookmark because we print it off and leave it in our Bibles to mark where we are reading)
  • Living Like Jesus: Luke 1-8 eBook for you to journal and record your S.O.A.P. quiet times
  • weekly videos that provide further understanding and personal application
  • weekly blog posts on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays to help you dig into the scripture of the week and gain better insight and application.
  • challenges aimed at helping you put God’s Word into action in your life.

{NEW} this session just for KIDS!!!!
Because of the popularity of the family activities during our Advent study, we have partnered with The Dig, to provide a fun and easy way for YOU to get into the book of Luke 1-8 with your kids this session!!!

I’m so excited to announce that The Dig is offering a SPECIAL price to all the women participating in our Good Morning Girls winter Bible study!!!! Now you and your children can learn about the same chapters of the Bible together!

A typical Dig lesson consists of the following four components:

1.  The Map: The Map tells you and your child where you’ll be going in each lesson.  It is a short summary of the study ahead.

2.  The Dig: The Dig is the main passage you will be studying.  Following each passage will be several questions designed to help conversation and understanding.  They are meant to be a guide.  You can use them or tweak them to help you talk with your children.

3.  The Treasure: The Treasure is the big idea of each lesson.  In a short statement, it is what you want your child to remember from the passage you studied.

4. The Display: When an archaeologist finds a treasure, they will clean it up and put it on display for everyone to see.  This is the basic idea of the Display.  It is the application of the Treasure you have found!

You can purchase The Dig for a special price offered by Good Morning Girls and The Dig for Kids!!

Available on KindleNook, or as a PDF for only $2.99 (regularly $4.99)!!!

and now for the FIRST time available as a paperback for only $7.99 (regularly $12.99)


 So join us this winter as we dig into Luke chapters 1-8 with our friends and our children!!!



Let the enrollment BEGIN!

Joining GMG is as simple as 1-2-3!

1- Find a group of friends to form an online accountability group.

  • Women in your Sunday school class or church
  • Friends from your women’s bible study
  • Past college roommates,
  • Relatives,
  • Neighbors,
  • Co-workers,
  • Other moms that you do life with…

Still not sure who to invite? Then visit our online message board and find a group there to join!GMG groups are forming based on location, age of children, pastor wives, homeschool moms, public school moms, working moms, stay-at-home moms, special needs moms…etc. If you don’t see a group that interests you then form your own online!

2- Once you know who is in your group, decide how you want to daily communicate to each other.

  • Facebook -setup a secret group. (Not sure how? Here are the steps)
  • Twitter- our hastag is #GoodMorningGirls or #GMG
  • Email
  • Text messaging
  • Skype

3- Click here to ENROLL!

After you have joined our winter session, please make sure to subscribe to our blog for blog post updates and join our Facebook community by “Liking” us! We are also now on Pinterest sharing past Bible studies, blog posts, videos and many more wonderful resources to help you!

Still not sure if you should join Good Morning Girls this winter? Here are a few quotes from women who participated in past GMG Bible studies!

“I think this study has brought a whole new level of mindfulness to my day. It has forced me to look at myself and evaluate my responsibility in strengthening relationships. It’s also helped me define goals for myself with the confidence that these are Biblical goals. It’s been a long time since I’ve studied the Bible with any consistency and I’m so grateful that I chose this one. Very positive!“- Ginny

“Thank you so much for this study. It’s made a difference in my life, which extends to my husband, children, grandchildren.”- Cheryl

“Well, I must admit I had a shaky start with this study, but it’s made a difference and I through enjoy and am glad that I persevered through it! I will most definitely sign up for the next one! I had so much fun learning and gaining new insights to proverbs 31!”- Amy

As you can see, being in God’s Word on a daily bases DOES make a difference in your life!

You can sign-up individually or in a group……either way, we’d love to have you join us this winter!

Questions? Feel free to ask them in our comment section!!!

Love God Greatly!

Our Winter Session Bible Study Now Available!


We are excited to announce our upcoming Bible study which will be on the first 8 chapters of Luke! Join us this winter as we strive to leave the comforts of this world that hold us back and walk in faith the life Jesus has called us to……Living Like Jesus!

 For those who are new to Good Morning Girls…..here’s a little bit about us:

What is GMG?

“Good Morning Girls” are a group of Christian women who use email, Facebook, Twitter or text messaging to keep each other accountable for their quiet times. It’s a tech accountability group.

Monday-Friday you email, FB, tweet or text your friends and say “Good Morning” and share with your group what you read and learned through your time in God’s Word. Proverbs 27:17 says “As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another.” You share with your group how God spoke to your heart that day.

We have 4 2 month sessions a year and provide an online bible study to guide you in your quiet times. We also provide blog posts M-W-F all pertaining to what we are studying to help you dig deeper into God’s Word. On Monday’s we provide a list of additional resources that you can use during the week to help you dig deeper into God’s Word. Good Morning Girls can be as basic or in depth as YOU need. We normally only read 2-3 verses a day, but by the end of the session you will have read and written out an entire book of the bible!

What is the purpose of GMG?

The purpose of GoodMorningGirls is to encourage women to get into God’s Word. God is passionate about His Word reaching “To the ends of the earth” and He’s passionate about His daughters getting to know Him better and deepening THEIR relationship with Him…..no longer feeling alone.

I have always said that a woman alone in her own home with her own limited self, sinful children and a house that is subject to falling apart, is a target for Satan. Joining hands with other women, having a prayer partner, starting a small group, is a defense against vulnerability.”- Sally Clarkson

GoodMoringGirls is about grabbing your friends or making new friends and coming together in God’s Word. GMG is about developing a closer walk with our Lord so He can change us from the inside out and help us be the best mom, wife, sister, daughter and friend that we can be.

What are others saying about Good Morning Girls?

GMG has been a great tool in the last year not only to help keep me accountable in reading and applying God’s Word but also to get to know some of the ladies from my church in a deeper and more meaningful way.“- Jenna


GMG has been great for me. I have met some amazing women and even though we are an online group I feel like I’ve really gotten to know them and learn so much from them. I have noticed a difference in my days when I start with GMG. It has been tough to always start my day with God but with GMG it has been easier to commit to.“- Emily


GMG has given me the opportunity to grow while being unable to attend bible study at my church. It has encouraged me with all the comments from other moms.“- Elizabeth


Good morning Girls has been a God sent to me. Having children and not being able to leave the house much in the past it had been a very sad and lonely and depressing time for me. Good morning Girls has given me the chance to pull together and this time around help host for the first time online fellowship. It has given me adult communication and structure with Gods words. It has helped me run/ teach/ guide my home, family and relationship with my husbands in ways I never expected. My whole life has changed to the good and I am finally beginning to smile once more and not feel so isolated to the world that is so different in opinions than mine.“- Kimberly


To receive the FREE Living Like Jesus: Luke 1-8 Bible study documents, click here and subscribe to GMG today!

What questions do you have for me concerning the upcoming winter session? I’d LOVE to answer them for YOU!

Love God Greatly!


Imagine being in a field, hanging out with some friends and out of nowhere an angel appears and begins to talk to you about the coming savior. If that weren’t crazy enough the angel is then joined by an army of angels that begin to sing a song of praise to God.

“Glory to God in the highest,and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!” Luke 2:14

When I think of an army I think of war and yet the message of these heavenly beings is that of peace. A baby has been born who will bring peace. A prince has come into the world whose very name is Peace (Is. 9:6)

What is ironic is that this Christ child’s birth would bring about anything but peace in his own life. Herod would massacre possibly hundreds of children in an attempt to kill him. Mary and Joseph would have to flee in the middle of the night into a foreign country. As an adult Christ’s years of ministry so up-heaved the religious community that it would end in his arrest, torture, and execution. After his resurrection from the dead and ascension into heaven his followers would be persecuted and killed for his name’s sake.  And yet all of these things worked together for a peace that is far greater than any earthly peace we long for.

The peace Christ was born to secure for us is peace between God and humanity. Christ saves us from the punishment of our sin and reconciles us to our Maker. Christ saves us from the power of sin in our lives and gives us safety from their enslaving power. He offers us peace in the midst of dark days and difficult circumstances assuring us of God’s good plan for us. The salvation of Jesus will, in the end, save us from the presence of sin and establish a kingdom and a new earth where Peace will sit on the throne having conquered and removed all evil and darkness.

But how do we live in the meantime? How do we live in a world where people are self centered, where marriages are falling apart left and right. How do we live when people take the lives of others without thought and where the name of our King is used as a curse instead of a blessing?

The answer is found in peace itself. We are not only the recipients of peace, but we are called to live lives of peace. We are told to let peace rules our lives (Col. 3:15) and the only way we can do that is to walk closely to its source. To get to know him as much as possible by reading, studying and meditating on the very words this Prince of Peace has given us. Only then will peace truly characterize us.

“Peace should be a hallmark of the godly person, first because it is a Godlike trait: God is called the God of peace several times in the New Testament. He took the initiative to establish peace with rebellious men, and He is the author of both personal peace as well as peace among men. Peace should be part of our character also because God has promised us His peace, because He has commanded us to let peace rule in our lives and relationships, and because peace is a fruit of the Spirit and therefore an evidence of His working in our lives.” Jerry Bridges

So as you get ready to celebrate Christmas remember that this Christ whose birth we celebrate is our peace and therefore our safety. He is our safety from the curse, power and cruelty of sin.

Looking to Jesus,

Advent {Week 4} ~ Paralyzed or Purposed?

{So proud of her color choice… purple glitter!}

She’s four, funny and anything but fragile, and she’s my girlie who got a hearing aid last week.  It’s been a long time comin’, and let me be the first to tell you that we’re all about as giddy as it gets.

Funny how hearing makes you realize just how much you’ve been missing…

Immediately after she wakes each morning, she begs me to put her hearing aid in.  She knows the benefits already, and happily accepts that trying to hear on her own would be in vain.  Now she turns to me the first time I call her name. She sings along instead of asking me to turn the music up over and over.  She gasps with excitement at the breakfast table when her brother’s voice comes in loud and clear.    We actually get through an entire book without her saying, “Huh?”.  Thoroughly impressed, she stops me mid-sentence – several times throughout the day – just to say, “Mom, I…JUST… HEARD… THAT!”  She doesn’t take one clear sound for granted, this sweet, spunky girl of mine.


She was born with a deficiency, but she’s not held back, because she’s connected to the source of help that she needs.


As we’ve dived into this new chapter in our lives, I’ve learned a whole lot about the amazing technology that accompanies such a tiny device.  Tess’s hearing aid comes with two microphones: one placed to amplify noise in front of her, and one situated behind to pick up background noise.  Because of technology and timing, these two microphones allow sound to be divided into different parts, separating background noise from speech.  In mom terms (heh), what this means is that if Tess is facing and focused on the person who is talking to her, those sound waves hit her main microphone first, and the distracting background noise is essentially “turned off” so that she is able to clearly hear the speaker’s voice.  Pretty amazing stuff.


What had previously been paralyzed now has great purpose.


As we’ve mourned and wept for the families affected by the Connecticut tragedy these last few days,  it could be easy to give into thoughts that leave us feeling paralyzed.  Paralyzed by the evil in this world.  Paralyzed by overwhelming sadness for families we’ve never met.  Paralyzed by fearing for the safety of our own children.  Paralyzed by the unknown, and by our lack of control of what happens to us on this side of heaven.


Because sin entered the world, all of  human race has a deficiency.  But because of Jesus, praise God we don’t have to be held back, paralyzed by our sin any longer!


As I wake up each morning, I recognize my need to plug into the Source of Life - Jesus.  I’ve experienced the benefits of knowing Him, and recognize that I am nothing without Him.  He calls me by name, and I find comfort knowing that I am His child.  I can sing songs of praise, knowing that my Redeemer lives.  I’ve even caught myself stopping mid-sentence, overwhelmed by His love and the fact that “GOD… JUST… DID… THAT.”  And just like my girl’s hearing aid, I’ve learned that when I’m pursuing and focused on Jesus, only then is the background noise of this world hushed, so that I can clearly hear the voice of my Savior.


 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have PEACE.

In this world you will have trouble. But take heart!

I have overcome the world.”

~ John 16:33

What had previously been paralyzed now has great purpose.  Because of the hope we have in Jesus, we are free to be messengers of PEACE to a hurting world.  


Paralyzed or purposed?  Which will you choose today?


At His Feet,


 And the PEACE of God, which transcends all understanding,

will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

~ Philippians 4:7



Women around the world are IN THE WORD!

Every Wednesday we will have a link-up. If you are a blogger we invite you to link-up any blog posts that you have written about your quiet time that week. We ask that you put our button in the post or on your sidebar so we can find each other. We do not have code for this link up button. Just right click and save as. Then link it to http://www.goodmorninggirls.org

Advent {Week 4} ~ PEACE


Welcome to the fourth and final week of our Advent study… where we’ll focus on Peace!  In case you didn’t know (haha), it’s officially the last week before Christmas.  People everywhere will be hustling to wrap up their last minute holiday preparations, while trying to maintain some sort of sanity.  Is peace possible in the midst of limited time and last-minute to-do lists?


You bet it is {… sigh of relief!}.


Finding peace through what the world has to offer is inconsistent and far too dependent on our changing and unstable circumstances.  But internal peace – that peace that comes from knowing Jesus – is lasting.  It’s the real deal.  It’s steady even on busy and imperfect days.  It gives hope to seemingly hopeless situations.  It settles our hearts in the midst of chaos.  It trumps any external peace that we may be seeking, because it fixes our eyes not on what is temporary, but on what is to come.


You and I have a choice of what we allow to rule in our hearts this week


{If you cannot see this video, you can view it here.}


{Weekly Challenge}:  How can you be a “Messenger of Peace” this Christmas season?  Chose one intentional way to follow through with this, and ask someone close to you to keep you accountable.


At His feet,



**Knowing that I had a full weekend planned with extended family, I took advantage of some free time and recorded this week’s video last Thursday afternoon.  Little did I know that the nation would be mourning that very next day upon hearing the news of the tragedy in Connecticut.  We at Good Morning Girls continue to pray for God’s peace to comfort the families and all who have been affected by this devastating event.

 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.

In this world you will have trouble. But take heart!

I have overcome the world.” ~ John 16:33

Recommended reading in response to the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy:

“How Does Jesus Come to Newtown?” ~ John Piper

“Guard Their Hearts…” ~ Sally Clarkson


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