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What is “Advent” Anyway…

We’ve had a wonderful discussion going on within our GMG Leadership group this past week asking the question, “What is Advent?” and how is it different from celebrating Christmas?

The word Advent means “the waiting on the arrival of something important” and for us as Christians, it’s waiting on the arrival of the day we will celebrate the birth of our Savior. Advent is a 4 week preparation time FOR Christmas that focuses on celebrating Christ’s birth, looking forward to His second coming and finding strength in His presence in our lives right now. Seeing God in our past, our future and our present. It’s about preparing our hearts and minds on HIM…..the “reason for the season.” Advent is a deep daily focus on Jesus. Many believe that it is the deepest form of worship at Christmas..not celebrating Christ’s birth and life one day but rather for the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas.

Here are two videos you might find helpful when trying to understand what Advent is all about!

Advent in 2 minutes


What is Advent? Why celebrate it? (Click here if the below video doesn’t work)


One more day……Can’t wait to get started with you!!!



Love God Greatly!



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  1. Since advent doesn’t start till next Sunday, I would be a week behind you guys. I would start when the liturgical calendar has advent.

  2. Dorothy Smay says:

    Advent is also a time to remind us to be preparing for Jesus’ return everyday of our lives.

  3. Hi there I think I have subscribed a few times and have not recieved an email. I have checked the junk box but nothing is there. Looking forward to this study!!

  4. I love this and me too!!

  5. marty larson says:

    I really enjoyed the videos. Our church’s tradition is to use royal blue candles in our Advent wreath; the royal blue distinguishes the season from the purple used during Lent.

  6. Shuquin F. says:

    Im so siked & Ive invited other women to do the study as well :)

  7. For some reason I’ve not been able to subscribe sucessfully but this sounds like something i’d love to participate in during Advent. A friend told me to check out your blog, very inspiring. If you could email me the guide, I’d love to join the virtual group. In the meantime maybe I’ll try subscribing from a different PC tonight. Blessings ~ :)

  8. I’ve also been checking for a current email so that I can download the ebook for Advent. Is there another way I can download the entire book and print it all at once? Can’t wait to join this group. :)))

  9. Loved the GREAT videos!!!

    P.S. and I really like that Marty uses “royal blue” instead of purple to distinguish from Lent because in the Roman Catholic Church: Purple is the color of penance or sorrow and is used during the pentiential seasons. I was raised and schooled in Catholicism but am now Pentecostal/Charismatic.

  10. I’m confused– Advent doesn’t start until next Sunday. Are you adding an extra week? Or posting a week ahead of time?

  11. So excited to get into this study. I have subscribed but have never received any emails. I tried to resubscribe several times today but I kept getting an “error” screen. So want to print out your Advent study book. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!

  12. Those videos are so helpful. Thanks for posting. I’ve never valued advent as much as I do now after watching those.

  13. Hello sweet friends!

    For those of you who are looking for the link to the eBook, you first have to be a subscriber to our blog, then once you are you’ll start receiving all our blog posts directly to your inbox or web reader (whichever one you selected), at the BOTTOM of our emails you’ll see some links….click on the links to download the files! :) I’ve also sent everyone who has said they are having trouble an email tonight so make sure and check your inboxes!!!! :) Merry Christmas! :)

  14. We are searching for suggestions about how you can improve the quantity of comments without any help blog site, exactly how did you flourish in doing this?

  15. Is the Advent Study Guide the same as the ebook that is available for download?


  16. tamra casarez says:

    I discovered you and subscribed today, and I cannot wait to receive my email so that I can start participating in the discussions! This is exactly what Ive been looking for! Thank you :)

  17. I love this account but is there like daily devotions or a Bible study? and why are we celebrating the “coming of Christmas”…can’t we just focus on summer right now?


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