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Advent Study Starts MONDAY!


Our Advent study is almost here!!! I can’t wait for Monday!!!

For those of you who are wondering, “What materials do I need for the upcoming study?”…..this post is for you!

What materials do I need?
1. A Bible

2. The Advent Reading Plan/Bookmark that is available at the bottom of every emailed post for blog subscribers. The Advent bookmark is the S.O.A.P. reading plan we will be following these next 4 weeks. I always have mine printed out and in my Bible…….as a bookmark! I love to check off the verses as I read them!

3. The Advent eBook- I personally like to print the eBook out each session and have it spiral bound at either Staples or OfficeMax. You can also use a 3 ringed binder or regular notebook to record your S.O.A.P. observations, applications and prayers. Do whatever works for you!

4. 4 Candles- we will light one candle for each week leading up to Jesus’s birthday!

Not up for printing the study guide? Then try this resource! Check out: SOAPstudy.com


 Don’t have the Advent eBook? We can fix that!

1. Make sure you’re subscribed to our blog.(At the bottom of every email you receive from GMG, the links to the eBook and reading plan will be listed there for you to download.)

2. Check to make sure the GMG emails are not going into your Spam or Junk email folders.

3. After doing steps 1 & 2, if you still haven’t received the Advent eBook, leave a comment and I will contact you.


Looking forward to you joining us as we “Keep Our Hearts Focused on Jesus” this Christmas!


Love God Greatly!



Need more information about our upcoming Advent study? Click here!

Our Christmas Challenge:

Join us this Christmas as we give the gift of water….to one child, one family, one nation……in Jesus’s name!
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  1. I’m so looking forward to this session! Thank you “ALL” for all your heartfelt work going into this study. In Him, Martha

  2. Hi Angela! Thank you all for all the work you put into encouraging us to be in God´s word! Unfortunately, although I´ve tried several times to download the Advent material the screen just remains blank (even after waiting for several minutes). If you could send it to me via email, that would be great. Thanks so much!

    Dionne Medina

  3. Can anyone help me get over the fact that we’re starting this a week before the actual start of Advent. If this bothered anyone else, let me know how I can think about it. I’m really looking forward to the Advent focus but can’t quite make myself light the silly candle a week early. :-!

  4. I tried to click on the link that was in my email to download the Ebook however the page just comes up blank. Could it be that the server is busy?

  5. i am subscribed to your blog and am having trouble printing the ebook. help… thanks! Kim

  6. I would love to link up to you, but can’t seem to subscribe. Interested in getting some friends from church and elsewhere to do advent, it looks wonderfully nourishing and exactly what I am looking for. Can’t get book mark either.


  7. Dorothy Smay says:

    I got the e-book, having trouble with the bookmark,any suggestions?

  8. Hi Dionne, Kasia, Kim, Susannah & Dorothy,

    I just sent each of you an email with the files that you are needing! :)

    Hi Martha!

    We are so excited you are joining us!!! Can’t wait to get started with you too! :)


    Hi Gail!

    Our last day for this study will be on December 21st which is a Friday. We started a week early because we know the weekend of the 22nd-Christmas Day is a very busy time for ALL of us. :) We took into consideration wanting everyone to finish the session strong and not get burned out or to busy to finish with their groups as well as wanting to make sure we all have wonderful family time those last 3 days leading up to Christmas. :) I know in my home the 22nd-25th are very busy and I’m sure they are in other women’s homes too. :) Thanks so much for the question, Gail!!! Merry Christmas! :)

    Love God Greatly!

  9. I subscribed through a reader. Can I still get the free ebook, or do I need to also subscribe through email?

  10. The Spanish ebook does not seem to be working either! The English one opened so I was hoping I could get it in Spanish. Being in Mexico, I’d love to have it!

    Also thank you and the entire team (now with the translators, etc.) at GMG for an outstanding ADVENT and all Bible studies.
    I was looking ahead cuz I can’t wait either and would love to make that first week’s yummy treat (now to find the ingredients)! If anyone makes a batch wanna send me some? (lol) :0)

    Thanks Angela and Courtney for another GREAT one! Such a good family resource! May all of your Christmas preparation via this
    plan have the biggest payoff of keeping Jesus Christ as the center in Christmas and the focus of our hearts abundantly blessing you and yours!

  11. Barb Schock says:

    I can not figure out how to download and print the ebook. I am registered and Your posts come to my google homepage…not my email. Help!!

  12. Hey Courtney or Angela (probably)… Even though I don’t do Facebook, I was able to get the copy in Spanish from there!

    So thanks, but none of the links in other languages in GR were working. For those who subscribe through GR! As I wrote above it does work (or did) in English!

    You all are SUPER!

    Gracias al equipo espanol! Fantastico!!! Que Dios les bendiga!

    Looking forward. Trying to gather some others around here and get them interested too!

  13. Hi Gail (Hope GMG ladies don’t mind me sharing here)…

    How about lighting the candle at the end of week 1 (which will be the beginning of the actual calendar year)? You could keep this up for each week instead of doing it in the opening do it as the closing or a combination… “we’re lighting this candle to close week 1 and start week 2″

    You may have to change the wording like that. Advent is all about
    preparing our hearts so the calendar time is not as important as the effect and HIS arrival to our hearts. That’s what advent means “arrival” from a latin word ‘adventus’. Also the candles represent the light of God coming into the world through the birth of Jesus!

    The wreath itself is in a circle to remind us as Christians of God, His eternity and endless mercy, never ending,which has no beginning and no end. So think of the entire 4 weeks in that way of continuous, in a circular pattern, flexible and continuing as our HOPE, LOVE, etc. Our hope of newness, of renewal and eternal life!

    So each week blends into the next as we too, continue with one another. And it only makes sense to fit this in without interrupting family times but making the preparation more of a continual time together right up until Christmas of preparing us so we can celebrate the BEST GIFT of Christmas: JESUS and our time together with family and friends, with Jesus as the center.

    Hope that helps and I meant every word in a spirit of love and encouragement! Have a blessed Advent and CHRISTmas!

  14. stacey roten says:

    I have subscribed and can’t get to the Advent book….I am so looking forward to this so i can keep my focus on the true meaning :)

  15. I can’t get the the Advent ebook please help, I am so excited to start.

  16. I still need the files for the advent study. I am really looking forward to starting it.

  17. Hi everytime I click on subscribe it takes me to a podcast. Is this where I need to go. Has any emails gone out yet because I haven’t gotten any. Thank you

  18. Sarah Miller says:

    Hi there! I’ve not received an email with your Advent ebook, or reading plan, attached..? I just finished your Colossians Study {Awesome.. Thank you!}, so I should already be subscribed..?

    Thanks! Looking forward to joining you again!

  19. I signed up for the feed to receive by email yesterday but still haven’t heard anything?? I wanted to print it all out tonight to be ready for tomorrow. Help??

  20. Okay! I just sent you all an email with the files that you are needing!!!

  21. Is there a way to obtain a copyright release stating that I can print one copy for my personal use? My store will not print it for me without a release. Thank you.

  22. I am very excited for this! I did the Colossians study with a friend and my sister, and I enjoyed it! I am thrilled that this study includes the family! How appropriate! :) Thank you! Keep up the good work!

  23. Nancy Hicks says:

    So looking forward to this study! Having a hard time trying to figure out how to print the ebook.

  24. Mary Elizabeth says:

    I’m excited about starting the study! However, why does the study start Monday, but the bookmark starts Sunday with Luke?


  25. judi clark says:

    I just realized that there is a time difference between your country and New Zealand. I wondered why the Advent study wasn’t going this morning, as it is the 26th November here. But thats ok.

  26. Looking forward to this study!

  27. Good Morning! Woke up excited to get started, but waited til the last minute to print out the materials and finding the same difficulties accessing as it seems others are….can you help?
    Thanks so much! Stacy

  28. Tanya Hargrove says:

    I subscribe to the blog but the bottom of the emails still offer the Proverbs31 ebook rather than the advent book.

  29. Just trying another avenue to see how I can download the entire Advent ebook at one time. I suscribed to the blog, but haven’t received today’s email. I did receive the email to click on the link to confirm my subscription and I took care of that.

    Can’t wait to participate in the study!! My sister-in-law shared this with me today and it looks great!


  30. I can not find the e book for Advent?

  31. Jessica Loudermilk says:

    I dont have the eBook and cant find it:(

  32. I can’t seem to get the advent study to open from the link at the bottom of my email. I tried on several different emails, but it won’t open for me. Let me know what I can try. Thanks

  33. Hi!

    I am a subscriber but I need the link to the ebook.

    Thank you!

  34. Hello! I am a late subscriber. I’ve recieved the last e-mail today but I need a link for an e-book please. Thank you for your help!

  35. Diana Johnston says:

    I’d love the link for the e-book too please.

  36. Hello! I also am a late subscriber. I need a link for an e-book please. Thank you for your help!

  37. Carissa Smith says:

    Hello, I’m having trouble getting the email for the e-book. If you could send it to me, I’d love to get started on this! Thank so much!

  38. I would also love to get the ebook. I have a Kindle Fire can I download this onto it? Sounds awesome!!

  39. I also cannot seem to subscribe?! When I’m clicking on the link it is opening my podcasts in iTunes?! Could you please email the files to me also?


  40. I am late too starting advent study, but would live the link!
    Thank you and God bless!

  41. I am starting late but very excited about this study. I just subscribed and have not been able to link the ebook to print. Thank you.

  42. Okay, everyone who was still needing help downloading the Advent eBook….I just sent you an email message!!! :)

  43. I have been doing the studies and have enjoyed each one. I was looking forward the Advent, but I have not received anything yet to prepare for Monday. Can you help me, please? Thanks so much for providing this for us!!

  44. Katherine Manning says:

    I still have not received an email with the link for this new study. I have been checking my email daily and also my spam folder … do not understand as I have not had trouble getting any of the maerial in the past!

  45. I can’t seem to find the Advent study at the bottom of emails! The only one I see to download is the Thanksgiving study. We are planning on starting the Advent study with a group of women from our church this week! Can you email me the downloads of the materials we will be needing?
    Thanks so much!

  46. Monique Smith says:

    I have not recvd my advent bible study materials. Please send to mosmith23@yahoo.com I subscribed already. Please and thank you

  47. Hi! I just subscribed to your blog after I found it through Women Living Well. I am so excited to start the Advent study but I’m not sure if I will receive the ebook in time to be ready for the first day since I subscribed so late. Can you possibly email it to me? Thank you in advance!

  48. leslie efird says:

    I subscribed to your blog yesterday but have not received an email to access the Study Guide:( Hopefully it will arrive tomorrow.


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