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Giving The Gift Of Water {A Christmas Challenge}

God has a wonderful track record of using ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

I believe God is calling us to do something EXTRAORDINARY this Christmas! Today I’m inviting you to join Good Morning Girls and change an ENTIRE NATION in the name of Jesus!!! This Christmas I am issuing a very special Christmas Challenge,  a chance to partner with us and help provide clean drinking water for millions of men, women and children who are without the very basics…..clean water!

For our Christmas Challenge we’ve decided to partner with THE LAST WELL, a Christian organization with a God-sized mission: To provide clean water to the entire nation of Liberia- border to border and share Jesus with every person they serve!!! So far, TLW has reached over 200,000 men, women and children in Liberia with water and the Gospel. Their goal: To reach every Liberian with water and the Gospel by the end of this decade! I believe we can help them meet this goal even FASTER and thereby help save more lives in the process!

I had the wonderful opportunity this week to meet with Todd Phillips, the founder of The Living Well, and talked with him briefly about his ministry and our Christmas Challenge!

(Note: Click here if you can’t see the video.)

Why this organization?

  • It meets a basic need. Clean water. Men, women and children are dying because they don’t have the very basics…..clean water.
  • Local men and women in the communities are trained how to dig, maintain and repair the wells that are created through this organization.
  • The money we raise is MATCHED!
  • We are able to track how much money has been raised through GoodMorningGirls from our own personal site! (Check it out)
  • Jesus the “Living Water” is shared with the people in these communities as their need of physical water is met.

Why water?

  • It’s the first physical building block in helping a community become healthier. Everything else like health, food and livelihood builds upon it.
  • Unsafe water is the world’s number one killer…..it kills more people every year than all forms of violence, including war!
  • Of the thousands of people who die daily from this problem, 90% are children under the age of five. As a mom of 3 girls ages 6,5, and 1,  I feel compelled to stand in the gap for these children and do something about this issue!
  • The hard truth: These deaths are preventable….with access to clean water.

Why Liberia?

Make sure and check out Todd’s video on why the country of Liberia was chosen.


How much does one well cost?

  • ONE dollar gives ONE Liberian clean water for ONE year.  How many people can you help?
  • Purchase a water well for a community in Liberia for $3000.  The average well serves 1000 people!
  • Purchase a bio-sand water filter for one family in rural Liberia for $102.  You can give an entire family clean water!

How Can You Get Involved?

  • Add The Last Well to your Christmas list.
  • Talk with your family about The Last Well and give a family gift.
  • Give up a Christmas gift(s) and instead donate the money to The Last Well.
  • Invite your children to give up a Christmas gift(s) and donate the money to The Last Well.
  • Have a “Happy Birthday Jesus” party with your friends and their kids. (I talk about this idea in our Advent eBook on page 40) Instead of having children bring gifts to donate, have them donate the money online and learn more about the need for clean water in Liberia, building awareness of how other children live around the world.
  • Tell friends about THE LAST Well by sharing this graphic on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, informing more people of this wonderful organization and the great need of physical water and the “Living Water” in Liberia!
  • PRAY! Pray God will use us mightily in this nation for HIS GLORY!

Please join us as we strive to make a difference in our generation for Christ by serving one of the poorest countries in the world. Imagine what 16,000 Good Morning Girls could do by giving just $10 each. We could provide clean water and the Gospel to thousands of Liberians, saving lives now and changing eternal destinies as well.

Let’s be women who not only read God’s Word together, but CHANGE God’s World TOGETHER!!! I believe, we are here for “such a time as this!”

Please join us this Christmas and help change a nation in the name of Jesus, one water well at a time!

I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.”- Matthew 25:40


 Click here to donate today!





Looking for information on our upcoming Advent study? Click here!

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  1. Sharon Neuenschwander says:

    You can’t imagine how thrilled I am to see this outreach. My parent were missionaries in Liberia years ago and it is my birthplace. I had the privilege of going back to Liberia in 2007 and saw first hand the needs in this war torn country. As a result of my parents returning to Liberia numerous times since 2000 at least 8 children have found forever homes with families in our community. I’m so excited to have this opportunity to share with our brother and sisters in Liberia and will be researching more about this organization.


  2. So, so very thankful that God’s Word can CHANGE us, and in turn empower us through Christ to reach beyond ourselves and give to others. What an excellent video describing the need, and how humbling to know that we CAN make a difference in such a practical, life-giving way! Sitting down with my children to talk about this tonight,and praying for God to move my own family towards greater compassion through this project. So proud to be a part of GMG where our faith becomes ACTION!

  3. Angela, this looks like such a wonderful idea! I was recently looking online trying to find a good place to donate in lieu of gifts for everyone and wasn’t very satisfied with what I found. This may be just the ticket! However, every link I try on this page says the security certificate on The Last Well pages have expired. I typed in the URL for the GMG page and again was notified the security certificate was expired. I am able to access The Last Well by just typing in the page with no problems, but I don’t feel comfortable donating online or even going to the page via GMG when the page is unsafe. I will check back, hopefully the issue will be resolved :)


  4. Ohhh Nicole!!! YOU are soooo wonderful!!!!! :) Yes, they are aware of the problem, their security certificate has expired and are in the process of getting it renewed. It is a safe site but I TOTALLY understand your desire to wait until it is updated!!! They are working on getting it fixed as soon as possible!!! :) Thanks sooo much for your willingness to help! We truly appreciate it!! :)

    Love God Greatly!

  5. How timely Angela! I lost power for 6 days bcs of superstorm Sandy and we have a private well and didn’t have running water. On day 4 an electrician came over to hook up our generator to the pump and furnace. So not only did we get running water again but hot water. I thought of how much water changed the moral in our home and the last 2 days without power were much more bearable. Thinking of this… just imagine how water SIGNIFICANTLY will change the lives of these people! I will gladly contribute to this project!

  6. How timely Angela! I lost power for 6 days bcs of superstorm Sandy and we have a private well and didn’t have running water. On day 4 an electrician came over to hook up our generator to the pump and furnace. So not only did we get running water again but hot water. I thought of how much water changed the moral in our home and the last 2 days were much more bearable. Thinking of this… just imagine how water SIGNIFICANTLY will change the lives of these people! I will gladly contribute to this project!

  7. Just wanted everyone to know that they were able to correct the problem and we are ready to accept donations!!!! :) Can’t wait to see how God is going to move this Christmas session through us!!!! :)


    LOVED what you shared, Mary! Sooo appreciate your help and support!!! Thank you so much for sharing your story……it helps us understand the importance of what these people are going through!

  8. Angela,
    Praise GOD! I am so glad that GMG is taking the next step and we are coming together to make a tangible difference in the world for God. I know you have prayed about this diligently and I want to encourage you that this is an AWESOME addition to our study time. I will definitely be speaking to my family and praying about what God might have us give.

    Thank you for giving us this opportunity to “love God greatly”.
    Your sister in Christ,
    ~Netty Josephine

  9. Well done, Angela and GMG! God will be greatly glorified through you again using your platform to be Jesus’ hands and feet. Thank you for the opportunity to join you and Him where He’s working!

  10. Hillary Nichols says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to give and be part of the challenge!
    I have never done without for very long but when you do not have power or water you realize very quickly how much you depend upon it to just be there!

  11. so excited to find your site. looking forward to being closer to God during the Advent Season.

  12. I am thrilled to have found you site. Looking forward to having a closer connection to God during the Advent Season.

  13. Hi Angela,
    I wanted to donate to this organisation through your GMG page…but it didn’t have a field for other countries when I hit the donate button…only the states for the US came up. I live in Australia, just wondering how to donate? THanks xx

  14. Hi Angela,
    I would like to donate to this organisation through your GMG page, however I live in Australia and when I hit the donate button, there was no field for other countries. There were only states for the US. Wondering how to do it? Thanks xx

  15. Oops…I didn’t think the first post worked…sorry. :)

  16. Jennie Cress says:

    Angela…it was nice meeting you and your family at Taco Casa tonight. I pray God will continue to bless the ministry he’s using you so much with. Blessings and thank you for all you do for the Kingdom.

  17. I know of several people, including myself, who would like to donate but do not want to do so online. Is there any information for those who want to give via check?

  18. Corrie-Lyn says:

    I am wanting to contribute to this but I am in Australia and it does not let me select anything outside the US.


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