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Materials You Need For The Colossians Bible Study..


I’m sooooo excited to get our Colossians Bible Study started on Monday with ALL of you! We are having a record breaking turn-out this fall with over 11,000 women signed up! Woot! Just think what God can do with 11,000 women around the WORLD opening up their Bibles every morning and seeking HIM first!

What materials do I need?
1. A Bible

2. The Colossians Bookmark that is available at the bottom of every emailed post for blog subscribers. The Colossians bookmark is the S.O.A.P. reading plan we will be following these next 8 weeks. I always have mine printed out and in my Bible…….as a bookmark! :) I love to check off the verses as I read them!

3. The Colossians Study Guide- I personally like to print the study guide out each session and have it spiral bound at either Staples or OfficeMax. You can also use a 3 ringed binder or regular notebook to record your S.O.A.P. observations, applications and prayers. Do whatever works for you!

Not up for printing the study guide? Then try this resource! Check out: SOAPstudy.com

Find a spot:
Select a spot where you’re going to have your quiet time, that special time you share with God each morning, reading His Word and developing a deeper relationship with the creator of the universe.

Set a time:
Set a time when you’re going to have your quiet time. This depends on you and your life circumstances. For me personally, I like to get up before my family rises to have some time with my Lord, to pray over my day, my family and rest in His presence before the craziness of the day begins.

Make a goal:
Make it a goal to have a quiet time 5 days a week……rising before your family. You’ll be amazed at the difference this will make in how well your days run.


Don’t forget to give yourself grace too. Remember, our aim is not perfection, our aim is spending time in God’s Word. If you miss a day or two then make it a goal not to miss the next day! Work on developing this life changing habit….one morning at a time!



Love God Greatly!







To find out more about the upcoming Colossians Bible Study, click here.

Here are the steps to be part of the fall study for Colossians:

1. Find a group (your own or use the message board) or you can study by yourself.    http://www.goodmorninggirls.org/about/

2. Sign up. We want to know who will be doing the study.http://www.goodmorninggirls.org/gmg-sign-up-form/

3. Subscribe to the blog. All the materials you will need will be attached to the emails. You also will get every lesson blog post directly to your inbox. When there is a blog post, you will get an email. http://feeds.feedburner.com/GoodMorningGirls

4. Study begins September 17!!


For my blog subscribers, you’ll find ALL the GMG Colossians documents, including the translated documents, RIGHT HERE in your email or reader feed!





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  1. Looking forward to this study

  2. Looking forward to this study! Ready to dive deeper!

  3. sharon Neri says:

    I am sooooooooooooooooooooo Excited to do another Bible Study with GMG…………….. Love you all even if I do not know you ,BUT praying for all you Ladies , God Bless

  4. so what exactly does this soapstudy.com do for users? Does it like have a template you fill out everyday with blanks for each letter of SOAP?

  5. Yay…can’t wait for it. My group is ready.

  6. Hi there! Somehow, the links to the printables have escaped me. :O They were there, but then they were gone when I went back to print them. Odd. Please help. Thanks so much!

  7. Cheryl- The links to the printables are not in the blog post. You need to subscribe to the blog to get the links in your email.

  8. Thank you for the online SOAP heads up! I love it and can not wait to use it. Looking forward to the bible study!

  9. Hi, I keep looking for the print outs and I have signed up for the bible study a few times. However, I have gotten no information. Please, help I would like to participate.. :)
    Thank you!

  10. Hi Sara- Yes, the SOAPSTUDY.COM is a template/form that you fill out everyday….it’s like keeping an online journal. :)

  11. Hi Jeanie!!! :) It sounds like you may need to “subscribe” to our blog so you will start receiving our blog posts in your email. Once you subscribe all the materials are located at the very bottom of the email for easy downloading. :) You can subscribe by going here: http://feeds.feedburner.com/GoodMorningGirls

  12. Shonda, I am subscribed; though I haven’t yet received any emails. Oddly enough, the links did show up on whatever it was I was looking at earlier this morning. I clicked the link and the bookmark was there. Oh well, I’ll wait for an email. I was just wanting to print everything out so I’ll be ready roll Monday. :) Thanks for your response. God bless!

  13. Hi Cheryl,

    It sounds to me that you are subscribed and using a feed reader which is totally fine. :) If you can download the bookmark then you can download the Colossians study guide too. No need to look for an email, you have complete access! :) You’re good to go! :)

  14. Hi Angela,

    Well, I think I did it. :) Hopefully, I’ll get an email soon! Thank you so very much for the help and God bless!

  15. This regular quiet time is going to require some discipline!

  16. Hi there!

    I am subscribed, but am having trouble finding the link to the bible study resources… see a link to dowload proverbs 31 but that is it.I signed up for the study yesterday and subscribed again today just in case lol! But any help would be appreciated! I was hoping to send it off to staples to have it printed for monday.


  17. looking forward to this study :D <3

  18. I subscribed to the blog but have not gotten an email with the links for the studyguide. Help please.

  19. Got it, ha ha! I was subscribed to Women living well, I subscribed to good morning girls and got the email this morning with the link at the bottom :)

    Debi perhaps that is what you need to do? Not sure, but I hope you figure it out :)

  20. I can’t wait to get started…excited to get more into the words with a great group of women!! God Bless :)

  21. Oh Angela, Thank you for the order you bring into our studies this helps me immensely! Okay…. Bible,check. book mark,check. Colossians soap study guide,check. time,check. place, check. goal,check. friends to be acountable with…for the first time I can say yes I do! Check! I am excited! I have enjoyed GMG for several sessions now and have a group to study with too! God answers prayers then wise and loving ladies step in and gather us together! I am sure to be blessed from a small group created for this purpose as well! I am thankful that God will provide, each one of us ,with all we need according to His glorious riches given to us in Christ Jesus. Smiles, Angelia in TX

  22. I need help finding the study guide.

  23. I was able to find the link. :)

  24. I’m looking everywhere but can’t find the Colossians Study Guide…
    Checked the bottom of several of my last Women Living Well emails but it’s not there… the Proverbs 31 e-book link is still there…

    Please HELP!

  25. I cannot wait for this study to begin! This is definitely an answer to prayer: online community for women’s bible study. Awesome!

  26. Janie Roskelley says:

    I think I am enrolled, but don’t have the resources….can you email them to me so I can download, access, print, etc. thanks. I look forward to this study. Have been a bit isolated feeling apart and look forward to getting back in the word. I will be on my own, so look forward to interactiNg here. Hope I can figure it all out!

  27. ok – I feel really stupid – is the study guide in a PDF format? I have looked all over for it and feel like I am missing it – I must be subscribed because I am getting daily e-mails to read – but I dont think I have a study guide unless that is the daily e-mails – please enlighten me.

  28. villarosa says:

    I realize I’m behind on this study of Colossians, but would still like to do this study. How would I get the bookmark and download the study? I cannot find where to do it. Thanks!

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