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Living a life focused on Him…the Proverbs 31 Woman



It’s the only way to live.

That’s what I learned through our Proverbs 31 summer study……to live a life that is intentional and focused on Jesus.

(If you are reading this in an email or feed – click here to view the video)- Gotta love the still shot of this video…! Keeping me humble!!! Ha!

Today I’d like to share one of the many testimonies I received last week, testifying to the importance of getting up early to be in God’s Word and the difference it makes in your life, home and the attitude you have towards the people you love!

I found GMG last year, when you were mid-study, so a friend and I jumped in and began with the Prov. 31 book as our “test trial” to see if we could handle running a GMG group. (More specifically, if we could ever get off our poor habits and actually get up and read most mornings!!!!) It was a smashing successwe are totally addicted to God’s word in the mornings now, and we even have a few ladies who join us for all the studies now! We keep in touch via texting each day. I love that our group spans two different states and women from different seasons of my life whom I would never be able to meet with over coffee.

Here we are encouraging each other daily across the miles through GMG!

Through the Proverbs study I had my vision renewed on how to bless my husband in the little things. It’s not the big ones that “get me.” Praise God I am still seeing fruit from this study even months later - the Word is so powerful and active. It keeps coming back to me when I need the correction to stay on track.

The other thing I was challenged by – getting up early – most days – and jumping into the word first.

Otherwise it never happens. There were many more things, too – - oh, I think on praising God and loving my family through the “mundane tasks” ALL the time. It has infused my to-do list with joy and strength on many occasions. I always felt guilty about not “loving” parts of the housewife routine. This new perspective helped me realize not many love the task – - it is the people we serve THROUGH the tasks that we love.

My home is more and more comfortable and cozy as this new attitude develops in my heart – to protect our safe haven in what we call “home.”

Thank you everyone who makes this ministry possible! You are changing lives, by pointing us consistently to the One who changes our Hearts.

Bless you!


Thank YOU, Rebecca for sharing with our GMG community the power of being in God’s Word and how that affects all areas of our lives! I know your testimony has encouraged many women’s lives today!!!

If you’d like to share your testimony of how God worked in your life through this study, please send it to me at LoveGodGreatly@gmail.com

Remember sign-ups for the fall Colossians study start this Wednesday! I’d LOVE for you to join us!!!

Love God Greatly!

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  1. We have just started this Bible study among a small group of believers here in Australia. I loved your photo today, hope you don’t mind that I sent it in an email to our ladies. Thank you for all the work you and Courtney put into this study.

  2. Ohhhh Australia!!!! How exciting!!! Thank you so much for joining us, Jen!!! Ohhh I don’t mind at all…..share away!!!:) Thanks for contacting me!!! Loved hearing from you!

  3. Rebecca- That is amazing! So glad you are part of GMG and more importantly that you place top priority on God and His Word so you can live for Him!!

  4. Angela, I didn’t add a testimony, partly because we had some bad weather over the weekend which knocked out all communications for a couple of days. I would like to go on record here though to say that this study has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had to date.

    As you know I’ve been in a really tough season and the outpouring of love and support from the GMG International has been so wonderful. I do believe that God wanted me to be more ‘social’ this year since I usually do studies on my own. It has been an incredibly beautiful time for me to interact with so many others, to pray for them in their own situations and to know that they have been praying for me too.

    My grateful thanks to you and Courtney and to Whitney and Jen for all the hard work and planning and the commitment you have to the GMG. We appreciate all that you do and may God bless you all and your families too.

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