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{for blog subscribers} Colossians documents……where they’re located in your email!

For those who subscribe to the GMG blog posts……every GMG email you receive you’ll be able to download the Colossians documents. Look at the bottom of the post and you’ll see these 3 links.

Here’s a screen shot for you to see what it looks like.

Here are the steps to be part of the Fall study for Colossians:

1. Find a group (your own or use the message board) or you can study by yourself. http://www.goodmorninggirls.org/about/

2. Sign up. We want to know who will be doing the study. http://www.goodmorninggirls.org/gmg-sign-up-form/

3. Subscribe to the blog. All the materials you will need will be attached to the emails. You also will get every lesson blog post directly to your inbox. http://feeds.feedburner.com/GoodMorningGirls

4. Study begins September 17!!

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  1. I have subscribed twice and I have not received an email confirmation. Help!!!!

  2. I went to “MyYahoo”, which is how I subscribed, and it was in there. I’m not sure if this helps anyone. It wasn’t an actual “email” per se. Hope this helps y’all!

  3. veda goushaw says:

    I haven’t received an email either.

  4. Michelle Sanchez says:

    I have subscribed twice and I haven’t received an email yet. And I signed up for the study too. hmmm

  5. Hi Jennifer, Veda & Michelle- are you sure you’re subscribing or signing up for the Bible study? If you sign up for the Bible study you won’t get an email confirmation. :) Also make sure to check your spam email folder too. :) If you still don’t have the email, please feel welcome to email me at LoveGodGreatly@gmail.com :)


    Thanks so much Melody for posting your comment! It was very helpful! :)


    Thanks!!! :)

  6. I signed up to lead a group a few days ago, but most of our group info was TBD. Now that we’re in place on FB, should I send you that info? Thanks! ;)

  7. Annette Curry says:

    I just joined. Am looking forward to studying with you ladies. :)

  8. Annette Curry says:

    Hello everyone. I’m so happy to be in the group. Thanks Tiffany for inviting me. You’re my special sister.

  9. I rec’d mine — Thank you!!!

  10. Hi all. I’ve signed up (RSS feed and email) – doing it with a group of friends. However, I have yet to receive an email; I’ve checked my SPAM folder as well. I’d really like to get the email for the links as I want to share this with a few other friends and invite them to join our group. Thanks. (Oh, I emailed you to the email in the comments a couple days ago – haven’t heard yet.) Thanks for doing this!

  11. I’ve actually signed up twice, subscribed again, and still haven’t received even one email. I’m thinking something isn’t working:)

    I am ready to print but can’t seem to find the document!

  12. I did not get the email with the documents either. I have registered and subscribed, Am I doingso ending wrong. Thanks!

  13. Hey sweet friends!!

    So sorry, it’s been a very busy week behind the scenes for me but I’ll have another blog post for you and you should receive an email in your inboxes tomorrow morning! Thanks sooo much for your patience!!!! :) Sooo excited and blessed to have you all join us this fall!!! :)


  14. I think I’ve signed up…but I haven’t received any emails. I did everything from my phone, so I’m not sure if it worked….

  15. Hi there! I have signed up twice also but haven’t received an email either. I have a group that is doing the study on Facebook already. They all seem to have the documents but I can’t seem to locate them (for the Colossians study).
    Thanks for your help!

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