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The Proverbs 31 Woman- Week 12


Welcome back! Our journey through Proverbs 31 is almost over…….it’s been such a joy for me to learn about the inspirational Proverbs 31 woman right along side of you! Thank you so much for joining us this summer!

We will announce at the end of the week our fall session so please stay tuned!!!

This week we are going to focus on verse 30.

Proverbs 31:30

Charm is deceptive, and beauty if fleeting;
but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

(If you are seeing this in a feed or email- click here to watch the video)

Can I be completely honest with you???? I think verse 30 is the hardest verse for me in all of Proverbs 31. You see I get tempted to think like the world when it comes to beauty……I like to think that beauty is NOT fleeting when in fact it really is. I struggle with not wanting to “age”. I try to eat right, exercise and wear my sunscreen….and yes, I even get tempted to buy all those “wrinkle eraser” creams!!! But the fact still remains……my outward beauty is fleeting! I am the youngest I’m ever going to be today, so I may as well embrace it and enjoy the way I look right now.

That’s why I need to invest and cultivate my inner beauty……the beauty that will never fade.

Instead of worrying about what I put on my face, I should be more concerned about the words that come out of my mouth.

Instead of worrying about the wrinkles that are beginning to form around my eyes, I should be more concerned about the tenderness of my heart.

Instead of focusing on what I’m wearing, I should be more concerned about what I’m feeding my mind.

Instead of worrying about my fading beauty, I should be actively cultivating my inner beauty………investing in what will last forever.

I know many women look at the Proverbs 31 woman and get discouraged and intimidated…..but we really shouldn’t. Instead we should allow her example to inspire us. She is an example in the way she lived to glorify God through every aspect of her life. That’s why, at the end of her life, she is praised……..she is praised by her children, husband and others.

She lived her life well…a life that was completely focused on God.

She couldn’t have done all these amazing things on her own, in her own strength…….she was able to accomplish so much because she knew where to go to get her strength.

She was a woman who feared the Lord…..not fearing in a negative bad sense, but fearing the Lord as in bringing Him glory and realizing that He is HOLY.

Our God is the same God of the Old and New Testament…….He is full of grace but He also is completely Holy too. Let’s focus on living lives that bring Him praise out of our love and respect for the One who sacrificed it all on our behalf…….the One who went to the cross for us.

Weekly Challenge: This week focus on cultivating your inner beauty more than your outer beauty. Pay attention to the type of information you are filling your mind…..is it helping you to be more loving, kinder and bringing you closer to God? As you go about your week, try to be aware of God’s presence in your life…..see if it makes a difference in the way you talk and the decisions you make.

To find the videos and posts from week 1-11, click here.
To find the Proverbs 31 reading plan- click here and begin on Week 12 today.


What are some ways that you cultivate inner beauty in your life?


Love God Greatly!

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  1. Angelia says:

    Thank you for the time it takes to make these videos. Of all the videos you have done in this study, Angela, this one has touched me the most. I truely want to love God greatly and live a life in Him. Never forgetting that He is with me every moment and also being a living example of that to my husband and children. It is good to be reminded often that beauty and life is fleeting for it is so easy to take it all for granted. I really want to appreciate how God made me now and this one life I have for only so long. I pray I take all I have learned this summer and apply it daily to my one life in a journey to culminate in forever with GOD Who loves us.

    I am thankful today for You, Good Morning Girls.

    Angelia in Tx

  2. Ohhhh thank you so much for your kind words today, Angelia!!! LOVE your name by the way! :) Sweet friend, I’m learning right along side of you! Thank you so much for joining us this summer…..you are a blessing!:)

    Love God Greatly!

  3. Hi Angela- I couldn’t read this blog at the perfect time. I just had my third child. So of course I have a few pt to shade off. When I was 21 years old I started to being eating and vomit at least 4times daily. I learned that I was suffering from bulimia a monster that consumed 8 years of my beautiful life. I was empty inside s the only thing I could control was my beauty outside. I feared I would be overweight, etc.
    This blog has inspired me to stay on a healthy track with God and his word. I want to fear God every time I think of wanting to selfdestuct my body. This time around I want to loose the weight in a very healthy way and want to be filled with Gods wisdom, word and joy.

  4. Hi%20Angela-%20%20I%20couldn’t%20read%20this%20blog%20at%20the%20perfect%20time.%20%20I%20just%20had%20my%20third%20child.%20%20So%20of%20course%20I%20have%20a%20few%20pt%20to%20shade%20off.%20%20When%20I%20was%2021%20years%20old%20I%20started%20to%20being%20eating%20and%20vomit%20at%20least%204times%20daily.%20%20I%20learned%20that%20I%20was%20suffering%20from%20bulimia%20a%20monster%20that%20consumed%208%20years%20of%20my%20beautiful%20life.%20%20I%20was%20empty%20inside%20s%20the%20only%20thing%20I%20could%20control%20was%20my%20beauty%20outside.%20%20I%20feared%20I%20would%20be%20overweight%2C%20etc.%20

  5. I really, really wish that these bullet points were included in the Proverbs 31 reading in place of the example that are given there. While I understand and appreciate the point of the lesson, after reading it, I found it a bit of a perversion of the message of the verse. After discussing it with my group on Facebook, I found that at least one other woman was troubled by the same things while reading. We both feel that, instead of communicating to women to focus on faith before appearances or charms, the lesson devalues physical beauty (which should be celebrated in all things as God’s work of art) and charm (which is inaccurately depicted as solely a manipulation tool, and simply means to delight others, which is something we strive to do for our husbands in this study.) We’re afraid that the way this particular lesson is written inadvertently perpetuates the cycle of competition and devaluing beauty among women. Also, I can think of two examples of current “front page” faithful beauties immediately: Kristen Chenowith and Bethany Hamilton. I’m saying all of this because I think this whole study is so good and important, and I want to recommend it to other women! Please consider revising this part of the study to focus more on what the verse is saying, rather than implying to the reader that faith, physical beauty, and charm cannot coexist.
    With love,

  6. I used to be really concerned about how I looked. I had every hair curled and in place and makeup on “perfect.” I honestly have gone far away from that image as a mom of 2 little ones although I’m working on becoming better at dressing myself up, but mostly I am finding that the more I study the Bible I see how the inside is what matters MOST! Thank you for this great video and how you shared that God is at the center of every relationship we have. I will remember the next time I’m feeling a bit frustrated with my kids or husband that God is right there next to me!

  7. Thank you for this :) I do struggle with getting “old” … I so want to age gracefully, but in reading this I am once again reassured that the way to age gracefully is to focus on the inside. To focus on my heart and not be afraid of the wrinkles… If my heart is constantly being polished, then even the wrinkles – that are inevitable – look ‘graceful’ ! Again, thanks so much for this study and the time you put in for us :)

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