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It’s okay to be imperfect….



It’s okay to be imperfect.

Some days I have to remind myself that, over and over again….. “it’s okay…..”

Much of our society these days makes us feel like we as women, moms, daughters….even little girls…..need to portray an image of perfection.

We have our media to thank for that.

We can’t turn on the TV or read a magazine in line at the grocery store without being told that through the photoshopped advertisements, articles and commercials.

Sometimes we even have ourselves to thank for that….

But I am not a perfect woman.

I am not a perfect wife.

And I’m most definitely not a perfect mom.

I struggle against my own expectations and those I feel put on by others and society in general.

I struggle against my feelings of just not being “enough..”

Join me today at Mom Heart where I discuss the freedom we have in Christ from having to be perfect! I’d LOVE to hear how you pass this freedom onto your children!


Love God Greatly!



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