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40 Minutes With Sally Clarkson!

If you have been following Good Morning Girls for anytime, you’ll know that I adore Sally Clarkson! I love her books, her writing, her stories…….ahhh I just love HER!!! With that said, I’m so excited to announce a giveaway of her book The Mom Walk as well as one by her daughter, Sarah, called Journeys of Faithfullness.

If you are struggling in your walk as a mom…..this book is for you! I love the personal, heartfelt stories Sally shares as well as the encouragement she gives!

Here are just a few of my favorite quotes from her book, The Mom Walk.

“The more I have studied Scripture, the more I have realized that God designed the role of mother to be one of the most important relationships a child will ever have. How I walk my path as a mother will greatly determine the outcome of my children’s souls, relationships, vision for life, and the success in their own walk with God.”

“It is all about how well we learn to walk this journey with God, and how well we provide a godly pattern for our children to follow and teach them how to walk their own paths with God. It is about living in the presence of God, resting in His will, walking in His power and being a part of what He is doing in and through our lives.”

“I need to remember that I am to lead my children in what it means to become a person who celebrates the joy of life. I am to model what it looks like to enjoy God and His creation. Often, in the midst of the duties of life, moms can easily become focused only on the right things to do. We can fixate on correcting the immaturity of our children and inadvertently portray God as strict moral judge just waiting for them to fall short. We can lose sight of God’s grace.”

“A mother who gives her children a heart ot celebrate God’s life and beauty gives a gift of life. She is helping her children draw joy from their lives and memories that will bring them strength and pleasure all their days.”

“A life built on any foundation other than the Word of God is a life doomed to fall. But if we, as moms, walk this journey with God’s Word as our source of wisdom and life, and if we listen to and apply the words of Jesus to our lives, we will indeed have a house (family) that remains standing through the storms and floods of trails and difficulties. We will have a spiritual legacy that will last through eternity.”




You love being a mom. You are wholeheartedly committed to your children. You long for them to grow up to be mature, loving, fruitful, and faithful followers of God. But you know that means you are called to be that kind of mom. It means you must be faithful on God’s path of motherhood for you.

That is your mom walk. It is how you walk with God as mother. It is how you seek Him, trust Him, live in His grace, and draw on His strength one step of faith at a time. The mom walk is your path:

P: How you walk with Purpose as a mother
A: How you walk with Assurance as a mother
T: How you walk with Trust as a mother
H: How you walk with Heart as a mother

In The Mom Walk you journey alongside Sally Clarkson in her own walk as a mother after God’s heart. Through her personal stories from twenty-seven years of motherhood, inspiring and challenging truths from Scripture, and spiritual insights from both the dark and light sides of the journey, you will find renewed encouragement for your own mom walk with God.



Ruth. Esther. May and Martha. Mary, mother of Jesus. Their stories in the Bible reveal how God can reach into the life of an ordinary girl and, through her love and obedience, reveal glimpses of His beauty and grace in this broken world. In this unique collection of inspirational stories and devotions, you will celebrate the sacrifice and courage that made each these young single women biblical heroines and models for all times. InJourneys of Faithfulness, Sarah creatively and respectfully retells their stories and explores each of their journeys along God’s path of life. In a personal devotional after each chapter, she opens her own heart and shares stories from her own journey of faith. She writes in order to challenge today’s young woman to reach higher and go deeper in her relationship with Jesus Christ by choosing well and walking faithfully with God. The book includes a Bible study with each chapter to dig deeper into the lessons of that chapter, as well as “Journey Journal” pages for recording personal thoughts and insights.
Here is what Sally is giving away over on ITakeJoy.com today!  Sally writes:

Two readers will win:

A copy of The Mom Walk

A copy of Journey’s of Faithfulness (by Sarah Clarkson)

And then there will be a GRAND PRIZE Bundle that one reader will win:

A copy of Mom Walk

A copy of Journey’s of Faithfulness

A copy of pre-release copy of Desperate

40 minute mentoring session with me

In addition to the giveaway, I will also be a part of a Twitter part tonight at 9pm EST under hashtag #momwalk. I will be answering your questions regarding motherhood and your mom walk. Also, there will be prizes at the party! Please join us!

Where you can purchase The Mom Walk:

You can get The Mom Walk for 25% off in the WholeHeart Store (Journey’s of Faithfulness is also 25% off)


You can purchase on Amazon: The Mom Walk | Journey’s of Faithfulness

Be sure to also join me at Momheart.org for a short video about this week and more good information on The Mom Walk!

And a big heartfelt thanks for all of you who have followed us, attended our conferences, read my blog, supported us, and helped with our ministry outreach for so many years. We are so very grateful to you and to the Lord for all that He has done. We love each of you and pray daily for you. May He continue to bless you and your precious families with His love and grace!


To enter this giveaway go to ITakeJoy.com 

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  1. I just purchased The Mom Walk after seeing this post this morning…it sounds like exactly what I need right now. Your site/words always speak to me at the right time, thank you.

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