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Week 1 Intro to the Proverbs 31 Book Club

Welcome to Week 1 in Proverbs 31!!!  We are so delighted that you are here.

I know that a lot of women have mixed emotions about the Proverbs 31 woman – I mention in the video below how some women are intimidated and even irritated at this passage in the Bible.

I want to challenge women everywhere to read it, accept it, tremble in awe of the mighty God we serve who has called us to such a high task and pray.

(if you cannot see the video click here - and if you are wondering what passage I am referring to in the video -  with a list for noble men - go to I Timothy 3:1-13.)

 This week’s reading assignment is found on our reading plan here and is also in our study guide here. (if you don’t wish to print the study guide just grab a spiral notebook and use the SOAP method below for each passage you read.)

We encourage you to daily be in God’s word using the Bible reading plan and the SOAP method.  What is the S.O.A.P. method? So glad you asked!

The S.O.A.P. Method stands for:

1.  S- Write out the scripture passage for the day.

2. O- Write down 1 or 2 observations from the passage.

3. A- Write down 1-2 applications from the passage.

4. P- Pray over what you learned from today’s passage.

This is a place of grace – college students, nursing moms, working moms, homeschooling moms, room moms, grandma’s caring for their grandchildren or ailing parents, and women from all walks of life are here! We women are busy and doers! We need this time – but this needs to be a time of peace – NO pressure – do what time allows.

Even when you miss a day of your quiet time, it’s important that you stay connected to your group. It is very easy to lose fellowship if you do not remain committed to your accountability group. Be honest. Say you are struggling – I KNOW they will lift you up in prayer! And Girls – we ALL need more prayer – don’t we?

I’m lifting you all up in prayer this week! Now dig in and enjoy!

Walk with the King!

Courtney, WomenLivingWell

*If you have not downloaded the free eBook The Proverbs 31 Woman ~ One Virtue at a Time – click here .

**This Wednesday we will have a link-up for bloggers. If you have a blog, we invite you to write about what you are learning in your quiet time or about your GMG group. You DO NOT have to write about Proverbs 31 - we are interested in hearing from everyone about all the studies you are all doing. So please join our link-up party. If you are not a blogger, we invite you to visit other GMG’s blogs and to share here in our comment section what God is teaching you during your morning quiet time.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    This is my first time participating in a goodmorning girls study. I found a group on your message board and we have created a facebook group and introduced ourselves. What should we be sharing each day? Just writing in to say that we finished our study each day for accountability? Detailing our notes from the SOAP method? I’m sure there are variations depending on the group but I want know what you recommend. Looking forward to it!

  2. Angela, Thanks for all your hard work!! I look forward to participating.

  3. Danielle says:

    I signed up for a subscription to Women Living Well in order to get the Proverbs 31 e-book,and received an email to activate my account. I did that, but I didn’t receive an email with a link to the e-book yet. Is there something else I should do?

  4. Danielle –
    Here’s the direct link for the ebook:


    Thanks for commenting.


  5. Hi Stephanie,

    So good to hear from you! Each day you should be sharing with your group what you learned from that day’s scripture reading (reading plan). You can share how you’re applying those verses to your life. Sometimes I just share the A (Application) that I wrote down, with my group for that day…..it’s really up to you and how much time you have. :) GMG is VERY flexible…..it’s all about being in God’s Word and allowing GOD to do a mighty work in and through YOU!!!!

    Thanks for asking, Stephanie!!!

    Love God Greatly!

  6. Crystal says:

    when I click on the “study guide here” link…the study guide says by the end of the 12 weeks you will have written out all of Ephesians? but this is Proverbs 31 study and the reading plan shows us reading out of proverbs every day? is there more somewhere that i am missing?

  7. I love the purposeful focus that you shared, Courtney! We need to fix our eyes on Jesus and then we can do what he calls us to do! I really enjoyed my first day! Your videos are extremely encouraging. :)

  8. I agree with Shonda…I’m writing this down on my notebook,that I have for this study:)so I can see it everyday.

  9. Hi Crystal!

    That was a typo! So sorry, because we have many of our materials translated, I try to keep some of the pages the same so it’s not as much on our translators….that was from our previous study. Go to the next page and you’ll see the reading plan listed and what we will be reading and covering each day. :) Thanks for your comment!

    Love God Greatly!

  10. This is my first actual Bible study. I’m really excited about it! I do want to learn more about Proverbs 31 and how I can apply it to my life to grow more in the Lord.

  11. This is my first study with GMG. I am really looking forward to it and feel that it is a divine appointment as I have been struggling with my own motherhood and wife-hood lately. I want to be a godly mom and wife and be the best I can possibly be — this is just perfect timing!!!!

  12. This is my first study with GMG. I am really looking forward to it and feel that it is a divine appointment as I have been struggling with my own motherhood and wife-hood lately. I want to be a godly mom and wife and be the best I can possibly be — this is just perfect timing!!!!

    A question – I’m doing this on my own, not in a group. Would the comments of this blog be “my group”, so to speak?

  13. So glad I found you guys!!! Can’t wait to get started!!!

  14. Trina McDaniel says:

    Ok, so I am not sure how I am supposed to sign up for this one, however I am IN! I have all my stuff printed out and am going! Thanks so much!


  15. Hi Jill!

    Commenting on this blog would be GREAT!! We also have conversations going on on our Facebook page as well! You are welcome to join the conversations there too! :)

    Hi Trina,

    Here’s the link to register for this session! :)


  16. Tera Redmond says:

    I am with a group doing this study. I subscribed but didnt get the email to download the study. I did get the one to confirm that I subscribed but not the study. How long does it normally take.

    Thank you


  17. Hello ladies, new here,… Ready to look at Proverbs 31 with new eyes… I have lots of day to day life circumstances to deal with, and would love to improve all the areas I can while I move forward with God’s help.

  18. Beth M. says:

    Hi everyone! I have signed up but I don’t know how to get in a group. I am looking forward to this study, I have done 3 online studies since January!
    Please let me know how to get into a group, please!!

  19. Courtney, you are so energetic and such an inspiration! Thank you! I’m excited to join in this study!

  20. Courtney, you are so energetic and such an inspiration! Thank you for that! I’m very excited to join in on the study! :D

  21. This is my first study with Good Morning Girls. I learned about it a week ago and could not wait to start. I have created a local group (GMG EK – Good Morning Girls Eastern KY) of 6 relatives and friends to do the study with. We are sharing our thoughts & comments in a Facebook Group but I will also share from this study on my own personal blog. I was excited to get up this morning and dive into the study! I also REALLY enjoyed the video of Courtney on the Rachel Ray show. Looking forward to learning how to be a better wife, mother and daughter of Christ, verse by verse!

  22. I have joined a GMG group on facebook and began the Proverbs 31 study today. . I am overwhelmed! ;) I feel like I have been force fed and am choking! I think you may as well hand me a drink! :) 6 Give strong drink unto him that is ready to perish, and wine unto those that be of heavy hearts. I can patch a hole. I can make a pageant dress without a pattern if he wants to wear one~ I fear if I strengthened my arms and legs it would only be to kick or punch someone. I hate to get up early.I can’t say I burn the candle on both ends~ just the mid-night end. I would extend my hand to the poor. I would give you the shirt off my back even if I weren’t wearing a bra if you needed it. I would just say turn your head and give me a lawn and garden sized trash bag to cover me until I get home. :) I don’t even know what flax is. As you can tell by this post I have absolutely no sense of order. I can’t even say I haven’t talked bad about my husband behind his back. I have~ I think it will take me longer than the rest of you to line up to all of things. I believe you can see why that I am overwhelmed! ~ I hope honesty is allowed in here~ :)

  23. I must add even a verse at the time overwhelms me. :*(

  24. We can be Proverbs 31 women in God’s strength but will burn out in our own strength.

    Thank you for putting this together! Can’t wait to participate.

  25. I just found you through http://myblessedlife-lora.blogspot.com/ and I am looking forward to joining in this study. I usually have a ladies bible study I meet with every week but since we just broke up for the summer this will be fun to do in the mean time.

  26. Hello all! I am looking for a group to join. The way the page came up I was not able to scroll through all the comments to see if anyone has a group I can join. Please feel free to email me of one when you get a chance. I do not know what happened with the browser.

  27. Hi everyone!!

    For those of you looking for a group, check out our Facebook page, we still have groups that are open!!


  28. I don’t know if this has already been mentioned (and it’s not really that important), but I just wanted to let you know that the study guide still refers to the Ephesians study (rather than our current study) a few times on page 3.

    I am a couple days late, but I’m looking forward to getting started on the Proverbs 31 study today! :) Thank you ladies so much for all you do to encourage other women in our pursuit of God!

  29. I%20don’t%20know%20if%20this%20has%20already%20been%20mentioned%20(and%20it’s%20not%20really%20that%20important)%2C%20but%20I%20just%20wanted%20to%20let%20you%20know%20that%20the%20study%20guide%20still%20refers%20to%20the%20Ephesians%20study%20(rather%20than%20our%20current%20study)%20a%20few%20times%20on%20page%203.


  30. Um…sorry about that last comment. I don’t know what happened there or how to delete it.

  31. Jenifer M says:

    When using the SOAP method for studying, what exactly do you mean by 1 to 2 applications?

  32. Jenifer M says:

    When I am using the SOAP method what do you mean by listing one to two applications?

  33. So excited to be here. Thanks to Marianna for posting this to her facebook. We are going to do a facebook group. I do struggle in two areas of the Prov. 31 women. I struggle getting up early and my tongue toward my husband, not in public but at home. Prayer with all of us women together will change the world.


  34. Hi, this is the first time I have done a GMG study. Looking forward to it!

  35. Hi, Thank you so much for putting this study together. I can’t wait to get started! I have printed out the ebook and the guides to help me get through. I plan to blog each week as I begin my journey with you.
    Thank You so much and God Bless!
    Among Many Blessings


  36. Sheila H says:

    This has been the last week of school & a very busy week! I’d love to jump in & catch up on the P31 bible study. I live in Oklahoma, a mom to 3 & wife to a patient husband. Is there a chance that I can still join a group? Thanks!

  37. hello ,
    i am excited to start my journey :) i am a few weeks behnd and new to your blog but i am excited to dig into my first week thank you so much !!



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