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The Proverbs 31 Woman ~ Week 3

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Welcome back to week 3 in our Proverbs 31 series.

Today we are up to verses 12,13, & 14 – they say:

12 She brings him good, not harm,
all the days of her life.
13 She selects wool and flax
and works with eager hands.
14 She is like the merchant ships,
bringing her food from afar.

(If you cannot see this video click here.)

We see in verse 12, the Proverbs 31 woman stays true to her marriage vows. She is with her husband all the days of her life.

We see in verse 13, her attitude towards work. She works with eager hands!

And we see in verse 14, that the very basic necessity of feeding her family is a task that she does with great attention and care. She is like a merchant ship – who travels off to distant places and brings in unique cargo that you can’t just get at the corner store.


Recently my husband replaced our 15 year old washing machine because it had broken. So he asked me how it was working for me just this past Wednesday…it just so happened that while I was doing laundry that day, I paused, prayed and thanked God for my washing machine. I am so sincerely thankful for my washer and my 15 year old dryer. I was able to tell my husband, “I am overflowing with joy for it – I thanked God for it today!” and I thanked him for buying it for me.

In the same way, often times after grocery shopping – I pop my trunk and just pause and say a prayer of thankfulness for the trunk full of food. I have had my kids, right in the grocery store, say a sentence prayer while waiting in line – thanking God for our cart of groceries.

When we come to a massive mound of dirty laundry that we are about to tackle, I believe that pausing and thanking God that our family has all these clothes can change our perspective and help us come to our tasks with eager hands.


Our challenge this week:

Look at the menial tasks of doing laundry, grocery shopping and cooking as a noble task that God has called us to. Come to these tasks with an eager attitude. If this is a struggle for you – pray and ask God to help you. Get on your knees and thank God that he has provided for our basic needs of clothing and food and never stop giving thanks! Bring your kids along side of you and let them offer up a prayer of thanksgiving too.


Walk with the King,

, WomenLivingWell.org


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  1. Courtney- You are always so encouraging and even with the most mundane things of life, we can be thankful for what God has given us! I never thought staying at home was going to be so much hard work, but I’m thankful that I can be home for my children and husband and I try to do the best job to provide for them. I always felt like the man has so much responsibility, but wives are given just as much, but in different areas. It is to His glory that we take care of what He has given us!

  2. Oh Courtney…thank you for this encouragement! I spend a lot of time planning menus and grocery shopping…going where I can save money and reading labels (not joking…it takes me a couple of hours to shop) because my husband has health issues. It can get really wearying and there are many days when I feel its all taken for granted. Thank you for your joyful and inspiring video. Its always a blessing to learn from you!

  3. As I sit here reading your post to avoid cleaning my kitchen, I am reminded to thank the Lord for the food I have been able to prepare in order to dirty those dishes, for the dishes to serve the food on, and for running water and a climate controlled home with a kitchen in which to clean the dishes. Thank you for this post reminding us that we must indeed be thankful for those things in which we become lost and frustrated, because how blessed we are to have those things rather than to have to do without.

  4. CalifBeachGal says:

    Hello from a 52 year old woman who enjoys your studies!

    Thank you for doing this. I would have loved if you had given your audience also the idea that it’s not just the wife’s “calling” to do the grocery shopping, do the cleaning and do the wash. For 17 years now my husband has been faithful to me and my 4 autoimmune diseases that keep me from being able to do any of those three things. At first I struggled and furthered my illnesses. We then hired a man and woman to clean the house from top to bottom once a month. For 11 years my husband has done all the grocery shopping and all of the wash. WE (the team!) do the cooking and cleaning.

    I taught in the classroom for 18 years and now for 17 have been at home on disability and he recently retired early at age 62 to be with me because of the long drive to Los Angeles (2 hours each way) and because I have been getting worse with time.

    I’m a Bible major and Education major graduate and Curriculum and Instruction graduate student. I thank the Lord for the years He had me using those gifts He gave me outside of the home and within the home. And now I thank Him for the gifts He has further given me to use on the Internet through my blog ministry.

    When I can physically sit up at the computer I do and my husband also helps me with that and when I can’t I am content to read more and have my family come to me.

    Thank you for the ministry that God has given to you! God bless all the Proverbs 31 women with health conditions who are able to share those home responsibilities with their husband, other family member or outside help. I feel you in my heart and pray for you wherever you are!

    In Him and through Him and because of Him,

  5. Katharina says:

    First I want to say thank you for this great opportunity. I really enjoy reading together with Katja, Stephie and all the others (in German). And I’d like to share a thought.
    Since I don’t sew all our clothes, I really feel the need to think twice when it comes to buying garment… So if not me, who sewed it then? Was it a young girl in sweatshop, having to work under really bad working conditions? If so, is it really God’s will to go for the bargain?
    In our western world today, very few people now, where clothes and food come from. And some companies like that fact, because it is a good possibility to hide the not so beautiful facts.
    So, girls, think twice. Do local, organic foodshopping and have a look: http://www.cleanclothes.org/

  6. Hi, I’m participating from India.

    One interesting thought about the verses for this week to be noted for young women, single women, and for how we can encourage our daughters. “She does him good ALL the days of her life”….I like to think of this as meaning even before they are married. How can young ladies live before they are married to do their husbands good in areas such as purity, in learning to be a homemaker, a good cook, not acquiring/creating debt, etc.

    Enjoying the study! Thanks, ladies!

  7. Ashley James says:

    I did the laundry with a smile and a merry heart. Laundry was my least favorite chore of all. I would belly ache and complain about doing it but now I was happy to do it. Thank you Courtney and Thank you Lord.

  8. My house has never been so clean! I have a whole new outlook to house work. Even when I come home from my day job and I am tired. I look around and do at least one thing like, mop the kitchen floor, fold some laundry. I keep reminding myself that I am doing it for the Lord and must not be lazy! THANK YOU!!! XXX

  9. Cynthia Cox says:

    I am so glad I clicked in this article to read it. I like the idea of pausing right then and there to thank God and pray for what He has given us. I struggle with Laundry every single day having 2 adults and 7 children to do laundry for is very overwhelming to me and really used to stress me out to the point of sickness. But I have seen a new way to go about doing laundry I am going to pause and thank The Lord for what we do have. Thank you for this post. Wish I could have done this study. Can I still print the study?

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