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Practical Ways To Do Good To Our Husbands {Link-Up}



One thing I hope you feel with Good Morning Girls is that we are real women, in real marriages with real children. We are not perfect, nor do we hope to be. We are all women who are daily in need of a savior and who are thankful for the grace and love that He gives us.

Sometimes I think you just need to hear that.

We have disagreements with our husbands, struggle to hear God’s voice at times and stress over our children…..we are real.

Today I’m going to try and get really practical with you……bringing God’s Word to our everyday application.

On Monday we read that the Proverbs 31 woman brings her husband good, not harm, all the days of her life. We also read how Solomon’s wives turned his heart toward other gods.

Main point: As wives we have tremendous influence over our husbands. We can use our influence, as we’ve seen in these two verses, for good or for harm.

I believe wives don’t intentionally bring harm to their husbands….but that’s not the issue, the issue is that we can….and we sometimes do.

Here are just a few ways we can unintentionally harm our husbands:

Proverbs 31:12- She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life.

1. By withholding forgiveness
2. By withholding love
3. Expecting to much….our husbands aren’t perfect just like we aren’t perfect.
4. Not telling the truth in love.
5. With our words and tone.
6. With our attitudes
7. By not praying over them……if you’re not going to pray over him, then who will?
8. By withholding sex…..
9. By fixing unhealthy meals

Are you guilty in any of those areas? I know I am……I’m convicted as I read over this list. But you know what, we have a choice. We can choose to do better today….with God’s help we can choose to focus on doing good to our husbands…..remembering that when we do good to them, we are doing good to our Lord.

Here are a few ways we can bring good to our husbands:

1. By not talking bad about them behind their backs.
2. By showing them respect in front of our children and others.
3. By fixing healthier meals
4. Praying over them…..for them to be the leaders of our homes, men of integrity and character.
(Note: If you need help knowing how to pray over your husband I highly recommend Stormie Omartian’s book: The Power of a Praying Wife.)
5. Speaking truth in LOVE…..our husbands are not mind readers and yes they do have feelings so words do hurt them even if they act like they don’t.
6. Forgive…….
7. Initiate sex……plan dates for the two of you…..make sure you spend time together without the kiddos.
8. Realize that he’s human……give him grace.
9. Smile at him……I know it sounds crazy but seriously who doesn’t love being sincerely smiled at.
10. Be intentional with him….find out what you can do to help make him feel loved. Ask him…“What can I do that will make you feel loved and respected?”
11. Give him down time when he first gets home.
Sweet sisters let me encourage you today with this quote:

Do all the good you can, by all the means you can,
In all the ways you can, in all the places you can,
At all the times you can, to all the people you can,
As long as ever you can.
- John Wesley


Let me encourage you to read the story of Abigail….she was the wife to a difficult man…..like some of you, she was in a difficult marriage, still she choose to be good to him. She is described as “the good angel of Nabal’s household” and you can find her story in 1 Samuel 25.


Again we come back to the question, how can we be a Proverbs 31 wife? By keeping our eyes on Jesus.


Remember, we are in a war. Whether we like it or not, we are in a battle, a battle for our marriages. Cling to Jesus, stay in God’s Word, pray over your husbands and practice doing good to them!


I am praying right along side of you!!!!

I invite you to share today in the comment section or on Facebook, what would you add to my lists?


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Love God Greatly!






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  1. Kelly O says:

    The quote you attributed to Albert Wells is actually a rather famous quote by John Wesley. (I’m a Methodist girl, and just felt it needed to be corrected.)

  2. Love this post… it is full of good advice and much wisdom.

    Thank you for sharing.

    I hope you don’t mind but I would like to add this link to my list of favourite blogger posts this week and link it to my blog.

    Please consider linking this post with Scripture Sunday {link up} as it would be an honour to host this post and allow more readers the opportunity to view this helpful post.

    Wendy @ ECTaS

  3. Show your husband compassion.

    My husband has his way of dealing with stress. He will take on a huge project to “solve” the problem (reflooring our utility room at 10 PM when we were leaving for Sea World the next day at 7 AM). Instead of trying to talk him out of it or telling him “He is crazy”, I let him do what he needs to do. No matter what the outcome of his project he usually feels better and appreciates that I realize this is alleviating some form of anxiety for him.

    I am sure I have my own “crazy” quirks, so just love each other through them.

  4. Just changed it! Thanks Kelly O.!!!!

  5. This is a great list. One thing I’ve learned to do that is pretty simple is allow my husband to spend time playing with our son after supper while I clean up. I used to get very frustrated and want him to do the dishes since I cooked, but I’ve realized that is really the only time he gets to play with our son during the work week. Plus he really is helping by keeping Thomas from crying at my feet. :)

    This is my first time to link up. Thanks for hosting!
    Mary Beth

  6. faith ego tony-onu says:

    Tank u so much, we can’t deny the fact that alot is going on in the homes, and how to find balance is what the woman is always lookin for. How to balance in the Word,loving ur husband and being a good mother. But with this teachin one can hope for abetter tommorrow in our relationships tanks

  7. Thank you! Needed this today…feeling as though I continually let me husband down, especially in the area of affection. I love him SO much and need to find understanding in why affection is so difficult for me.

    This is K-Love’s verse of the day…
    Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.” – Proverbs 3:5

    Feeling the need to get on my knees and pray, but I don’t even know how to begin.

  8. I love this series, it is so encouraging. And I really need this encouragement. I would like to add to do something that he likes to do. My husband always invites me to go with him to do one of the things he likes to do. I usually turn him down because it’s something I wouldn’t do {mostly out doors stuff}. But one time I did go with him and his face lite up and he was so excited! Even if it’s going to the auto part store or fishing with him. whatever it is, I think just having you with him makes his heart melt. God Bless you Angela…

    Adrienne R

  9. Great post full of practical advice. Thanks

  10. I like reading you, Angela. The way you write, though as simply stated as it is, is like a path where there are no stones to stumble upon. Giving praise to God for His gift!


  11. Thank you for the encouragement. It is so good for us wives to remember all the power that we have over our husbands. I believe there is a saying that goes something like this, if the mother is unhappy, then everyone is unhappy.

  12. I LOVE this fresh look of the Prov 31 woman. THANKS!

  13. Thank you everyone for your comments! I love journeying through Proverbs 31 with each of you! :) Thanks for helping me add to the list!!! You are all such a blessing to me!

    Love God Greatly!


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