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Summer Session Sign-Ups Start TODAY!

I’m excited to announce our GMG summer session sign-ups start TODAY!

Summer Session Info:

  • Summer sign-ups run from: April 16th-May 14th
  • Summer session dates: May 14th-August 17th

What is Good Morning Girls? (GMG)
If you have never heard of Good Morning Girls before here’s what we are… “Good Morning Girls” is a title for a group of women who use email, Facebook, Twitter, Skype or text messaging to keep each other accountable for their quiet times. For 3+ years, I have been a part of a group of girls who email each other each daily after we have our quiet time. We say “Good Morning” and then share what we read in our quiet time. Some of us have our quiet time first thing in the morning, while others squeeze it in during children’s naps or at bedtime. The time of day doesn’t matter…..our focus is just being in God’s Word daily!

Here is a video about Good Morning Girls and a few testimonials from my own personal GMG friends!

For those of you viewing this in your email, click here.

Who can join?
Young, old, single, married – any woman who wants to pursue walking with Jesus. (This is our belief statement- scroll to bottom of page).

Our main goal is to be accountable to each other and to help each other maintain the discipline of reading God’s word daily.

What’s the commitment?
Joining a Good Morning Girls group requires commitment. Now that Angela and I have had time to watch these groups form and grow, we are aware that some start strong but then fizzle out. As a result the entire group can get discouraged. So it is very important that if you join a group you remain committed to the end. Even if you can only check in once or twice a week – please do not quit completely. The other girls WANT to hear from you!

  • This is a 3 month commitment.
  • The summer session runs from May 14th – August 17th.

What To Study?
The Summer Book Club is optional. We will be providing SOAP Bible readings, videos and challenges to go along with Courtney’s Proverbs 31 ebook BUT this is optional. To receive Courtney’s FREE Proverbs 31 ebook make sure to subscribe to her blog at WomenLivingWell.Org

You can choose as a group to read through a certain book of the Bible together, to join a Bible study together such as a Beth Moore study or each do your own thing.


Let the sign-ups BEGIN!


Joining GMG is as simple as 1-2-3!

1- Find a group of friends to form an online accountability group.

  • Women in your Sunday school class or church
  • Friends from your women’s bible study
  • Past college roommates,
  • Relatives,
  • Neighbors,
  • Co-workers,
  • Other moms that you do life with…
  • Still not sure who to invite? Then visit our online message board and find a group there to join! GMG groups are forming based on location, age of children, pastor wives, homeschool moms, public school moms, working moms, stay-at-home moms, special needs moms…etc. If you don’t see a group that interests you then form your own online!

2- Once you know who is in your group, decide how you want to daily communicate to each other.

  • Facebook -setup a secret group. (Not sure how? Here are the steps)
  • Twitter- our hastag is #GoodMorningGirls
  • Email
  • Text messaging
  • Skype

3- Sign-Up HERE!


After you have joined our summer session, please make sure to subscribe to our blog for blog post updates and join our Facebook community by “Liking” us!


I’m so excited to start this next session with you!


Love God Greatly!








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  1. What a great video! We are ready to go!

  2. I would like to sign up. So excited about this:)

  3. I would like to join. So excited about this!!!!

  4. Shuquin F. says:

    I am joining so excited! I have and will began to join Him in the morning

  5. Becca Hill says:

    I want to start a group in the Florida Keys!!

  6. Woohooo! So excited to have you all join us this summer! We’re going to have a blast!!! ;)

    Love God Greatly!

  7. I love the idea of online accountability groups! I’m following Courtney’s discipline challenge and just wrote a blog post today about how I need to be better at spending time with God, so this is a great opportunity! I do have a few questions though…First, how many women are there typically in a group? Also, I want to try and get a group together from my church but as it is a pretty big church and I don’t really know a lot of people, I was wondering if I could post this on my churches facebook/website to see if anyone is interested in joining with me or creating a group of their own?

  8. Can’t wait to start the new Bible Study!!! THANKS!

  9. I am trying to register for the Message board and it seems to be down, it won’t send the email to me. Help!

  10. I’m in, I’m in, I’m in … woohooo! Love it and can’t wait!

  11. I’m looking forward to this summer session.

  12. Can’t wait to start!

  13. sally906 says:

    I am SO doing this study – have subscribed to Women Living Well – just waiting for my free e-book of the study, have downloaded the reading schedule – am already on facbook and subscribed to the blog – so roll on May :)

  14. I am joining can’t wait to start. God Bless

  15. Woohooo! Can’t wait to get started with you, girls too!!! :)

    Hi Ashley! Normally a group is anywhere from 2 to 10 women….the larger the group the harder it is to create transparency and the ability to open up and go deeper in the relationships.

    Absolutely! I’d love for you to see if women from your church would like to join you!!! That’s the perfect place to ask your friends to join you for this session! :)

    Love God Greatly!

  16. Meredith says:

    I would love to join this bible study for the summer except I will be gone in June for my 15 year class reunion its for a weekend.Proverbs 31 is one of my favorite verses.

  17. I want to join in this study with about 4 or 5 friends. But I have a few questions. Does each girl have to come here and sign up or just the leader of the group? Do we have to come here and comment each day or week? Or is the accountability just amongst ourselves? Thank you so much for having this platform to help us busy moms get into the Word!


  18. Mitzi McMahan says:

    I just started a group on Facebook. I hope everyone that I invited joins me on this journey. I love the Lord and I seek to become closer to Him.

  19. Hi, i would like to sign up but i can’t get the form to download….help please

  20. Joy Kay Bell says:

    Looking forward to another great study!

  21. Lisa Olshove says:

    Excited to do this!!!

  22. I’m so happy I found this through another blogger just tonight!


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