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{Week 8} What’s In Your “Media Diet?”


I’m going to be real honest with you today………I’m not a fan of negative reality TV, especially the “Real Housewives of…” shows. I have watched a few episodes over the years, just to see what they are about and to form my own opinion, but they sadden me for so many reasons. This week we will be encouraged to put off our “old self” and put on our “new self”, to make “new the attitude of your minds,” and to “not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs…”

But how can we do this?

How can we make such a change from our past?

Here are a few suggestions.

1. Be in God’s Word

First, we have to start by paying attention to what we are putting into our minds. What are we feeding our minds and souls? This is why GMG is soooo important! Each day we need to be filling our minds with God’s Word, God’s truth. Just like you need to eat everyday in order to survive, we all need to be in God’s Word daily too. If you start missing meals here and there, your body will start to show the effect of your decision. The same is true for not being in God’s Word. At first those around you might not tell, but just give it some time and eventually the way you treat others, the way you talk, the choices you make will testify to your time in God’s Word. Be good to yourself and those around you and make sure you spend time in God’s Word.

2. Pay attention to your “media diet”

In Matthew 12:34 Jesus says “For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.” What we allow ourselves to view, listen to and read fills our hearts and minds.

What is in your media diet? Are you watching, listening and reading media that encourages you, speaks truth to you, and challenges you in a good way? How do you feel after “feasting” on your “media diet?” Are you content with what you have? Content with how God made you? Are you more loving toward your spouse and children?

What we fill our minds with eventually comes out. The world feeds us on selfishness. You should have this. You should be treated this way. You should look this way……and on and on. Start paying attention to how you feel after you get done “feasting on your media diet.” If you are feeling down, depressed, grouchy, or edgy…..its time for a diet change. I’m not saying all TV is bad……I have a few shows that I like to watch each week too, but I do pay attention to how they affect me.

In the past after watching a certain show I noticed I felt the desire to be more selfish. Thoughts like, “I deserve this or that” or “Next time that so-an-so says that to me, I’m going to say this!”…….not good, not good at all. I noticed I was negatively being influenced watching that show. It was not encouraging me to be more like Christ but rather to be selfish and sassy. Because of the affect the show had on me personally, it had to be cut from my diet.

3. Have an accountability partner

Struggling in a certain area? Ask God to help you find someone you can truly trust, maybe someone in your GMG group, and ask them to be your accountability partner. If everyone was honest, we’d all admit we need accountability partners in our lives, that’s the number 1 reason GMG was even started! For women to join together and hold each other accountable to be in God’s Word. That’s the basic purpose of GMG, but it can go much deeper than just daily quiet times as relationships within each group develops. If you are struggling with what you are spending your time doing each day, or how you are talking to your husband or kids, let someone know who loves you and ask them to help you make a change.

4. Memorize scripture

I have Philippians 4:8 on display in my kitchen because of it’s wonderful reminder to me each day.

“…whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Feed your mind on God’s truth. Each week take one verse that we are reading in Ephesians and commit to memorizing it. Fuel your mind with good, noble, pure, lovely and excellent thoughts. You’ll be amazed at the difference this small change can make in your life if you commit to doing it.

5. Don’t give up…….we are ALL a work in progress!

And above all, remember there was only ONE who lived a perfect life…..give yourself grace when you need to. I love this quote and wanted to share it with you today.

“I saw a sign on a strip of highway once that I would like to have copied on my gravestone. It said, “End of construction. Thank you for your patience.”

-Ruth Bell Graham

Challenge: This week, focus on change. Ask God to help you identify what you are still holding on to from your “old self” and ask Him for courage and help to break free from it. Share this with your GMG group and ask them to pray over you concerning this matter. Remember, there is power when God’s daughters pray together in His glorious name!

Memory verse: You select it this week! Which verse is most important for you to memorize?

This week read: Ephesians 4:17-32

Digging a little deeper: For those of you who would like to learn more about these verses this week, I’ve provided a few resources below for you to use to help you…….dig a little deeper!

1. John MacArthur

a. Ephesians 4:19-24 Off with the Old, On with the New
b. Ephesians 4:17-5:14 New Life, New Walk

2. John Piper

a. Ephesians 4:22-24 Put on the new person

Until next time…

Love God Greatly!






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  1. such truth, yet sometimes so hard to remember! it’s a slow fade. praying i never become numb to the convictions of the Spirit. thank you for this truth and encouragement today angela!

  2. AMEN! I gave up TV several years ago. It started with the “Criminal” shows. You know, the ones that put all of these crazy ideas in my head about how someone might break-in, steal my kids, or brutally rape me. I found that fear was gripping me and I didn’t want to live that like anymore.

    I gave those shows up cold turkey and before long, every time I turned on the TV, I noticed that I wasn’t comfortable with what was being put in my mind. Eventually it dwindled even more and today I simply don’t turn it on. For a while, I had cable and would watch cooking shows, but eventually decided not to pay for them.

    For me, I find that I have enough trouble believing who God says I am. I don’t need anyone else putting more doubt in my head.

  3. I’ve almost given up on TV altogether. If it wasn’t for the HGTV/DIY shows and the INSP channel, there would be no cable in our home! I’m now reading Battlefield of the Mind (Joyce Meyer) for the third time. An incredible book on renewing the mind. I’m sure in a few years I’ll pick it up for a 4th read – the renewing will never come to an end!

  4. Ohhh Tracie!!! I agree…..it is such a slow fade! Until we pull back some, I don’t we realize how much we are being influenced! Thanks for commenting today sweet friend! :)

    Love God Greatly!


  5. Kim- I don’t watch those shows either! I found that the few times I would see one……they caused me to fear also.

    Love God Greatly!

  6. I really don’t watch a lot of TV anymore either…..but I do enjoy HGTV and DIY shows. Right after I had Brinnley, I would watch those at night when everyone else was asleep. I’ve never read Battlefield of the Mind but have heard great things about it! :)

    Love God Greatly!

  7. Stephanie says:

    And it is not only us we need to worry about but our children’s hearts and minds as well. I read a book called The Seven Diseases to Your Child’s Soul and it was such an eye-opening, convicting read. This book takes an in-depth look at the life-changing affects of culture (i.e., dating, media consumption, access to technology, peer pressure, etc.) and family on the life of a child. If you have children, grandchildren or someday would like children, this definitely is a must read.

  8. What a convicting post…. and so true. Sometimes tv feels like a way to “veg out” when we are tired. But it’s amazing how much it greatly influences us.

    Some blogging friends and I are forming a group and look forward to joining in the Good Morning Girls study. So grateful for this site!!!

  9. Funny to read this challenge since God’s been leaning hard on me. I started a new job recently and am finding I’m being pulled this way and that by co-workers. I’ve decided to create two reminders that I will put up in my office. One comes from my pastor’s sermon series on Loving One Another, which seems to fit in with the 1 John and Ephesians studies. God loves us so we must love one another. That means I need to love each one of them. Keep me in your prayers as I try to live a Godly life for my co-workers and show God’s love to them. So I’ve put a photo of a beautiful autumn scene with trees as a reminder of Psalm 1 (Meditating on God’s law is like a tree planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit in each season.)The two simple words on it say “Love Deeply” reminding me to see each person as unique gifts from God. To love them all deeply and NOT take sides and not be divisive. Thank you for the challenge.

  10. Absolutely. “Whatever is good, whatever is pure… focus on those things…”

    When you really start seeking God about media and praying earnestly for Him to show you His will – it’s amazing what convictions will come on! My husband and I tossed our TV years ago. And that was after I spent 5 years building up a career in the TV industry… my life is one big oxymoron.

    The content of what we watch is incredibly important and we should be VERY aware of what goes ‘in’ our hearts. (“I will set before my eyes, no vile thing…”) We can also ask the question- why watch at all? Why not ask also how TV and ‘entertainment’ distracts us from God’s calling on our life… I mean, we spend so much time simply being entertained – that we aren’t fully engaging in LIFE.

    I just blogged about a very similar thing today… about culture’s fear of ‘quiet’… http://unplugyourfamily.blogspot.com/2012/03/unplugged-quiet.html

  11. Kim- Ohhhhh wonderful!!! We’ll be so excited to have you all!!!

    Love God Greatly!

  12. Faye- LOVE that you are already aware of being pulled in different directions, stay strong sweet one! What a wonderful idea to put up reminders to love others and to love deeply! Praying over you tonight that you will be a shining light for our Lord! :)

    Love God Greatly!

  13. Casssandra- hmmmm sounds like I’m going to need to read that post…..the fear of quiet….never really thought of that before! :) Thanks for sharing your link with us! :)

    Love God Greatly!

  14. Ann Varlay says:

    The truths I am gleaning from this study are life changing! God is able to take a worn and wrong path we’ve taken for years and divert it to the straight and narrow path we should have been on all along. He does this through His Spirit as we seek Him in the Word. I love Him for His kindness toward me, His tenderheartedness, His forgiveness of my sin. I want to fully yield to Him to put off the old man and put on the new!

  15. A great post. I’m over here after seeing it mentioned on At Home With Kim…

    I have to agree. I have many friends hooked on the Housewives and the Bachelor, those shows seem so incredibly far from reality and the few times I have watched felt like time wasted.

    I will look for a verse this week to post on my mirror to read everyday, thank you for this post!

  16. I strongly agree with the case 1. In Islam laws we devote half an hour to speak with God and mention his words, every day; once before morning, once at noon and once in night. Consequently, this activity keeps us in contact with God and his word during the day.It is soothing too.

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    Thanks and good luck.

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  1. Link Love says:

    [...] 5.)  I was incredibly convicted {in a good way} by Good Morning Girl’s, “What’s In Your Media Diet?”. [...]

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