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Winter GMG Enrollment Begins Today & A GMG Christmas Party at my house!

The fall session of Good Morning Girls ended last week so I invited my GMG friends (who all happen to live near me) to come over to my house for a Good Morning Girls Christmas party. What I LOVE about Good Morning Girls is it’s more than just keeping each other accountable to be in God’s Word, we form lasting friendships and when given the chance to get together many do. I’ve received tons of pictures of GMG groups getting together for play-dates, girls nights out or even traveling to see each other face-to-face! Its amazing the bond that can form when women start digging into God’s Word and sharing what they are learning!!!

Before the party started I decided to open my house to all of you as well…..by taking a few pictures. :) You are welcome here……come sit down, make yourself at home and I’ll grab you a piece of cake! I’m happy you’re joining us!

Please note, I did NOT make this cake!!! My husband and I love to shop at Costco and while you can find good deals there…..you can also pick up this delicious cake! Did you notice I didn’t even take off the plastic bottom?!!! The cake was so heavy I was afraid to!

Come sit down, this is my favorite chair in my house!

I love to add these Christmas ball ornaments throughout my house. Its a simple, easy way to add some color to any room.

My mantel- simple again, all the Christmas decorations I purchased at Target…another one of my favorite stores.

My staircase, I purchased this garland at Costco and just added the red Christmas ball ornaments to give the garland a little “pop”.

My FAVORITE place to sit with my family…..my kitchen table. For those of you who have seen some of my GMG videos…..you’ll recognize this spot! I love it in the winter because of the fireplace. I love it in the fall and spring because of the great breeze that comes in when I open the windows…but most importantly I love this spot because of the ones who sit around it.

I have my manger scene located in my kitchen right next to my table….it’s a great conversation piece and its actually plastic so my girls can play with it…although baby Jesus does tend to do some uncharacteristic things sometimes and Mary has to put him in timeout. Ha!

Well I hope you enjoyed my GMG Christmas party tour! Now lets get started forming your own GMG group! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us this session!

Here’s a few IMPORTANT details:

1. RETURNING Good Morning Girls - please RE-enroll.  We wiped clean the old message boards and start new every session.  So in order for us to know who is out there and to get an accurate count – we ask that you re-enroll.

2. Ephesians Bible Study gals! Subscribe - We encourage you to subscribe to the feed of GoodMorningGirls.org. Our Monday, Wednesday, and Friday posts will come into your email inbox so you never miss a day!

3. Ephesians Bible Reading Plan & SOAP Print-out sheets coming soon...

4. Can you have a Good Morning Girls group but opt out of the Ephesians Study? Yes, your group may already be in a Bible study together or each do your own thing!  The Ephesians study is optional!

5. When do we start? You will begin emailing/Facebooking/Tweeting/texting your groups Sunday, January 15th is a warm-up day just to say “Hi”.  The Ephesians Study Week 1 reading will begin on Monday, January 16th!

For NEWBIES!  Here’s what you do:

1.  Invite your friends to join your Good Morning Girls group - it runs from January 15th-April 15th. If you don’t like email – use Facebook, Twitter or texting!

2.  Don’t have friends to invite? Go to the Message Board and find like-minded women there who have already started groups or start your own on there!

How to Enroll:

Click here – then go to the thread “ROLL CALL” and enter your name, city and state, and number of girls in your group.

Can you join the on-line study and not have a group?  Absolutely!!! We welcome anyone who wants to join us to study God’s word and we invite you to leave a comment on this post if you are joining us without a group so we know you are here!!!  We are curious to know how many follow along without a group (for future studies) - so please let us know you are here!!!

So let’s get Roll Call started!  Are you in?

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter – our twitter hashtag is #GoodMorningGirls

Love God Greatly!

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  1. Good morning sister in Christ,
    I am definately on board for our next session. Unreal how Jesus works wonders in your life when you’re in fellowship with him. It’d be fun to have a couple girls to do the session with, but me and Jesus make quite a good team :)
    Can’t wait to begin! Take Care & have a Very Merry Christmas!

  2. Hope Stone says:

    I would like to follow along for the bible study. I don’t have
    a group.

  3. Hi there! Looking forward to the study of Ephesians! Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Sandra Wood says:

    Can’t wait.

  5. Would love to follow along. I am joining without a group.

  6. Would love to participate in your winter study! I do not have a group, but I could use a good dose of encouraging bible study with other women!

  7. I am joining to follow along without a group.

  8. KellyHayes says:

    Good Morning Girls! I’m a newbie from Shelby NC. I’m new to Shelby so I haven’t made a lot of friends yet. Have a blessed day!

  9. I am joining without a group :)

  10. Melissa Jackson says:

    I will be following along without a group. Looking forward to it.~

  11. I will be following along without a group. Sharon Clinton NY

  12. I’m following along without a group.

  13. I am so excited for the next session. We have quite a few ladies in our group who will be returning. Can’t wait to have a final count so we can register.

    Oh, I love your ornament bowl. I think I may have to save that picture so I remember to do that at my house next year (or maybe later this week since I still have a few days left) :)

  14. Tina Adkins says:

    I would like to join but don’t have a group. ;)

  15. GMG Merry Christmas to you all…Have a Blessed Holiday
    Looking forward to Ephesians Study…FL hugs !!!

  16. I am joining without a group!

  17. I will be following along without a group.

  18. I am joining Good Morning Girls without a group. I am looking forward to the Bible Study. :-)

  19. Maribeth Wayne says:

    Would like to join, but do not have a group.

  20. Joining without a group. Looking forward to it!

  21. I am a newly married christian housewife. I want to join the bible study and group. I will be without a group.

  22. Joining – yes. Group – no. =D

  23. I’m here, but no formal group

  24. Hi Courtney & Angela -
    Thank you so much for your I John study. I participated without a group. At this time, I am a work at home mom. Something entirely new. Husband was injured years ago –20+ –after we were first married, so –it has been a while since I’ve been able to get to a bible study. We have 2 wonderful children -so this online study you offer has been a god send as I juggle by daily walk w christ, family and work. I don’t recall how I sorta fell across your blog but I did -it was meant to be!I am so enjoying the community of bloggers that make up your audience–it has refreshed my heart! I am in the over 30 years young with 23 years of experience crowd!!!–:)LOL and so wished there was something like this back in the day. I don’t blog but subcribed via RSS– I’m ramblin’ here, but so wanted to you to know how valuable your blog has been for me and from reading other blog comments –you are reaching so many women of faith. Thaks for allowing me to express my gratitude to you all. Love and many blessings to you & yours this christmas. Looking forward to January 2012.

  25. Hi, we will be in transition from Rhode Island to Colorado so I will be without group. I may try to join up with one when we get settled and I have time to either meet real women or peruse groups on the message board! Thanks!

    Shannon C

  26. I am doing this study by myself :)

  27. Sherry Hooker says:

    I was invited to the last bible study but the person who invited me did not participate so~~~I’m going solo again. I have loved every minute and feel a deep connection, so I’m really not going solo~~~~~Love

  28. I’m looking forward to the Ephesians study.

  29. I would love to join, but I do not have a group and I’m not sure hoe it all works!?

  30. I suppose I will follow along without a group as I see many others on here are doing that. Looking forward to it! Jana from Follansbee WV.

  31. Hi All! I am registered without a group. I can’t wait to do start. =)

  32. Tracy Demmer says:

    I would like to follow along this time on my own to see how it all works and possibly form a group next time. What do I need to do next?

  33. would like to join…don’t have a group

  34. Hi everyone!

    I’m sure glad I’m not the only one joining without a group. Looking forward to it!

  35. First of all thank you for your work of this blog, you have a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing with us. I did the Ministry of Mother with a blog group which is how I was introduced to your blogs, and have been blessed ever since. I followed along in !st John study late in study (but caught up :-). I would like to be official this time :-). So sign me in. I will look into getting some friends to join, but for now its just me.

  36. I am joining without a group. Looking forward to the study! Thanks.

  37. I am joining without a group. This is my first time and I’m excited to see how God will use this study!!

  38. I will be joining without a group. This is my first time and I’m excited to see how God will use this study!!

  39. How bad is that as soon as I saw that cake, I knew it was from Costco? I LOVE that cake! I love having an excuse to buy one – and eat some of it!

  40. I am joining without a group!
    Megan – Napa, CA

  41. Pamela Roy says:

    I would like to join the group. Thanks.

  42. I would like to participate in the Ephesians study; I am not part of a group.

  43. I’m following without a group :-)

  44. Welcome EVERYONE!!

    SOOO EXCITED to have EACH and EVERYONE of YOU!!! For those of you who would like to have a group, make sure and go to our message board and click on the thread, “If you do not have a group, form groups here.”


    Looking forward to our next session!

    Love God Greatly!

  45. I’m going to follow – but without a group!! Can’t wait!!

  46. I want to participate too but I don’t have a group.

  47. Becky Hunt says:

    I’m participating in the Ephesians study, but without a group. Looking forward to it. I enjoyed the 1st John study.

  48. Melissa Woehrle says:

    I really enjoyed the 1John study and am anxious to get into Ephesians but, I am having a hard time finding where to re-enroll. I would also like to be a part of a group.. I guess I may be a bit technologically challenged.. Any advice would be welcome.

  49. Kristi Veitenheimer says:

    I’m going to join the bible study without a group for now. Thanks for the opportunity! I’m looking forward to it!

  50. Hello,
    I am part of a group on Fb. I subscribed to the website. Thank you.

  51. Anita van der Touw says:

    I want to join but I don’t have a group.

  52. I’d love to get in on this as well. I don’t have a group yet, but I think it’d be fun to do it myself and find a group next round.

  53. Angela,

    I’m in your area and would like to see if there is room in your GMG group. If so, please email me! :)


  54. Hi Angela!

    I’m in your area and wanted to know if you had any room in your current GMG group?

    Please email me and let me know! :)


  55. I’m in without a group. Looking forward to it!

  56. Amanda Rowe says:

    I can’t wait for this Bible Study!

  57. Hi! I just found your blog and this is something I am so interested in! How do I begin, and when does the session start? Thanks for any info!! (I’ll also “look around” for into, thanks!!)


  58. I am joining for the Ephesians study. I was just introduced to Good Morning Girls and will be joining without a group.

  59. Hi I am joining for the Ephesians study, but don’t have a group. Can’t wait!

  60. Looking forward to the study!

  61. Hi, Angela! I signed up for the study without a group, then hopped over to the message board and sent requests to two FB groups. We’ll see which one responds. Thanks so much. Blessings!

  62. Good morning girls,

    I am grateful to join the good morning girls bible study for the second time.

    To study the first letter of John was a great pleasure and really, really helpful!
    I’ve got a bad diagnosis: breast cancer, and on 14th of November I underwent breast surgery (mastectomy). Without Jesus Christ, my Saviour, my Lord, my God, everything would have been desastrous. Now I am fine again – and I am looking forward to the next session.

    I am alone, without a group and I live in Germany.

  63. I am looking forward to being a part of this Bible study! I don’t have a group, so I’ll be flying solo!

  64. Can’t wait to get started, I participated in the Ministry of Motherhood study and 1 John study with a wonderful group of girls, however this time I’m going to try it solo. Much appreciation to you both for this study! Happy New Year! Blessings to all.

  65. I would love to participate online without being in a group because I will be in the tail end of my move to Kansas during that time. But once I get settled, if there is a group in Kansas I would love to join them!

  66. I would love to participate without a group.

  67. Hello Again!! I was not able to fully participate in the online discussions/connecting sessions in the fall 2011 session, but I honestly loved the SOAP format for studying the Word. Thank you for the opportunity to do the spring 2012 session! I am SO in :-)


  68. I would like to join. I do not have a group.

  69. I’d love to join in…I don’t have a group.

  70. I would love to be included, however I do not have a group.

  71. How does a loner join in? I’d like to participate too.

  72. I’ve been going back and forth on if I should join in this time. And I’m finally ready to say, “I’m in! Without a group.” Happy New Year!

  73. Melissa Pritchett says:

    I so enjoy womenlivingwell.com and I’m looking forward to digging into God’s Word with y’ll.
    I don’t have a group tho I will be talkin all about this with my girlfriends maybe they can join in late!

  74. Jen Layton says:

    I’d love to join the Ephesians study. I’m solo at the moment. :)

  75. Niki Richmond says:

    I’d like to enroll and I don’t have a group. I did post in the message board, so I might be included in a group soon. :)

  76. i’m not with a group- but learned so much in the last study! can’t wait!

  77. Nicki Reimondo says:

    I’m interested in joining a group!! :)

  78. Following along without a group. I excited for the study to begin.

    :) Sheila

  79. I’m in. Looking forward to studying Ephesians.

  80. I would love to join the group. I just found out about this yesterday and have posted it in my blog, but don’t have a clue if anyone reads my blog or if I’ll have anyone join me for a group. So if I don’t get anyone, I would be happy to join. Thanks much

  81. For those of you who are wanting to join a group, please feel free to post your request on our facebook page as well. :) If you are still having trouble please let me know! I want to make sure everyone is in a group who wants to be in a group. :)

    Love to you all!


  82. jenn wilmer says:

    I plan on joining your Bible study. Looking forward to it!

  83. I am new to this website and am excited to give this study a try. I will be following along on my own.

  84. Hi,
    I’m following along without a group. Can’t wait to start.

  85. Joining without a group…..can’t wait!

  86. I would love to join an online group for this time around and maybe get my own group together for next time! How do i get started?

  87. Kimberly Chipps says:

    I will be following along without a group.

  88. I would like to join in! I don’t have a group but I am really excited to be able to do this study with you all! Thank you so much!


  1. [...] not have a group? Absolutely!!! We welcome anyone who wants to join us to study God’s word and we invite you to leave a comment on this post if you are joining us without a group so we know you are here!!! We are curious to know how many [...]

  2. [...] The second is called Good Morning Girls, organized by Courtney and Angela. These groups are also communicate through social media or email. This was my third session participating in a Good Morning Girls email group, and I have loved being a part of what they are doing. They are currently having sign-ups for their next session until January 15th, and they will be providing a schedule to go through the book of Ephesians during this three-month session. You can read more information about joining a group or creating your own group here. [...]

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