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{Week 11} WIWW Link-Up Party

I LOVE getting emails like the one below and being able to “see” our other GMG groups! I pray over GMG as a whole each day, but it’s such a blessing to me to actually be able to see those of you who are apart of Good Morning Girls!

(If you are looking for the Sally Clarkson conference ticket giveaway, its just below this post)


When I first saw an advertisement for the Good Morning Girls Bible study on Facebook I was really excited! I loved the idea of staying accountable to a group of friends and growing closer to our Lord. I told my best friend about it and asked her if she had any ideas of other girls that would be interested. Now we are a group of four. I didn’t realize how close I’d get to these amazing ladies and how inspirational we could be to one another! God is really working in our small group. We have created lasting friendships through studying God’s word together. This picture was actually taken at a Pinterest party that we recently had together. It’s going to become a monthly thing :) So blessed to have wonderful Christ centered friends! I love getting on Facebook everyday and reading what my girls have learned and being encouraged to Love God even more.
Thank you so much for this opportunity! We love the 1st John study! Good Morning Girls has been such a blessing!
Thanks Abbey for sharing your group with us today! I love hearing from another group in our large Good Morning Girls family! :)
If you have a group picture and would like to share it on our blog, just email me at LoveGodGreatly@gmail.com

Today is Wednesday….you know what to do!

Women around the world are IN THE WORD!

Every Wednesday we will have a link-up. If you are a blogger we invite you to link-up any blog posts that you have written about your quiet time that week. We ask that you put our button in the post or on your sidebar so we can find each other. We do not have code for this link up button. Just right click and save as. Then link it tohttp://www.goodmorninggirls.org

Love God Greatly!


{Week 11} 1 John 5:13-21 & a Sally Clarkson Conference Ticket Giveaway!

This GIVEAWAY is now closed!

I adore Sally Clarkson so when she invited me to speak at her upcoming Mom Heart Conferences, I was beyond honored and excited. This coming February I will be speaking at Sally’s Mom Heart Conferences in both Irvine, Ca and Dallas/Fort Worth, TX!!! If you live in either of those areas, I’d LOVE to meet you!

This year at the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX conference Courtney (from WomenLivingWell.org) and I will be speaking together! Our dear friend, Ruth from The Better Mom, will be speaking at the Colorado conference. If you live near any of Sally’s 3 Mom Heart Conferences I highly encourage you to go! You won’t be disappointed!!! I went last year to the DFW conference with Courtney and LOVED it! God has gifted Sally to speak right into our hearts as moms and encourage us as we intentionally raise the next generation.

Sally is offering one Good Morning Girl reader a free Mom Heart Conference ticket to either the California location or the Texas location. The winner will be chosen randomly from my comments section Sunday, December 4th.

How Do I Enter?

Leave a comment sharing one struggle your Mom Heart is facing.

For Bonus Entries:

Facebook, Tweet, Google+, Pinterest or blog about this giveaway including a link back to this post.  Then leave a comment below letting me know what you did.

Looking so forward to meeting some of you this coming February!  For more information about the conference click here.


For those of you who would like further study into these verses, I’ve provided a few resources below for you to use to help you dig a little deeper this week. Enjoy!

1. John MacArthur

a. 1 John 5:13 Christian Certainties Pt 1

b. 1 John 5:14-17 Christian Certainties Pt 2

c. 1 John 5:18-21 Christian Certainties Pt 3

2. John Piper

a. 1 John 5:14-17 Our Father Hears Us!

b. 1 John 5:18-21 Little Children, Keep Yourselves from Idols

Praying for all of you as you spend time in God’s Word!!!

Love God Greatly!

{Week 10} Are You Going to Heaven?

I LOVE this week’s passage because it answers the question:
How Can I Know if I’m going to Heaven?”

I remember sitting with an elderly woman long ago and talking about Jesus and my salvation. She looked hard at me and said “you mean to tell me at the age of 25 you can arrogantly say you are going to heaven?”

I could sense her disgust with me for saying such a thing - I nodded sheepishly and said – “yes mam, I John 5:12 says ‘He who has the Son has life; and he who does not have the Son of God does not have life.’ I have placed my faith in Jesus and the Bible tells me I have eternal life.”

Have you ever been challenged by someone in the same way?  Our confidence in our salvation can be found in I John 5:12 – this is definitely one to commit to memory!

I John 5:13 continues to give us security – it goes on in the passage…

 “I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, so that you may KNOW that you have eternal life.”

That’s it right there!  If you have repented of your sin and placed your faith in Jesus Christ as the son of God – you can KNOW without a shadow of a doubt – you have eternal life.

Randy Alcorn, the author of Best Seller Heaven, answered the question “How Can I Know I’m going to heaven?”:


 Just for fun I thought I’d include another of Randy’s videos answering questions like:

Where is Heaven?  What’s the new heaven and new earth like?  What will our bodies be like?  And how do we grieve saved loved ones?


Doesn’t all this talk about eternal life excite you?  I can’t wait to see God face to face!!!  What a glorious day that will be!

Walk with the King!

Courtney, WomenLivingWell.org

Happy Thanksgiving and WIWW Link-Up Party!

My Brother-in-law drew this beautiful Blessing Tree for Thanksgiving.

After Thanksgiving dinner, we handed out a leaf to everyone. On the leaf we each wrote down one blessing that happened that year.

Then we took turns going up to the tree, sharing our blessing and tacking it onto the tree. Here’s all the cousins together after the tree and time of sharing was complete.

We are truly a blessed family.

Today is Wednesday….you know what to do!

Women around the world are IN THE WORD!

Every Wednesday we will have a link-up. If you are a blogger we invite you to link-up any blog posts that you have written about your quiet time that week. We ask that you put our button in the post or on your sidebar so we can find each other. We do not have code for this link up button. Just right click and save as. Then link it to http://www.goodmorninggirls.org

Happy Thanksgiving – from my family to yours! I pray you have an amazing day with your family. This Link-up will remain up until Friday – while I take the day off to enjoy my family!

Walk with the King!

Courtney, WomenLivingWell.org

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Do Not Give Up ~ {Week 10} I John 5:1-12

A “life verse” is a verse or passage in the Bible that is significant to you. It may define your life, give you inspiration or direction, be something that you hang onto as you face difficult circumstances, or it could even be the passage of scripture that brought you to a belief in Jesus Christ.

My life verse is Galatians 6:9 which says “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest IF we do not give up!”

This verse applies to every hard thing in life.
When I am weary of getting up early for my quiet time (or to blog) I remind myself “do not give up“.
When I’m tempted to be critical of my husband, I am reminded -”do not grow weary“.
When my children need disciplined over and over and over I am reminded “do not give up.”
When I grow weary in different aspects of serving at church I am reminded “do not give up”.
When I pray for lost loved ones year in and year out with no signs of change I am reminded “do not give up.”
This verse helps me to persevere when I am weary and want to give up – why? Because in time there will be a harvest – but only IF we do not give up!

I believe we need this verse today because we are on the homestretch of the fall session of Good Morning Girls. On Wednesday, December 15th, it comes to an end. Do not get weary now – finish strong!

So here’s our resource list for the week:

1. John McArthur – 1 John 5:1-5 How To Recognize an Overcomer

I John 5:6-12 The Witness of God

2. John Piper – I John 5:1-5 Everyone Born of God Overcomes the World

I John 5:6-12  He Who Has the Son Has Life

3.  Spurgeon – I John 5

Do you have a life verse? Share it with me in the comments section if you’d like!

Walk with the King!

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