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Welcome Back! ~&~ Bible Study Tips!

Welcome Back!!!  Good Morning Girls is back in session and we could NOT be more excited about what God is going to do this fall!

There are over 2,000+ Good Morning Girls in over 200+ groups!   Wowsa!  You go girls!  There are also an extra 200+ individual ladies joining us for the I John Bible Study and we are SO glad to have you girls along for the ride too!  We value each and everyone of you and you have been bathed in prayer.  Angela is on maternity leave with her 3rd beautiful baby girl (pictures to come in the next month!) but she sends along a message of love and said she is praying for you all during those middle of the night feedings!!!  She’ll be back in October!

Now let me tell you about each other!  We come from all across the globe and all walks of life.  We have women in Guam, Singapore, Italy, South Africa, Ukraine, the Caribbean,  Israel, Germany, Austria, Costa Rica, Japan, Switzerland, Palestine and more!  Nearly ever state is covered from the west coast with a group in Orange County, California, to Oregon, Washington and two groups in Hawaii to Las Vegas, Chicago, North and South Dakota, Montana, Iowa down to Florida, (lots of girls in Angela’s home state of ) Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, and over to New York, Maryland and lots of girls from my home state of Ohio!

Welcome to you all!  We are SO thrilled you are here!  

Groups begin TODAY, September 15th and the On-line Bible study in the book of I John will begin here on Monday morning, September 19th!  If you have not already, download this free E-study guide to go along with our study in I John.

I want to kick this session off with some of my personal Bible study tips and methods!  So take 7 minutes and watch the video below (if you are getting this in an email click here to view the video.)



Now where do we begin?  Take today to introduce yourselves and get acquainted.  Share something about yourself like your testimony, how long you have been married, number and ages of kids, your favorite things to do, cook, places to go, favorite verse in the Bible etc.  Take today and tomorrow to connect – feel free to share what you are learning right now in the word or something God taught you this summer.

On Monday, set those alarms –  wake early – read your Bible and then contact your Good Morning Girls to let them know you have had your quiet time.  Share something you learned or are praying about.  Be open.  Be encouraging.  Be praying for each other.  Be disciplined and most importantly…Be committed to your quiet time and your group.  Have fun and we’ll see you back here Monday!

Walk with the King!

Courtney, Women Living Well

**we will not be closing the message boards for another 2 weeks – so all late comers are welcome – just enroll on the board! The more the merrier!  You want to study God’s word?  You have a home here!  Our arms are ALWAYS open to you!

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  1. So excited for this year!!! I am Mollie, 26, been married 5 years now, have 2 kiddos, Jacob 4.5 and Chloe 1 year! We are expecting our third this December, another BOY! :) We are currently in the process of moving to Washington state to live with my mom and go back to school and pursue missions! I am looking forward to getting to know all of you and this journey through 1 John!!!

  2. I can’t wait to get started! This is my first year. I heard about the bible study through facebook. a friend of mine posted information about the study on the wall of another friend of mine, and it showed up on my news feed. I came to the site to see what it was about and just got so excited. Looking forward the experience. Now I have to get some sleep it’s 11pm here.

  3. This is my 3rd session of GMG and every time I am pumped to study the word of God. This group has really ignited my passion again for God’s Word and studying. I am part of a great group and I look forward to see what God will be teaching us. I had my group make goals and share with each other. This will keep us praying and focused.

  4. Amber(@LuckyLeesToBe) says:

    Courtney, I just have to tell you that your smile, your energy, and your passion are AMAZING! Who wouldn’t want to dig into their bible and soak up all God has to offer after watching that video! You have NO idea how much of a blessing you, Angela & GMG as a whole has been to me! I am SO blessed that I stumbled upon your WLW blog over a year ago, and found GMG! I can’t wait to dig in to the study and to see your’s and Angela’s faces every week! I’m constantly praying for the both of you along with your families as well as GMG! I look forward to having GMG forever etched in my heart! <3 Love to you both, See you around ;)

  5. I’m Shanna, SAHM to 4 (9, 7, 7 and 19 months) and also go to school full time. I am 34 and am looking forward to this experience! I have an amazing church family, but childcare usually prevents me from attending organized bible study at church (other than Sunday school) and I have a hard time keeping myself on track. So glad to have found GMG!!

  6. Good Morning.. I have never tried doing a blog bible study and I’m excited to try it and excited that it will get me in the Bible everyday! I hope you all have a great day!

  7. Lovella McConnell says:

    Awoke this morning at 4:30am with an anticipation of getting to know Jesus’ closest friend, John, better. We have made the journey from Kentucky to Florida, everything is still packed, but I had to start my day off right:-) Jerry (my husband of almost 23 years) and I have five children and one deceased. We are a “blended” family and have all the trials of the label, but we also have all the blessings. Our grandchildren total 13 now with the addition of three beautiful girls in our son’s home. We both love the Word and teach a weekly Bible study in our home, attend our home church and work in the mission field. John is one of my favorite apostles and his love for Jesus just pours out of him. This is going to be very good!

  8. I’m Christine, a wife, mother of 2 boys (8 & 11)and a child of God! I’ve been married 10yrs and everytime he walks through those doors, i fall deeper in love! My passion is cooking! I work from home as a child care giver of 12 kids, although most are at school. I’ve done bible studies before but never online so it’s pretty exciting for me to meet new people and grow closer with my personal Lord and Saviour!

  9. Hey everyone!!! We will not be closing the boards for another week or 2 so all late comers are welcome! The more the merrier!!!

  10. Thanks so much for your study tips!I will definately use them. I love to write notes in the margins of my Bible, I try to make notes of good things that happen in our family, like when someone comes to church or a baptism, when a scripture speaks to me. I am 56, and my husband and I have 6 children(combined) along with 7 beautiful grandchildren. I was blessed to find the love of my life and best friend at age 48 a true testimony of never giving up and now I pray that I can live a life of testimony that God will keep working in our lives if we let him. I am going to try and get my Mom (74) involved in the study too so we can discuss it together! She isn’t online so I will just do the print outs for her and can mabey bring her to my home for some of your video’s. So nice to see young women who are living Godly lives and who believe family so important. So much sadness in the world you are truly a breath of fresh air! Thank You!

  11. Hi! I’m Jennifer, a blessed wife, and a mom of 2 great girls (9 & 12). I’m also a homeschool mom and we love the flexibility and the closeness that brings for us. I live in the always hot and humid state of Florida – Can you tell I’m ready for some cooler weather? This is the 1st time for me to do an online Bible study and I’m really excited about it! Looking forward to what God has to put on my heart…..

  12. Joyce Wilson says:

    This is my first time in a website Bible study & I’m really looking forward to studying God’s word on a planned adventure. I’m married 28 yrs. to a wonderful man. We have 3 children & 2 1/2 granddaughters (our 3rd granddaughter is due this week). I have not joined a group yet.

  13. I love the ideas you shared on the video. I am in a group of Mommies that had our babies in May 2008 – give or take a few weeks – and we have been together since August/September 2007. We are starting this bible study and we are so excited and can’t wait to begin! Again – love these ideas. I will be getting a Family Bible this weekend and a photo album. My 3 yr old son is learning bible verses every week at his daycare so this album will be great to keep them in. I am so thankful I am found this website – thanks also to our May Mommy that introduced it to us. God Bless the Study Group.

  14. Good Morning! My name is Melonie. I’ve been married to my husband David for 21 years. We have three children 20, 18 & 16. Lauren, our oldest, is in her third year at Bethany Bible College, taking Christian Counselling. Jordan, is in his first at Dalhousie University, to get his Bsc and hopes to get into the Dentistry program. Our baby, Alicia, just began grade 11. We moved from my hometown, Hartland, NB to Liverpool, NS a little over 5 years ago now. My husband & I are part owners of the local hardware store. I am currently working at the Best Western and hope to join my husband at the hardware store soon. We moved from a Bible Belt to a cesspool. I look forward to the Christian fellowship.

  15. I am so excited about this study. This will be my first with this group. I had been in a dry dessert for about 6-8 months and am now through many prayers, God’s grace coming out and enjoying all I can get out of God’s word and prayer. I feel alive again!!! I have a wonderful husband, 2 grown boys, 2 d-i-l’s and 6 grandchildren. God has truly blessed me in more ways than I can count. I can’t wait for this study to start!!!

  16. Wow – great video! Thanks so much Courtney. I figured that some weeks ago that we don’t really need any ready-to-go-bible-study paperwork here (we don’t really have that on a non totally academical version). It’s just to read the bible very intensive and get your own way to read it. So your tips and tricks are great!

    I am also reading the bible on my kindle! That’s my take away bible. Love that and also love that I can adjust the size of the letters very easy.

    Would just love to have a study bible some time – still looking for one I like.

    Greetings from Germany

  17. Good Morning!

    I am 49 and think I found a group of ladies join. I have been married 24 years to my best friend. We live near Fort Worth, Texas. We have one HUGE blessing of a son who is now 15 and in high school. I have been laid off for the last 7.5 months but as of YESTERDAY, I have accepted an engineering position with a local company and will return to work on Oct. 3. I am very blessed! This experience taught me many, many faith lessons. Anyway, I do enjoying cooking and baking. My son has been learning to cook and bake as well so that has been fun. My most favorite hobby is scrapbooking. I have been a scrapbooker for 18 years and love putting together my family memories and scrapbooking with my gal pals. We are very involved in Boy Scouts and I do volunteer work at my church. I learned an acronym that stays in the forefront of my mind daily – “HOPE” – Help One Person Everyday.

    I thought this video was most helpful. I have been in Bible studies for many years but believe it or not, I am not familiar with Kay Arthur precepts or with “SOAP.” I am looking forward to new methods to learning and applying God’s word. Also, the idea of using a photo album for scriptures – AMAZING! Love it! My son and I try to have a daily morning devotion time together and the idea of marking the date was another tidbit I plan to adopt as well as what my son thought of that piece of scripture. Instead of using a family bible, we will use HIS bible so when he goes off to college, he will have these little “memories” of God time to reflect on while away from home.

    I am so happy to have found this group! I look forward to soaking up God’s word in new ways and with new friends.



  18. Excited about learning new things and staying connected to believers all around the world. I have been a Christian now for 16 years this October. I was baptized when I was 16. As a young teen I began making bad choices in my like and walking down a very dark road. My sister at the time was attending a church and she kept inviting me out but I continued to come up with excuses not to go. Then a group from the church was having a softball game and my sister said they needed some help and asked me if I would play. I loved playing softball and had been playing since I was a young child and couldn’t find an excuse not to go this time. I went and was one over by the relationships that I saw and how encouraging every one was. It was a few more months before I got serious, but my new friends took the time to study God’s word with me and helped me understand what God’s desires were for my life. I made a vow to never leave God and his truth and am honored to be called his daughter. I started dating a young man from the church a year later and we got married 4years after that. We have been married for 10years this December and we have two children. My daughter is 7 and my son is 5. God has blessed our family so much and I will be forever gateful to God and his word. Jeremiah 29:11-13 is the first scripture I read and it is one I go back to often; “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

    Looking forward to seeing what God will do this fall!

  19. Hi, my name is Bek. I actually found out about the WLW blog through twitter, which led me here. I’m 35, WAHM, married for 8 years, and have a 2 year old little boy. We live in Los Angeles, but I’m originally from Seattle – which I much prefer! I was raised in a Christian home and was saved at 14, but have never grown in my walk with the Lord the way I should. Reading my Bible has always been something that I wanted to do, but I’d sit and down, stare at it, and think, “okay, now what?” So overwhelming and I never knew where to start. So, I’m thrilled to be here. I’m not a part of a group, so these threads will help me feel connected, I’m hoping. This is hard to admit, but I’ve always felt that everybody else read some manual that just made them so emotionally enthusiastic about God. I want that. I’ve never “felt” the way it seems so many others do. Hoping to find that closeness to Jesus through this Bible study. I just want to live the life God called me to live, and be the best wife for my husband, and mother for my son.

  20. Hi, I’m Heather from Raising Mighty Arrows. I’m married to an incredible man of vision (also a minister) and mother to two toddlers 3 & under. This is my first time to join GMG and I’m really looking forward to it. I actually have never been involved in any kind of Bible study before.

  21. Michele Okimura says:

    Hi! I’m Michele and I’m really looking forward to doing this bible study in a way I have never done before! I am an associate pastor on staff of a local church here in Hawaii, am happily married and have 2 adult 20 year old young adult children. I am looking forward to having something consistent like this in my life and to be able to have a bible study this way sounds exciting!

  22. Jennifer Johansson says:

    Hi, I’m Jennifer and mom to two beautiful children and wife to a faithful, and supporting husband. God’s blessings on my life are more than I can count and I am so thankful. We have lived in AZ now for 8 years and we are heavily involved in our church. I am a SAHM and I homeschool my two kids.
    This is my first online bible study and I am so excited. I am looking forward to having accountability, which I think is very important in this day and life because we can get so busy and let our priorities unravel. Blessings to each one of you!

  23. Am looking forward to this study. Have my booklet all printed out and ready to go.
    I know this study is going to do a lot of good for me and many others. This is my first time with the study.

  24. Hello Ladies,

    I am super stoked to be participating in the online Bible study! I’ve never done something like this before, so it’s all new. I’m a young wife, nursing student, and Children’s Church teacher. My time is stretched in every direction, but can’t wait to do this study in the morning.

    I grew up in a loosely Christian home, but recommitted my life to Christ in my last teens. I love the Lord with all my heart, and I seek to know more about Him and His Word. I’m excited to use the SOAP format to examine the scripture also.


    Molly Arnold

  25. Oh Courtney, bless you :-)

    You have a love for studying God’s Word and it is felt. I truly thank you for sharing this with us.

    You are a precious one.

  26. Shirley Beesmer says:

    I grew up in a Christian home, where we were taught to read the Word of God. I love the Lord with all my heart and serve Him in my church regularly. I am excited to study I John using the SOAP method – I am not to familiar with it but I’m sure I will catch on to it. I am single.

  27. Hi! My name is Michelle, I’m a wife to a wonderful man, who I can honestly say I love more everyday. Also, I’m a homeschooling mom of two girls, 13 and 12. I love them like crazy! Looking forward to studying the book of 1 John. I know the Lord is faithful to reveal himself as we draw closer to him in his word.

  28. Hi, my name is Robin. I have been happily married for almost 9 years. We have a precious little 2 year old little girl. I can’t wait to start this study and dig deeper in God’s Word!!

  29. Hi! I’m a wife, mom of four (ages 11, 10, 7, 3), and Christian day school teacher. I just found your site, and plan to join your Bible study. Thanks for this opportunity!

  30. I’m so excited to be joining GMG! I live in Wilmington NC and am a proud mama to 2 beautiful children 7&3. I have been married for 14 years in October. Although I am a stay at home mom, I also have a part time job and run a non-profit. Like so many other moms I wear so many different hats, I’m not even sure what I look like without one!

  31. Hi. I am a SAHM of 4. Two are grown and I have girls 6 and 7 years old who I homeschool. I have been happily married for almost 9 years. We haven’t had a church family 8 1/2 years. I have lived in this state for 4 years and we live in the boonies, (sometimes I feel like Elijah) so I don’t know anyone. We are looking for a home church but as of yet they are to far away from us so we are praying God will provide. I have been saved since 2003 and look forward to trying the SOAP study method. I want to grow closer to God and be who He wants me to be. I have always wanted the enthusiasticness (is this a word lol) of God and I wondered how other people got it. I am looking forward to the accountability and sharing with other ladies. God bless you!

  32. Courtney,
    Thanks you so much for you example and passion for the Word of God! I am so grateful for technology – that we can do this study with women from all over the country and world and grow together in our walks with the Lord. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!

  33. I am a SAHM of 5, my oldest (boy) is 6 1/2, second is almost 4 (boy), 2 girls that are 2 (2 days apart) we adopted our niece, and my last one just turned 1. I am a military wife and have been for 7 years. I have found this wonderful church in Geary and am truly thankful I’ve been so busy but I really enjoy ready the bible and see the input of others.

  34. I just re-watched this video on studying God’s Word and this is my first day of the Bible Study. I love your suggestions and am going to implement them. I noticed after doing the first day’s study, that you set it up just the way you have done it in your notebook. So that is convenient and I have mine in a nice three ring binder and am so proud of it!

    My questions are answered after watching again the video. Thank you so much Courtney. Your zeal and joy shines through you brightly. It is inspiring and exciting! Thanks so much and it is easy to see you do indeed, “Walk With The King!”

    God bless you and am very happy about this study!

  35. Hi Ladies! I am a SAHM to a beautiful 10 month old baby girl. I have been married to an amazing man for the last year and a half. We live in SoCal with 3 dogs and 5 goats! I am totally stoked to have found this online Bible Study to help me come out of the staleness I’ve been stuck in. I’m not in a group yet..

  36. I was in search of a frappachino recipe (which I got-and it was good!) and I got so much more! I work as a communications ministry assistant in Columbia SC. I’ve been married 10 years and have 3 kiddos–12, 7, and almost 3. I just cut back on my hours at work and have been trying to make life more organized. My Wednesday night class is about balancing life and week 2 was all about quiet time! I am not a morning person, but I’ve popped up the past 2 mornings. Couldn’t roll over and go back to sleep because I had to message my friend that I’m up and spending my time in the Word!

  37. I invited Jesus as my Lord and Savior 21 years ago. I love studying His Word and teaching. I am a wife of 27 years. The Lord has blessed me with 6 children and one grandchild. I am looking forward to this study on the book of John. I really enjoyed your video and have emailed your link to my Bible Study sisters.

  38. Thank you so much! This video was so helpful to me! So excited to be joining you all in this GMG study of 1 John! Yay!! :)

  39. Janell Stratton says:

    I have just came upon this sight and I know I am behide, but i am excited to do this study of John, Thank You

  40. Hi Courtney!! I’m so thrilled about this study. I just discovered it this morning and have shared it with 2 others already!! I loved your tips for studing the Bible, however I have a just one questions….where did you find your “The Family Bible”? I like that it has questions to ask. I looked on line but could not locate it. Thanks abunch in advance for your answer. Keep up the wonderful work of sharing God’s amazing love!

  41. Hi. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this video. I look forward to implementing MANY of your WONDERFUL ideas!! I am going to be starting 1John bible study tomorrow and have printed out the guide. Thank you for serving the Lord! I hope your sweet daughter is feeling better. I was so sorry to hear of her accident! I can only imagine how stressful it was for awhile there!

    I have not been in the Word in awhile, not abiding. I know how much I need to and hope that the study will help draw me closer to Him who is Everything! In Christ, Julie

  42. I printed the 1John study guide and have been reading it. But I am alittle confused on how to participate in this group. Right now its just me no group Can someone help me please. I am new to bible study period. I would love access to old study guides also.

  43. well… I am a single woman…. lol… My parents are pastors in a suburb of Footscray in Melbourne, Australia, and they have been dedicated and hardworking within the mission field. I got saved, and became a born-again christian when I was 15. I was filled with revelation from a sermon I heard about choosing righteousness before relationships. I understood that popularity, being cool, and wordly desires were not going to get me anywhere in life. I was a horrible, rebellious child, but I thank God he had the grace to change me from glory to glory, and renew me everyday. I am so grateful that my parents not only have the best intentions for me, but that they are saved christians. I forget that there are people out there that were brought up with parents as alcoholics, drug addicts, violence, etc… When I surrendered my life to Christ at 15, I felt called and stirred to be a pastors wife or missionary’s wife. It has not happened, but I have the assurance that God STILL has a destiny and a purpose for me.
    Having this website is so encouraging, that I can look to it for inspiration, and ideas to do with other women in our church – We NEED ideas, as we are growing in numbers, but need to be refreshed spiritually.
    As I now have taken on the hobby of quilting, I would love to do outreaches where women can learn – My mum loves to make baby blankets, and we have done an outreach doing that once…
    I also love reading, writing, proofreading, tea, vintage/shabby chic/french provincial furniture. Anything English. China tea cups, saucers – Royal Albert China. Chanel Perfume. HUGE fan of Britt Nicole. FAN of Demi Lovato/Selena Gomez, Beth Moore – She’s a legend!! and my favourite Christian author would have to be Nancy Moser….
    Also, love Lynne Austin, Judith Miller, Stormie Omartian, Francine Rivers, Tracie Peterson and Karen Kingsbury :)

  44. Hi! I hope it’s ok if I join the study a little late. My name is Amy (obviously) and I’ve been married for almost 10 years. We have two kids, ages 6 and 5. Um… it’s early in the morning and I can’t think of any other pertinent information. Someone in my MOPS group told me about this site, and I’m glad she did! Looks like a great group. Thanks for putting all this together! :)

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