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Friday Reflections: I John 1:1-4


Thank you to everyone who participated on Wednesday with the Link-up and Chat!!! That was an amazing turn out and a Link-up record lol!! It hurts my heart that I can’t visit every single one of your posts!!! I hope this weekend to find some time to surf and just soak in all your wisdom!!!

Today is Reflection Day on your Reading Plan.

For those who got behind on your assignments, it’s catch up day. 

For those who wanted to do further study with on-line resources or books you have purchased, this is a good day to dig deeper. 

And for those who only have a few minutes available, we invite you to join us every Friday for a 3-5 minute video!!!  The video will include a challenge for those who are looking to be pushed just a bit further.

(If you are receiving this via email – click here to view the video)

If you choose to take the challenge – leave a comment and let us know!

Walk with the King!

Courtney, WomenLivingWell.org
**Thank you to everyone who has emailed me pictures!!! I can’t wait to share them next Wednesday during our Link-Up Party and Chat Session. If you have not sent a picture in yet – we’d love to see you and whatever book you are studying (it does not have to be the I John study). Just hold up your book or Bible and show your smiling face! (For those camera shy gals who have already emailed me – I loved seeing your creative notebooks – so those are great too :)
Also, during the next 12 weeks, if your Good Morning Girls group gets together – please take a picture and send it to us – we’d love to share it with everyone! My email address is: courtney(at)womenlivingwell(dot)org!

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  1. Dear Courtney,
    thanks for the GMG.
    I’m in a little GMG-group here: http://www.fromme-hausfrau.de/index.php?id=1735&view=single_thread&cat_uid=1&conf_uid=24&thread_uid=67625

    and we enjoy reading and sharing our thoughts and experiences.


  2. I am so amazed that our group was able to have so many insights and thoughts to share from just 4 little verses….proves that the Word is a living thing.

  3. I’ll be meeting the majority of my group in person at Relevant. Can’t wait! :) {Though I will miss the gals who won’t make it} :(

  4. Good morning Courtney!!! I wanted you to know I am jumping in, reading along with you all here at GMG. My plan was for this to be the extra study, and quietly follow along like I did with the last one. Over the weekend the Lord was tugging on my heart to slow down and be still…be still before Him. Through the business of running a household of eight, I realized even some of the really good things needed to be cut out for now. So, the Wednesday morning Bible study with the homeschool group I was registered to attend got cut for now. My four oldest attend a classical education Christian school, I am homeschooling my 5 year old for kindergarten through PA Cyper, and have a two year old who needs lots of love and attention. We are knee deep in serious football for my 10 year old and 13 year old, and cheerleading for my only daughter who is 8. My 5 year old has soccer twice a week… The Lord began to show me how as a stay at home mom I can become so busy that I am not doing what He has called me to do, even with the good things. My desire is to spend time in His presence, so I can share His love with others..testify to His goodness, so my joy may be complete. May the Lord bless you and your family…Angela’s too!!! Thank you!!! :)

  5. I will be taking the challenge. We are on our third week of a small group at my church. There are several starting up; my husband is in a group of men who like to fish and hunt; I am in one for stay-at-home moms! It’s a Bible-storying curriculum meant to draw people to Jesus in salvation and grow them in discipleship. This week it’s my turn to teach and the lesson is on forgiveness. What an awesome opportunity to share with unbelievers and “baby” believers the forgiveness that comes from Jesus Christ. I will be thinking of this verse “my joy is made complete” as I teach this morning about the woman who truly worshipped Jesus and understood forgiveness while in Simon’s home. My prayer is others will be drawn into fellowship with Him. Thanks for everything!! :)

  6. What a great reflection!! I had a similar experience with inviting my son’s friend to join flag football at our church. It was through Upward. I was so blessed to introduce him to Jesus and the cross!! (Also, his younger siblings and his mom!!_ God is so good. As I reflect on this week’s readings, I pray for opportunities to share the joy of my salvation with others.

  7. Verse 4 reminded me of how I feel when I’ve read a good book. I’ve read it, I’m excited about it, I know all of the details. When I try to share it with someone else who hasn’t read it, they sometimes don’t get it. However, I am still excited to share it, because it draws me back into the story as I retell it. BUT, if I find someone who has read it or even better, reads it at my suggestion, then my JOY IS COMPLETE, because I can fully discuss the experience with someone who understands!!

  8. Well, I guess I really am supposed to carry out this challenge…yesterday my prayer after study was “Lord, help me to see opportunities to share the Good news with others!”…coincidence??!! Gonna be a good weekend! =0)

  9. I am so excited to be joining this online bible study! I am doing it sola but feel blessed to participate with others throughout the world. I am a mom of 3 And about to have a baby in November. Thank you so much for this ministry. What a blessing to me a stay at home mother of 6 and under and wife to a self employed gentleman.

  10. I was anxious to begin this study and was not disappointed. I have tried to “stretch myself” by using the additional links. I was unable to watch the Friday video because I could not get any sound. Please provide me with help. Thanks. Happy Autumn!

  11. Good morning Courtney! I will take your challenge! I have been going back and forth on whether or not to share my testimony or not with the girls. It has a few tough things in it, but I have overcome! Why shouldn’t I share?? “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.” Rev 12:11

  12. This is what I have been convicted of every verse this week!! To share, proclaim and testify to what God has done!!! It has been my prayer everyday! :) So I guess I am in on this challenge! Thank you and have a great weekend!!!!

  13. This has been an Amazing First Week! Posting on my Blog and linkin up! Many Blessings to you Courtney!

  14. I feel so blessed to be apart of this study!! I’m doing it solo but don’t really feel like I am because of this huge network of women. I’m definitely a “baby believer” and I’m so amazed at how God has really spoken to me during this first week. I already can’t stop proclaiming what Jesus has done for me. I tell anyone who will listen!! I will continue to do so and pray that I will help soften hearts around me. Thanks, Courtney!!

  15. Thank you for the first weeks words of encouragement! I am doing this by myself also and am only connected through this blog and email. But… am gleaning a lot from it!

    The sense of satisfaction I feel when I mark off the days’ study and answer the reflection questions… knowing I am soaking in God’s Word… is fulfilling!

    Looking so forward to more!!

    God Bless You! Looking forward to Monday!

  16. I am up for the challenge, Courtney! I am actually doing the I John study alone as my morning (sometimes evening) devotional. I would like to eventually use your study in a group setting in the future. I have enjoyed this week and look forward to the rest of the study.

  17. Hi Courtney,
    Thank you so much for GMG, the group that I’m participating with is wonderful and already we have made such strong connections. I knew that doing this study was going to be powerful and so far it has exceeded my expectations. I will be taking your challenge. I’ve always felt like my testimony was not strong enough because I’ve always known the Lord but I’m now realizing that I minimized the value of my relationship with Him and how it might be received by others. Having a group to study along with is fun and encouraging.

  18. I will proclaim the Lord and what he is doing in and through my life and those around me!

  19. God Bless you Courtney.

    I’m always so blessed when I come here.

    Thank you for taking the time to share with us.



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