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A Farewell Video From Sally!

Sweet Sally has taken a moment to bid our Summer Good Morning Girls and Ministry of Motherhood Book Club Farewell.

If you can’t see this video – please view it here.

I have needed this study this summer. Many times I sat down to Skype Angela, feeling defeated or inept to share anything worthy at all. If you could have seen our unrecorded conversation right before we hit record you would laugh. Ang and I have shaken our heads at the crazy events of our day. It seemed that often right before we recorded, we had intense moments with our children where what we were about to discuss was so real and applicable in our own lives. God used Sally this summer to comfort us, inspire us, hold us accountable in weak areas, give us vision and a hope.

Thank you Sally for sharing your heart with us all summer long. You have touched our lives and in turn you have touched our children’s lives.

For those who are asking – WHAT’S NEXT??? Hang onto your seats because this Friday we plan to share the Book of the Bible we will be “SOAP“ing our way through!

Walk with the King!
Courtney, Women Living Well

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  1. Thank you so much, Sally, Angela, and Courtney for all your efforts in this book club! I know it has taken much work and commitment to see it all through. It has been such a blessing for me. Already this week I started tracking back and rereading portions of the book and my journal that I want to concentrate on most right now. What a blessing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. To Sally, Angela and Courtney.. thank you so much for all you’ve done to make this study possible. You have ALL shared your hearts and homes with us these past .. has it been nearly 3 months??!!!

    It was a wonderful learning experience and I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us next!

    Wishing you all well and may God continue to bless you all abundantly!

  3. I have truly loved this study. Sally’s book about parenting and coordinating Bible verses for SOAP study was well done. I appreciate all the videos and paperwork. This is a truly amazing group that God has put together. I will take some time in August to digest all that I learned this summer. Cannot wait for the next study. I love studying God’s Word with other women. This is such a unique way to be in God’s Word.

  4. Dear Courtney, Angela and Sally – Thank you so much for that wonderful summer book study! It was such an inspiration to go through this book so thoroughly. I am already looking forward to work through my study book for the next few days to answer all the questions that I did not finish yet and do more of the assignments Sally had at the end of each chapter in the book. I found i.e. a wonderful “Vater unser” sung that I will post soon and that I sing along with my children all time now… It happened that we started school today and so it was a wonderful summer break! Thank you all!!!

    Greetings from Germany

  5. Sally! Words can not describe everything my Spirit has learned and continues to dwell on.
    Thank you Courtney! and Angela! You ladies are my only bible study group at this point and am thankful for the internet!
    Good Morning Girls ROCK!

    Kelly K

  6. Priscilla Romero says:

    Thank you very much Sally, Courtney and Angela for following God´s direction. Because by doing so you all have touched, encourage and showed me a path that I never imagine I could walk: a ministry of motherhood. I have 3 children; however I never saw them the way I do now, after participating in these summer book club! Thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart and may the Lord bless your lives greatly!!!
    Now you can add Costa Rica to your looong list of countries following you all! :D

  7. Thanks for this. This was my first experience with your group. I definitely plan to be back for the Fall one. I pray that I can retain and go back to the Book information and be a better mom for it.

  8. What an incredible ministry you two, Angela and Courtney, have through Good Morning Girls. You are being used by God in such an amazing way. I have prayed for you this morning, that you would know the grace and love of God for yourselves and for your precious children and that all the moms who participated in this study would sense His affirmation and encouragement in their lives. Thanks so much, for being available to be used by Him. Love you all!

  9. This was a wonderful and timely study. The Ministry of Motherhood is now at the very top of my recommended parenting books. Thanks to Courtney and Angela for guiding us through the book and thanks to Sally for writing such a terrific book.

  10. Thank you so much for organizing this book club and bible study! I have really enjoyed learning more about Jesus and the example he is to mothers. I loved how Sally compared his love for his disciples to our love for our children. I have also really enjoyed hearing the input daily from the other moms in my GMG group. I am building a team of Christian moms to support one another in raising our children focused on God. Thanks again for the time you put into the videos, bible study plan, facebook, and blog.

  11. Thank you Ms. Sally, Courtney, and Angela for this study, this was my first time doing an online book study and I look forward to doing more of them. Ms. Sally, thank you for writing this book it’s been encouraging and quite insightful. I see a new way of approaching my role—God blessed me with it, He has blessed me with these children—no apologies, He’s given me tools in everything to honor and glorify Him, and show my children His purpose for their lives. Thank you and God bless you Ms. Sally. Courtney and Angela thank you for opening up your experiences fresh and anew, tried and true, in the mist of busy lives and a growing belly of a new
    life may God bless your homes.

  12. Oh, I am so glad you are going to be doing SOAP again!! That has been such a blessing to me this summer and I am looking forward to another book of the bible done in the same way!

  13. Ohhhh thank you everyone for your sweet comments today! I’m so glad to hear that you all enjoyed our summer book club with Sally….we both just adore her and thought that you would too! :) You have all blessed me beyond measure and I thank you for taking the time to let us know what you learned through this study!

    I look so forward to our fall session!

    So thankful to Sally for sharing her wisdom with each of us and for her obedience to our Lord….long before she ever knew He would use her this mightily for His purpose! :)

    You are all a blessing to me!!!

    Love God Greatly!



  1. [...] The Ministry of Motherhood Summer Book Club has come to an end.  The video above is Sally’s Farewell video to the Good Morning Girls.  God used Sally this summer to comfort us, inspire us, hold us accountable in weak areas, give us [...]

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