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Women In the Word Wednesday Link-Up Party

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This week in the Ministry of Motherhood Book Club we are reading about the Gift of Training. There are so many areas we can focus on and discuss but today I’d like to share with you one way I am starting to train my daughters to be in God’s Word .

I know there are tons of children’s bibles out there to choose from, but for my girls who are 5 and 4, they really love The One Year Devotions for Preschoolers. As a mom, I really like it because each day there is a bible verse to read, an application story and a prayer. The layout of each day’s devotion helps my daughters learn God’s Word, the story helps them learn to apply God’s Word to situations they may encounter at their age and the prayer helps them to learn how to pray God’s Word back to Him.

For my oldest daughter, she draws a picture to illustrate the bible verse and story that was read. This year since she is 5, she also writes out the accompanying verse to go along with her illustration. Just one more way to help her interact with God’s Word and get His Words into her mind and heart.

For my youngest daughter, who just turned 4 this month, I have her draw a picture of what the bible verse and story meant to her.

You may be wondering when I have time to do this with my children. Well, I’m no supermom that’s for sure. This may not work for everyone but for right now in my life this is what works best for us. Before I was pregnant I always tried to get up before my children to have my own personal quiet times, but now with being pregnant and still staying up late to get blog posts written, videos edited, bible studies ready, cleaning the house, doing laundry…….well you all know the list……it’s just not healthy for me to get up before them and have that little of sleep. Soooooo each morning I get up with my girls (after some time of snuggling of course), they then have a choice to either play in their playroom, draw and color or watch a cartoon. During that time I have my quiet time…and yes some mornings I am interrupted many times to answer questions, intervene in an argument….but it’s okay because my girls are also seeing that it’s important to their mommy to spend time in God’s Word and in prayer. After my quiet time I normally post the verse of the day on our Facebook page and then head into the kitchen to make breakfast. After I have eaten and they are finishing up, I will read the day’s devotion to them and discuss the verse and story. Once they are finished with their breakfast, they will then draw a picture to illustrate what they learned that morning while I either clean up from breakfast or sit and discuss the verse further, answering any questions they may have.

I’m sure as our lives continue to change, this morning routine will have to be adjusted as well, but for now if you would peak into our house in the morning this is what you would see….hopefully! As you all know, some mornings run a little smoother than others.:)

A prayer by Sally Clarkson

“Give our children a love for your Word so they may always look to the Bible to give them light for their paths.”- Sally Clarkson, pg 155


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Love God Greatly!


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  1. This is a wonderful exercise for the kids and will help them remember the bible verses. I’m not a kid but I do the same every day! Patsy from HeARTworks

  2. This is a wonderful exercise for the kids and will help them remember the bible verses. I’m not a kid but I do the same every day! Patsy

  3. Great post! Thanks so much for sharing this book title, I’ve been looking for something like it. :) I frequently do my Bible reading in front of my children but a conversation with them today made me realize that since I was reading scripture from my iPhone they didn’t realize that’s what I was doing. It was having a negative impact on them because they thought I was spending time just playing. So, I will now be bringing my Bible out when I read, so that they can see what I’m really doing. Food for thought I guess, it hadn’t occurred to me before.

  4. Hi Angela.

    Thank you for sharing.. what a great idea to help the children think about the bible lesson! When my older ones were younger we used the Day by Day One Year Devotional by Tyndale, but I mostly read it to them every night.

    With my youngest, who is four, I do the same thing. I read from two different illustrated bible stories for children as her bedtime stories. I love this idea though and I think I will pull out that old devotional and start using it in this way with her.

    I love the Little Blessings series, but we don’t have this one. We bought her the ‘Questions From Little Hearts’ for her first Christmas. She still loves to pull it out and ‘read’.

  5. This is such a helpful post! Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve been looking for another good option for my preschooler. We’ve been reading from the Children’s StoryBook Bible in the mornings, but sometimes it’s a little too “old” (hard to understand) for her young age.

    Love having a peek into your mornings, too! Always fun to see how other families are living and loving and growing!

  6. Yes, as the stages of life change so do our days! That is for sure! We really came upon something that works great for our family this year. It wasn’t prescribed or planned, it just sort of evolved and it’s been so great I would like to share…

    My girls are 5 and 7 right now. My 5 year old is a voracious reader. She’s actually a little above her big sister in reading level. So last year one thing we did was get them each their own Beginners Bible. This Bible is great for early readers. My younger especially loved it and would read it not only when asked, but throughout the day. It was so exciting for us to see them love God’s word and for it to be so accessible to them directly – no parent or teacher as in-between, they were going directly to Him. So now, both of my girls read their own Bible every day. I remind them to do it as part of their morning routine, but often when it comes to bedtime they WANT to read another one. :) We recently moved them up to their own Jesus Storybook Bible’s. I can’t say I completely planned for it all to turn out this well but it has. I really think it’s important for them to develop their own relationship with God’s word. Now I am moving my 7 year old into her own “SOAP notebook” (like Mom’s). She doesn’t do the whole SOAP thing but she is recording something special, either a verse or a prayer she wants to record with her stories each day. Not only did it turn into their daily time with God, it also turned into great reading time to boost their reading skills! Anyhow, now I just want to encourage everyone to go ahead and buy duplicates of Children’s Bibles if you need to, but get one into each of those kids hands. Give them access to God through his word.

  7. I love your ideas for devotions with your little ones. Side note- I had a great quiet time schedule before my daughter was born 2 months ago and now my life has turned upside down. I also have a 2 year old. I hope that you find time to do all that you like with this new one coming, but make sure to give yourself grace. We will understand if you can’t keep up with Good Morning Girls for a little while.

  8. Patsy- Being in God’s Word doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult…..just reading and spending time in His presence. :)

    Jennifer- Wow, GREAT point!!! Hmmm that’s really something to think about. Thanks for sharing your story with us today! :)

    Lisa Maria- Always love hearing from you! :) I didn’t realize you have a 4 year old too! :) Yes, love the Day by Day Devotional by Tyndale.

    Erika- So glad to hear you liked the post! I always love seeing how other families raise their children in the Lord too. :) So many great ideas out there to share! :)

    Jess- Ohhhh I LOVE the Jesus Storybook Bibles too!!! I read that to my girls at bedtime! My 5 year old is starting to read, smaller words and she practices each night using that bible. :) I love how you are already teaching your older daughter the SOAP method! :) Thanks so much for sharing today Jess! :)

    Shonda- you are so sweet! :) Yes, I know it will be a little hard the first part of the fall…going to have to learn to give Grace to myself as easily as I give Grace to others. :) Thanks for your compassion and understanding. :) Your comment touched my heart today! :)

    Thanks everyone!

    Love God Greatly!

  9. Thank you for making me fill normal.. :-)

  10. Thank%20you%20for%20making%20me%20fill%20normal..%20%3A-)

  11. Hi! Thanks for sharing this book! My daughter turns two in the fall and I’ve been researching and considering different curriculums for her. I use the word curriculum very loosely because I’d like something that would give us a routine from a biblical perspective but still be very flexible and most importantly I want it to be fun because after all she is just 2! I was wondering if you used any particular curriculum with your two girls when they were this age.

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