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{Week 6} Ministry of Motherhood Chapters 7 & 8 Commentary

Today we are finishing week 6 of our Ministry of Motherhood book club. Courtney and I weren’t able to Skype together this week so you got just me this time. I’m actually in the midst of preparing for my brother’s wedding, which is taking place at my house this Saturday,  so today’s post is going to be really short. So sorry I haven’t been able to be online a lot these last few weeks, I’ve been so busy with wedding preparations that I haven’t had any free time. I’ll make sure and post a few pictures of the big day once this weekend is all over.

Chapter 7

“When we take the opportunity to expose our children to the glory of God displayed in a rainbow or powerful ocean waves or a star-studded night sky, we are helping them understand that there is a Being much bigger than themselves who created the universe and holds it together with his power.” – Sally Clarkson, pg 85

Chapter 8

“Many of the people Jesus reached out to probably would have felt out of place in the temple.”- Sally Clarkson, pg 89

“When we understand that God’s love reaches into the dark and depraved corners of people’s lives to bring healing and eternal life, then we will see people not for what they are but for who they are- people Christ loves and who need his redemption.”- Sally Clarkson, pg 91

Praying you enjoyed chapters 7 & 8 this week!

What spoke to you from the assigned reading this week? I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time…

Love God Greatly!

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  1. Hi Angela,

    I know what you mean about being busy! At the moment, I can barely keep up with my reading, far less to write. My daughter and I are catering some items for a friend’s wedding this Saturday and its HOT in the kitchen these past couple of days.

    I pray that your own brother’s wedding day is blessed by God and I wish him and his new bride every blessing.

    What I took away this week is pretty much the same as you did. I know that I have missed out on many opportunities to draw my children closer to God through His majestic creation. It has not been totally a loss.. there have been isolated moments. I guess I just need to do better on this one!

    It also struck me HARD that I do not let my children see me showing God’s love to those outside of our close circles. Last year my husband and I started driving through the city streets feeding the homeless on a Sunday. We took along the two youngest and sometimes my now 18 year old would go.

    This is the most we’ve ever done in this area and I know it made a profound effect on them. They, like me, were forced to look at these people with different eyes. Unfortunately we stopped after a few months. It has been on my mind to begin again, but I know this is not enough. This is just one aspect of it. Simple things, like being more friendly to strangers, even just smiling. These things are simple ways of showing God’s love.

    Thank you to yourself and Courtney and Sally, of course. I must mention here that I’m actually sharing what I learn with my husband and its not uncommon to see him picking up the book off my nightstand and reading it. I’d say THAT is some accomplishment!

    God bless you all and have a great weekend!

  2. OH girl! I loved your video and missed you this week – so sorry I was so busy out of town!!

    I loved what you said about “My Father’s Eyes” – I want that for my children!

    We can’t wait to see pics of the wedding!!!

    Love you,


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