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Summer Book Club Announcement!

Today is the DAY you’ve all been waiting for!!!! Our book club selection for this summer is…..

In the next few weeks we’ll be posting more information so make sure and check back weekly for further updates!

Love God Greatly!

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  1. Just bought it this morning from Amazon! I’m new here and looking forward to joining you in studying this book.

  2. Caroline Cordle says:

    YAY! I have that book – I was reading “mission of motherhood” first, but can’t wait to get into that one! Happy days! :-)

  3. Sounds like a fascinating combination of the Word, written and visual resources, and Sally’s practical life experiences! Looking forward to it. God bless both of you and your families!

    Love & Blessings

  4. Cant wait!!

  5. I knew it!!! YAY!
    Finished Mission of Motherhood and cannot believe how it changed my life and perspective on Christ’s purpose for me.
    Thanks for leading the way with such top-notch ideas. Fun to see both of you on the screen. :)

  6. Kimberly Merrill says:

    Can’t wait! I’ve just started ‘Shepherding a Child’s Heart’, so this will complement it nicely, I’m sure! Going to order my book today!

  7. Anyway that when you do video’s you can also give just a few details, like the name of the book, in a written form too? I seldom have time to listen to the video’s until weeks later and end up being behind everything . . .just asking :-) WOndering too about people who don’t have sound on their computers . . yes, there are those out there who don’t :-)

  8. This sounds great! I’m excited… I’m new here but, was browsing around the site – do I need to join a group?!?! How does this work? Thanks!

  9. I’m reading Mission of Motherhood right now! YAY!!
    You girls are too cute, btw! :) ~Kim A.

  10. elizabeth says:

    I am wondering if it matters which publication it is? The book on amazon has a different cover? Is there a newer publication did she changed things? Please very excited about this book have been wanting to read it!!

  11. Courtney and Angela~
    I don’t think you two will ever know the full depth of your ministry this side of heaven. I feel so blessed to have stumbled upon your site and to have led my first GMG group. We loved it~can’t wait for the next session. I already have that book (and every book that Mrs. Clarkson has written!). She truly embodies the Titus 2 Spirit! Excellent choice~thank you ladies! ~Lyn

  12. Elizabeth – there is no difference – both copies are the same – just with two different covers :-)!

    Lou-Ann- the winter Good Morning Girls session is coming to a close this Friday. May 1st women can begin to enroll their groups for the summer session on our mesage board (more details are coming in the next week). We want to encourage ladies to invite a group of their “real life” friends to join this club so you can discuss it together – along with our videos. If you do not have friends to ask there will be others on the message board looking for groups – you can connect there. If you wish to join our book club without a group – that is fine too – we’d love to have you!

    Jackie – we will be giving further details in further posts – this was just a fun video to reveal the book. I apologize that we cannot make a transcript of our videos. And we hope that ladies can find a way to hear the videos – maybe possibly at a friends house or library? I apologize if this is an inconvenience.

    Thanks for all the wonderful feedback everyone!!!

  13. Welcome Cheryl!!! So glad to have you join us! :)
    Caroline- I loved Mission of Motherhood too! GREAT book!
    Lisa Maria- Soo happy to have you join us again! :) Always love to hear your insight!
    Stephanie- me neither!!!! Hehehehe!
    Becca- You know Courtney and I to well!:) Your comment made me laugh today! I totally agree with you on Mission of Motherhood. It changed me too! ;)
    Kimberly- I have that book too but haven’t had the time to read it yet. It’s on my list of books that I need to read when I find more time…….:) So glad to have you join us too! :)
    Jackie- Great suggestions! We purposely didn’t give details today in the video because we wanted it to be a surprise, but I’ll make sure and keep that in mind for future videos! :)
    Lou-Ann- Yes, either grab a group of your friends in the area or find a group through our message board. :) Looking forward to having you join us as well! :)
    Kim- WONDERFUL! You’ll be all set then for May 23rd! Wooohooo!
    Elizabeth- Both books are exactly the same, just different covers is all. :) Great question. :)
    Lyn- Your words today were water to my soul! You’ll never know how much they meant to me. :) Wish I could give you a hug! :) I totally agree with you, Sally truly is a beautiful example of a Titus 2 Woman!!!! Love her! :)

    Thanks everyone for your sweet comments today! Excited to begin this new summer book club with you all! :)

    Love God Greatly!

  14. Cool! It starts the day we leave for the States, so I’ll order mine right away so it’s there when we arrive! I am so looking forward to this!

  15. I am super excited about this book club. It is a book I have thought about reading. Summer is a perfect time because I have my kids around lots more. Thanks for doing this!!

  16. Kellie Barley says:

    Very excited about this! Just like ladies Bible study from home :-) Should we read Mission of Motherhood first? :-)

  17. So happy to have you Rosilind and Ingrid joy us this summer! :)

    Kellie- If you have time I’d say go for it, but you don’t have to! :) It’s not a prerequisite. :) So happy to have you join us too! :)

    Love God Greatly!

  18. I’m sad this book club is only for moms. We have two ladies in our group who don’t have kids and would feel uncomfortable if we joined you guys for this one. Bummer. Maybe your next one will be more inclusive?

  19. Hi Rachel!

    Yes, in the fall we are planning on going back to our original format of going through one book of the bible. :) This is just a fun summer thing we felt God leading us to do. :) Thanks so much for joining us for James!!! :) We’d love to see you all back again in the fall! :)

    Love God Greatly!

  20. Ooooo, FUN!!!! :D

  21. Hi Courtney and Angela!! Looking forward to learning, implementing and evolving. I’m in(:

  22. I was so encouraged through the James study. I did the study with my sisters and a couple nieces. It was a great way to stay connected and sharpened. I would love to have this book and be involved in the next study over the summer. I would love to get some of my girlfriends here to do this next study with me. Godly sisters are a MUST! Thank you for devoting your lives to God, your husbands, your children, and to other women. You have a great impact for His kingdom.

  23. I love this book! I would LOVE to join this book club discussion!
    love to you girls :)
    - {darlene}

  24. I ordered my book today. I am excited to join the club! :)

  25. May 23rd is my birthday! Yay! I am so excited to start this book and bible study!

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