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Good Morning Girls Spring Break!

The Winter Good Morning Girls session has come to an end. 

We began this journey 12 weeks ago with over 1,200 girls!   Angela and I have thoroughly enjoyed the James study this winter and cannot wait to see God’s plan unfold this summer!

The next session begins on Monday, May 16th.  You can begin enrolling your groups on May 1st(Please do not enroll before then. We will be deleting everything on the message boards soon to get ready for the next session.)  The session will run from May 15th to August 15th. (3 months)

If you are new to Good Morning Girls please watch the videos here .  They will answer: What is Good Morning Girls? What are the details of Good Morning Girls?  What if I don’t have my own group?  and How does roll call work? 


Now it is time for a Good Morning Girls Spring Break!

We want to strongly urge you to take a one month break from your group.  I know that some of you do not want to stop…but after nearly 4 years of being in Good Morning Girls groups I have learned a few things.

1.  We need a break – if we want to keep this group together long term.

2.  If we don’t take a break- we end up burned out in the middle of the next session – been there done that.

3.  If we don’t take a break, some of the ladies who want to drop out may not have the courage to quit.  Then you have women in the group who don’t really want to be there and it’s discouraging to the rest of the group.

4.  Taking a break allows ladies to leave guilt free – and makes room to invite new ladies into the group!

So we strongly encourage you to take a break – not from your quiet times – but from each other.  Use the break to get together and have a luncheon or go out for coffee.  Stay connected – but be free from the responsibility of every morning checking in.

In the meantime, we hope you will consider joining us this summer for the Summer Book Club.  If you missed our announcement of the book you can view it here

On Monday, we will give you more details and there’s going to be a book giveaway – so check back!!!

Walk with the King!
Courtney, WomenLivingWell

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  1. Brandi Reid says:

    I live in Fort Worth TX and have watched some of your video’s on you tube. I have enjoyed watching them. I would love to be connected to other women who are all sharing their journey with homeschooling and just being a godly wife and mother. I thought your topics were so helpful and encouraging. I have been thinking about homeschooling for this next school year. I have a daughter who is 7 another 5 and a little boy who is 18 months old. So I have my hands full. I have been a little concerned about how I can stay on schedule with my little one running around. So thanks for all of your wonderful advice.I know God is leading me to homeschool and I have enjoyed your video’s.

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