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James 5:1-12 ~ Using Our Wealth For God’s Glory

Walk with the King!
Courtney, Women Living Well

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  1. Ohhhh Courtney!

    Loved your video this morning! I have to admit…I’m a little guilty with the clothes bins too! :) Maybe I should clean them out again this weekend!!! Love how you take scripture and apply it in ways we all can relate to and understand! Love ya sweet friend!

    Love God Greatly!

  2. Caroline Cordle says:

    The thing is, I have those clothes bins – but, the Lord has blessed me with 6 children so far, and had i not had them, I would be spending a lot more on clothes. I think it’s a case of looking to our own circumstances and seeing where we can use our things or money more wisely.
    Thank you for sharing your heart again – may the Lord bless you with more children, for His glory. And, may you be blessed as you honour Him with the 2 lovely children you have! x

  3. Caroline – oh definately – you are being a good steward of the clothes God has provided for you and if I had more babies – it would have been wise to keep these bins. BUT I’m not pregnant and my son is 8! For me I was hoarding and I needed to give his clothes away before they were yellowed, and rotten and not useful to anyone! I’m working on letting Lexi’s go lol!! I’m ashamed to admit – I have a death grip on them :-( Still learning and growing. God is teaching me new things everyday.

    Much Love,

  4. Caroline, Courtney and I were discussing this on Facebook, too, and I said the same thing! BUT, I think clothes bins are just ONE example. What else do we have lying around that isn’t being used and can be passed on? It doesn’t have to be just clothes. :)

    Plus, we have to trust, that if God presents us with an opportunity to bless someone in need (and we have the means), we should! We have to trust that He’ll take care of US the next time around, right?

    I gave my first child’s clothes away to a family in need and didn’t have another girl for 6 years. So it’s good I didn’t hold on to them!! And God provided us (and is still providing us) with clothes from others for our other girl. :) So don’t miss that opportunity if it comes. :)

  5. Caroline Cordle says:

    I know someone who finds things tight financially, so I give things I no longer need/use to her – she sells them at a car boot or on ebay and keeps the proceeds for her efforts! She’s been a great help to my clutter tendencies! :-)
    I also lend mine out to anyone who needs them, as Courtney mentioned….they have done their rounds well! lol

  6. Courtney this was so wonderful to read. I went through something similar last year. I have 2 boys (almost 5 and 2.5) and I would LOVE to have at least 4 more babies. When my husband moved out after not being around for a year and filed for divorce everything in me wanted to cling to my baby clothes for dear life. One day I just realized that in this season in my life there were no babies on the horizon. So I sat down picked out my few favorite pieces and started donating the clothes as my little guy outgrew them. I’m still saving clothes from my oldest son, but just so that his little brother can have them. I even donated my cloth diapers to help the animals harmed by the oil spill crisis last year.

    I still look forward to more children one day. Am I trusting that God will meet my needs for them when he chooses to bless me with more babies.

  7. My 11yo just ran in with her bible and pointed to James 5:1-2 and excitedly said, “Mommy, is that what she’s talking about?” She’s studying James too this year (with Kay Arthur). Loved that moment.

    A quick story for you. We adopted 3 from foster care in OH before having to move to IN due to a job relocation. We had to let our foster care license expire and so I had to get rid of all the clothing I had saved (in bins) for future foster and/or adopted children. It was “clear” to us that God desired us to be a family with 3 children. TWO YEARS LATER, no license, different state, our cell phone rang while we were out Christmas shopping with our 3 kids. “This is [x] Children’s Services back in OH. We have a newborn baby boy who needs placed. Would you be willing to take him?” Would we?! Packed a quick bag and drove 6 hours to OH to pick him up that night. He is our 4th son, adopted in accordance with God’s amazing will and plan. We “knew” God was done at 3 children, but God’s plan was different. Enjoy blessing others with the beautiful things you saved, Courtney. They will be blessed indeed, as will your heart. And if it is in God’s plan that your family grows in the future, whether biologically or through adoption, you can enjoy the blessing of new things for a new season of life.

  8. Thank You Courtney and Angela for your videos and posts each week. I have really looked forward to them and have really enjoyed this Bible reading and journaling through James. Do you have any plans for more of these studies coming up? I am sad that this one is coming to an end? Like many, I truly look forward to this each day. Thank you for all of your wisdom and words and encouragements for understanding the Book of James:)

  9. Courtney, I fully agree with passing on the wealth. I’ve done the same thing you have.. but I was lucky.. I only had girls! Funny story that.. I had the last one 10 years after the third.. I was 38 when I got pregnant! You never know what could happen… God’s timing is always perfect!

    Thank you for a wonderful video. I’m learning so much from James… I can’t believe next week is the end of the study! Thanks to you and Angela for teaching us so much.

    Love & Blessings.. have a great weekend!

  10. Oh boy, I have the bins to and sadly my kids are 16 and 11!! Time to let go. I’ll keep a few keepsake outfits and let the rest bless others. I’ve learned so much from this James study and from your insight Courtney. I’m going to be sad when it ends!

  11. Courtney, I am a newbie here! I love this post about sharing what you have with others & as I have shared my childrens out-grown clothes, God has been faithful to replenish what they do need.

    Thank you for your words of wisdom!

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