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Women In The Word Wednesdays

There are few books that when you read them, they truly change your life…..Mission of Motherhood is one of them for me! From the moment I started reading this book I fell in love with Sally Clarkson! I truly feel I am a better, more patient and intentional mom because of the wisdom and insight she shares.

This past weekend I was blessed with the opportunity to go to her Dallas Mom Heart Conference with my sweet friend, Courtney. We both had a wonderful time, not only because we got the chance to spend some time together and catch-up, but also because of the opportunity to hear Sally speak. Wisdom just pours out of her! I would love to be as wise as she is one day! She is becoming a role-model for me as I strive to be the mom and wife God has called me to be.

Sally’s daughter, Sarah, actually shared with us the secret of Sally’s wisdom……it’s because of the time she has spent in God’s Word. Sarah recalled one of her favorite memories growing up was seeing her mom in the morning with her cup of tea spending time reading God’s Word. Do you want to made a difference in your childrens’ lives? Do you want Godly wisdom? Then we have to make spending time with God a daily priority! I want to give my daughters’ the same memories Sally has given Sarah, I want my girls to remember waking up in the morning and finding me reading the bible, making God a priority in my life!

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the Mom Heart conference:

My Spiritual Life

  • If you are not spending time with God, you can not have a spiritual house.
  • Jesus wants us to be HOLY…not happy and shallow!
  • God allows difficulties because He wants us to know this is not our home.
  • Its a woman’s honor to overlook sin. Bitterness does not look well on a woman.

Being The Mom God Calls Me To Be

  • God is not after you reaching the perfect ideal, He is after you reaching HIS ideal.
  • It takes TIME to build a legacy! We have to live our faith out in front of our children!
  • Our children need to see what it looks like to walk with God. We must be intentional!
  • Have dreams for your family!
  • Make goals for your family and don’t give up on your ideals!
  • It is God’s will for you to be an over-comer…….God wants you to be victorious!!! Believe it!
  • Inspire your children to trust God! Do you leave a trail of faith for them to follow?
  • Stay passionate for God’s Word!
  • We are responsible for passing on our faith to our children.
  • Remember it’s the kindness of God that leads to repentance!
  • You are not defined by the circumstances of your life!
  • You can’t build influence by giving “things” give them you! Your time, forgiveness etc. Build a relationship with them and invest in their lives!
  • My faith matters! God is not limited except by our faith!
  • Faith is caught not taught!
  • Walk by faith with your children.

Teaching My Children

  • We are called to teach the Word of God to our children!
  • We are called to make our children world changers.
  • What kind of mom do you want to be in 10 years? Make a plan and go for it!
  • Teach your children that they have a purpose in the world. They are called to influence the world, not the world to influence them.

Cultivating A Happy Home

  • Food opens the hearts of our children and husbands!
  • Kids and husbands want a happy mom/wife. Let your children know that you are happy to be their mom.
  • Choose to look for joy! Happiness is a choice!

You can find Sally at http://www.itakejoy.com/

That’s what I’ve been learning lately! Now it’s your turn!

Love God Greatly!


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  1. Looks like an awesome book! I keep hearing about it. I guess it’s time for me to go out and find it! :)

  2. Wow Angela!

    So great to see you and Courtney together. It sounds like its a great conference and a wonderful book. I’ll have to see if I can get it myself. All those are wonderful reminders and I have printed them to stick up on my fridge to encourage myself every day. Thank you!

    God bless you and your family!

  3. Caroline Cordle says:

    I have been learning a lot, from various places. Firstly, I have been trying really hard, with God’s help, to apply the principles we have been learning in James – patience and being careful with what I say and how I say it – especially towards my husband and children.
    I have also been learning from the book you have mentioned! I just love it! My SIL and I are about to start studying through it together ( I will start over – I told her I didn’t mind!), and then meeting up 1 evening, on a regular basis, to share what we are learning. We felt whenever we get together with the children, that we need to spend time dealing with our children and their behaviour (happily, I add!), but we don’t get the chance to have deep and meaningful conversation. lol She asked what book would be good to study, and I recommended this one!

    The other thing I am trying to put into practice, is how I deal with my children. My DH and I had a chat about things, and he mentioned about the mother being the 1 who particularly deals with the children with love. Firm, yes…but, especially with love. Also making sure to engage my children’s attention before giving them instructions, to make sure they hear me, and obey.

    I just feel that I am growing in more ways than I have done so far in my 91/2 years of motherhood, and over 11 years of marriage! :-)

  4. OH Ang – I love what you shared from the conference!!! Sally is such a blessing!!! I am still trying to digest it all and figure out how to apply it daily in my home! Reviewing your notes was so refreshing! We can do this!! I’m so glad the Good Morning Girls have each other as we chase these ideals!!!
    Keep walking with the King!!

  5. I read Sally’s book years ago when it first came out and it is still one of the best books on motherhood I recommend. I also love Season’s of a Mother’s Heart. I wish she would come east!!! Thanks for sharing your notes Angela, I feel like printing this out and hanging it where I can see it all day:-)

  6. WOW! Today I´ve been blessed to read your blog and Courtney´s it has been the words I was looking for these week. I know is God talking to me thru you! You two look really beautiful in that photo. A lot to apply to our lives!!

  7. good stuff! can’t wait to read the book!

  8. I LOVE what Sarah said about her mother, that I what I remember about my mom too! I am excited to read the book, I’m hoping I can download it onto my ipad =) Thank you for sharing what you learned – what a blessing the Good Morning Girls James study has been to me. I truly appreciate you two being obedient to what God has called you to do…..your ministry is blessing many lives!! =)

    Keeping it Personal,
    Teri Johnson

  9. I REALLY enjoyed this post!
    Even though I am not married, I can apply most-if not all- of these tidbets into my life as an older sister to six siblings and even though I’m sure its not as much influence as being a mother I’m sure the way we live our lives influence our siblings as well :)
    THANKS for sharing!!

  10. Wow, sounds like some really good stuff that it would take a while to really absorb.

  11. Angie – I loved this entry. I actually printed out those points to put in my GMG binder! :) You and Courtney are such an inspiration. I wish I had started being a biblical mom sooner – my children are teenagers now. Anyway, I love GMG’s and the James study. Thank you so much for all you do!

  12. Anglea thanks for sharing Sally book and some key points from her conference. She sounds amazing. All of these points you listed are very true in raising our kids in this fallen world. I am so glad that I have Jesus at my wheel helping me along!!

    Hugs girl hope your Bday week has been blessed!!

  13. Ohhh you all have blessed my heart so much today! Thank you for your sweet comments! So glad to know you didn’t mind the “bullet point” format…..I’m kind of a “just give me the main points” kind of girl so I LOVE lists. I wasn’t sure if you all would or not though. Since so many of you want to print the list off, maybe I’ll put my notes into a more attractive pdf file for you to download. :) Sure do treasure you all!

    Love God Greatly!

  14. LOVE all of these quotes! I bought 5 copies of The Mission of Motherhood this past weekend at the conference, and I’ve given out 4 of them already!

  15. I read this book back ten years ago. I still get my copy out and re-read portions from time to time. It helped shape my life and ministry to my children. It changed my mind-set as a mother from a “duty” to a “ministry”. When I’m doing it for Jesus, it’s easier then when I do it because I have to.


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