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James 2:14-26 Faith Without Works Is Dead

What is it that you have done – not said – but done this week that shows others you are truly a child of God? Together we can make a difference!!! Keep living out your faith and walking with the King!
Courtney, WomenLivingWell

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  1. Don’t forget, if your group is choosing to participate in The Mercy House challenge, comment today and let us know what you all are planning!!! :) Can’t wait to read what you have come up with!!!! Looking so forward to joining you and helping to make a difference in the lives of those girls! To God be the GLORY!

    Love God Greatly!

  2. Hi Courtney and Angela~I’m so excited to report that our group is taking on the challenge. : ) Each lady has committed to purchase something from the Mercy House store before April 15th, in addition to sending something from their supply list for the next three months. Thanks for sharing this ministry with us!


  3. Ohhhh Lyn!!! That sounds WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for participating in this challenge! I’m so excited to see how all our efforts are going to help The Mercy House! Thank you for your generous heart! To God be the GLORY! :)

    Love God Greatly!

  4. Hey Angela! My group is a facebook group of homeschool moms from all over the USA. We have decided to take on the winter challenge as well! We are going to help out with their March drive of collecting baby items. We will be shipping baby items to them during the month of March!

    For our Week 5 challenge we are helping on of our own in our group. I am so excited to announce it to her this morning! We have a mom in our group that has 9 children, several with disabilities, and an infant who just had surgery. They have to drive several hours back and forth to the children’s hospital that is helping their children and of course it is very draining of finances. We are sending her gift cards and cards of encouragement to hopefully give her a boost and help lift her spirit during this time!

    We are loving our group and we are loving the James study!!!


  5. My son and I are going to collect items for the March drive. We are going to make flyers and give them out to friends and family to enlist their help. We are also going to try to involve our youth group at church. This is a great home-school activity! Thank you for the idea.

  6. Hi Angela and Courtney–Our group on FB are taking the challenge. I have challenged our group to make a $100 donation. We are excited about the James study. Thank God for you and Courtney. We are praying for the Mercy House and you guys.

  7. Our group has decided to purchase t-shirts. We will wear them when we get together (every couple of months). Thanks for this challenge!

  8. Our group has decided to put together a box of baby stuff for the Mercy House. We are also talking about other ways we can help as a group both with the Mercy House and locally in our area. It has been so great to brain storm ways to put our faith into action. Do and not just say!!

  9. Our group is still trying to figure out what to do, LOL! Of course we are praying for the ministry of the Mercy House, but as far as financial help, we’re trying to determine if a monetary donation would be better for them (so they can get exactly what they need) or if we’ll send some things off the supply needs list…

  10. Our group has come of with the suggestion that since a few of us are quite crafty we could maybe make baby blankets or even larger blankets, if this was at all helpful to them.

    We are also keen to buy the t-shirts, although from what we can see on the Etsy shop, they do not ship to the UK, where 5 of us in the group are living. One of our US members has offered to post them on to us once we work out the logistics.

    We are really excited to be able to help out in any way we can!

  11. One of our members emailed and asked what other needs the Mercy House might have… they sent a list of a few other things they need, so we sent money (via their PayPal button on the website) designated for one of those specific purposes.

  12. elaina dinhoble says:

    what a pleasure to meet you two this weekend at moms’ heart! i look forward to reading and sharing~

  13. Kellie- what a blessing you and the other GMGs are to your dear friend! Praying for her tonight! Thank you for reaching out to her in this time of need and being Jesus’s hands and feet!

    Love God Greatly!

  14. Melissa Sutton- what a wonderful way to involve your son….teaching him to help and serve others! :) Never to early to start! Great idea and thanks for sharing! :)

    Love God Greatly!

  15. Nicole- Thank you so much for your prayers and financial contribution! ;) Both are desperately needed! :) So glad to hear you are enjoying the James study! ;)

    Love God Greatly!

  16. Lisa- ohhh how fun! Send me a picture of your group wearing your t-shirts and I’ll post it on our site! You can email me at lovegodgreatly@gmail.com

    Thanks for participating in this challenge! :)

    Love God Greatly!

  17. Melissa- thank you to you and your group for participating in this winter challenge! I love your ideas! Do and don’t just say…..soooo true!!! :) Send me a picture of your group and your care package and I’ll share it on our site! Email me at lovegodgreatly@gmail.com

    Love God Greatly!

  18. Katrina- your group is starting in the perfect spot…..praying about what your action should be! Looking forward to hearing what God laid upon your hearts!

    Love God Greatly!

  19. Kirsteen- Ohhhh I love your idea! Soooo incredibly sweet and thoughtful! Could you please send me some pictures of your group and the blankets that you all make!!! I would LOVE to share your story with all the other GMG groups!!!

    Love God Greatly!


  20. Elaina- I was a pleasure meeting you too!

    Love God Greatly!

  21. Hi – I know I am late but anyway. Our group was thinking about what to do but did not come up with anything as a whole group. It is a little bit difficult though doing something from Germany also, most of our group have ongoing donations already. So I decided that I will try to improve the awareness here in Germany for the Mercy House. I fell in love with this project and will try to support it from here. It sure is a project that is worth to be supported. Three girls of our group will help me doing this. We are trying to get a picture of ours together – we don’t live close, so there is not really a chance to meet up. Katja

  22. Angela—Our group challenge was to donate $100 for the Mercy House and let me say “God is able.” We have donated a total of $150…what an awesome God we serve.

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