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James 1:19-20

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“The first duty of love is to listen.”- Paul Tillich

Week 3 Challenge: This week we are going to focus on putting verse 19 into action in our lives. As you interact with your families and friends, focus on being quicker to listen, slower to speak and slower to become angry.

If you are following along with us in James don’t forget to download this week’s S.O.A.P. print-out. This week, we are reading James 1:19-27.

James Book Club Downloads

Week 3 S.O.A.P. Print-Out

As always, we’ll be praying over you as you spend time reading God’s Word!

Until next time…

Love God Greatly!

James 1:12-18 Temptations, Desires and Sin


Here’s a copy of some of my notes from this week’s study:

V.12 – The “crown of life” could mean a literal crown or it could mean a crown “which is” eternal life.  The ultimate reward for believers is eternal life.

V. 14 – The word “desire”in the NIV is translated in the Greek to epithumia which means lust, or a longing for what is forbidden.  Ask yourself – “what forbidden longing do I have that is going to drag me into sin?”

V.14 – The word “enticed” in Greek is deleazo which means to entrap or allure…our desires lure us into sin.

V.15 The word “conceived” in the Greek is sullambano which means to seize, capture, or catch.  Once our desires lure us into temptation - we are captured!

V. 15 The word “sin”in the Greek ishamartia which means missing the mark.

V. 15 – The word “death”in the Greek is thanatos which means deadly.  Sin seperates man from God.

Proverbs 19:3 says “A man’s own folly ruins his life, yet his heart rages against the Lord.”

This Proverb speaks to the person who is angry with God for their problems in life yet sometimes it was their own folly or their own evil desires that created the very problem they are in.

When we lack wisdom and let our inner longings take control, we birth sin.  Sin seperates us from God.  Sin is NOT a spontaneous act…it’s a process and all of the joy, maturity and wisdom that God wants us to have in James 1:1-8 is lost the minute we give into our temptations.  But we serve a loving, merciful, changeless God who forgives us when we repent of our sin.  So if/when you fall into temptation – turn to Jesus – don’t hide or run or rage against him.  Simply fall at his feet and repent.  He loves you so.

Keep Walking with the King!

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It’s Time To Share And Link-Up

Today is Wednesday so that means it’s time for YOU to share and link-up!

Can’t wait to read all that God has been teaching you this week!

What Is God’s Purpose In Trials?

If I could, I’d reach out and give each and everyone of you a big hug! Thank you for such an amazing week last week! God is soooo GOOD! I can’t begin to tell you how encouraged Courtney and I are to hear how you’re enjoying using the S.O.A.P. method! I just want you to know that those of you who left comments last week on our blog or on our Facebook page, each and everyone of your comments touched our hearts! I LOVED reading about each of your groups. I loved reading how you can see God’s hand in who He put in your group! Being apart of GMG is such a wonderful blessing and an answer to prayer!

This week we are starting week 2 in our 12 week series. My prayer for each of you is that as we dig further into James this week:
1. God will give you a hunger for His Word.
2. You will make it a priority in your life to be in His Word.
3. He will open your eyes to new truths in His Word!

I’d like to share with you a quick video of what I learned last week as we read about God’s purpose in trails.

If you are following along with us in James don’t forget to download this week’s S.O.A.P. print-out. This week, we are reading James 1:12-18

James Book Club Downloads

1. Week 2 S.O.A.P. Print-Out

Thanks again for being a blessing in my life and making God’s Word a priority in yours!!!!

Love God Greatly!

James 1:1-11 Consider Your Trials a Joy

We are now at over 1,000 Good Morning Girls and over 150 groups!  Great job completing Week One’s Homework in James! Here’s some of what I learned this week:



If you have not begun in James and would like to join us, go here to print the schedule.

Also, if you want to do some commentary work over the weekend visit Crosswalk’s Bible Study Tools found here:http://www.biblestudytools.com/ On this page in the lower right hand corner, you can find links to Bible dictionaries, commentaries, concordances, and other Bible translations, etc. I have been using this website for 7 years! I LOVE it!

I recommend Matthew Henry’s Commentary’s found here: http://www.biblestudytools.com/commentaries/matthew-henry-complete/james/

We’ll see you back here Monday!  And don’t forget to chime in on the Wednesday link up - visit other Good Morning Girls for more spiritual encouragement or leave a comment telling us what God is teaching you!

Keep Walking with the King!

Women Living Well

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