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What I Learned At Relevant

This verse couldn’t be more appropriate in explaining what I experienced at a blogging conference this past weekend!!! Yes, you read it right……a blogging conference!!! This past Sunday I flew back to Texas from attending the Relevant Conference- A Christian Women’s Blogging Conference in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I went to support my dear friend Courtney and also prayed that God would speak to me in regard to Good Morning Girls, I was searching for direction. God met me there in Harrisburg, Pa and answered my heartfelt prayers POWERFULLY!

He showed me that Courtney and I are on the right track with Good Morning Girls when Sally Clarkson spoke to the audience of 200+ women, challenging us to put God first in our lives. To make sure we are making time for HIM and having our quiet times. If we can make time for blogging, and getting on the internet, if we can find time to watch TV, then we have time in our schedules to be alone with God. She lovingly pointed out that “a woman alone is a target”, we need each other! We live in a culture where we are alone, we need each other for support and encouragement. Lovingly holding each other accountable to be in God’s Word and being there for each other is what Good Morning Girls is ALL ABOUT!!! We are to encourage each other to be in God’s Word daily and support each other through prayer as we communicate with each other within our GMG group.

What I Saw

Sally Clarkson and Ann Voskamp- two women who are in God’s Word and allow HIM to guide their lives spoke such wisdom into our lives. They each are so beautiful on the inside and out and just RADIATED Jesus’s love for us! As they each spoke, I soaked in their wisdom and realized that their wisdom came from God and from their discipline of spending time with HIM. I was so encouraged by their every word! They were both so gracious and humble…..I loved being in their presence. :)

Some Of My Favorite Quotes

- “I give my compliments to your maker.”- Ann Voskamp

- “Tell me your story, not your sermons.”- Ann Voskamp

- “Make your writing a gift to God.” – Ann Voskamp

- “You don’t have to be qualified to have a message.”- Sally Clarkson

- “Be gentle, be gracious. Have integrity in your home.”- Sally Clarkson

- “Love passion, adore compassion.”- Sally Clarkson

-”Jesus had only 12 followers, and even one of them left Him.” – Ann Voskamp

So What Does This Mean For Me?

That spending time in God’s Word will reward you with wisdom that can only come from HIM. That spending time in God’s Word is important. That having a support group of women around you, like Good Morning Girls, is so important for us!

I wish I could sit right next to you as you read this post and just encourage you to be in God’s Word daily. I wish I could give you a hug and let you know how much I love you and daily pray for you! You all are sooo very important to me! I LOVED meeting those of you who attended Relevant this past weekend! Thank you for sharing your stories with me!

Pictures with Sally and Ann!

Weekly Challenge: Reach out to the girls in your GMG group! Find out what prayer requests they have, what burdens they are carrying…..be there for each other and don’t let anyone feel alone! Ohhh and one more thing………..share what God is teaching you as you grow in wisdom by spending time with the Wisdom Giver!!!! :)

Until next week……

Love God Greatly,

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  1. Wow. This totally hit home for me. Sally is so right. Thank you for sharing this. I have to confess, my quiet time w/God has been “less than” and my dedication to my GMG group has been even worse. (and I’m questioning why my life seems upside down lately….hmmmm.) I have already apologized to the wonderful ladies in my GMG. Thank again for sharing Angela!!!

  2. Oh Angela, I’m so glad you were encouraged and inspired at the conference (and selfishly, I know we’ll ALL benefit as GMG’s because of it.) I’ve struggled with blogging lately. I really LOVE to do it. Initially, I did it because I have always been compelled to write and it gave me an outlet to express that need, a way to document family memories, and admittedly, I had hoped for a growing audience to write to. It’s been several years (I started a new blog in September, adding to my original focus). I have always tried to write with Christian integrity and encouragement and I believe I succeeded there. But thanks to what you and Courtney shared, I’m beginning to gain a better vision for my posts. My writing is a gift. First and foremost, I should use that gift to glorify HIM. This I’ve gleaned from what the two of you have shared and I’m very thankful for that.
    I’m super excited about the vision you and Courtney have for GMG in January.

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