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Who is your Prince Charming?

Challenge Week 2: Memorize 1 John 3:16 “This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down His life for us.” This week try to view Jesus as your Prince Charming. How does that change how you view your time with Him? Remember back when you first started dating your husband. Remember how excited you were each time you saw him. How you treasured each moment together. Remember how you would read and re-read the letters he wrote to you. Try and approach your time with Jesus this week with the same kind of excitement and enthusiasm.

I recently went to Disney World with my husband and two daughters who are 3 and 4. My girls are at the age where they love Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, so of course our Disney trip focused around the princess characters. As little girls, we dream of our Prince Charming. Who is he? Where does he live? What is he like? We love to watch movies like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty where the princes either save the princesses from a bad home environment or a terrible situation. Isn’t that what we still expect out of our Prince Charmings? We expect them to save us and make our life perfect so we can “live happily ever after.”

While we were on our trip I began thinking I really should start teaching my girls that Jesus is really the one and only Prince Charming. Jesus has all the characteristics of a Prince Charming. He is:








and Brave

But Jesus is way better than any Prince Charming!

He is always there for you, every time you need Him.

He is always listening

He is always loving

He is self-sacrificing- He sacrificed it all for you……His life for yours!

We should teach our girls to fall in love with the real Prince Charming, the only one who sacrificed it all for them and for us…..laying down His life for theirs and ours!

Do you view Him as your real Prince Charming? Do you realize that HE truly is the one and only one who “completes you?” Do you realize that He longs to spend time with you each and everyday? One way you can do that is by being in His Word. Allow Him to make all your dreams come true by submitting your life and your will to His. He is good, He is loving and He is trustworthy. Make Him your Prince Charming today!

Love God Greatly!

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  1. Stephanie Coulter says:

    I went to a wedding this weekend where the Mom and Dad of the bride new their daughter was marrying the man they had prayed for their daughter since she was a child. Such a blessed event when focused around the covenant of marriage and our Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. Awesome thoughts and reality that Jesus is our one and only true Prince! To often today marriages fail because wives expect too much from their husbands, things that only Jesus can complete & fill! I wish my mom would have had this idea to teach me!! Wonderful blessing for your daughters indeed; and for me to take onto the youth girls I’ll begin teaching soon! We’re going to be studying Vicki Courtney’s “His Girl.”

    Now for me to pray & figure the way God wants me to use this idea fir my boys?!?

    Hugs, HL

  3. This is wonderful and something that I have recently tried to do for myself. I’m in the middle of a divorce where my soon to be ex husband did not value or treat me well at all. My father passed this March and that was the loss of the only man in life that I was special to. I’ve been feeling really down because I was no longer someone’s princess. Then one day in prayer God revealed to me that I would always be His princess. Such comfort and boost in esteem to know that.

  4. Hi Stephanie- Oh what a neat story and such a beautiful answer to many years of prayers! I’ve started praying for the little guys that my girls will one day marry too!

    Hi Heather- I just started working with a small group of middle school girls. I’d love to hear what you think of Vicki Courtney’s book. I want to share a portion of this post with them as they grow. That they should look to Jesus to complete them.

    LaToya- I’m so incredibly sorry to hear about the loss of your father and your divorce. Two very hard experiences to go through so close together. I’ll be praying for you my sweet friend! Have you ever read any of Max Lucado’s children’s books? I always love how he portrays God in them. You might want to check out the You Are Special series, Because I Love You, or Just The Way You Are. They might do your heart good. :)

    Thank you everyone for your sweet comments today!

    I hope and pray all our GMG girls are enjoying their groups and getting a lot out of what they are reading in God’s Word! You are ALL prayed over!

    Love God Greatly!


  5. There is a great book titled Keeping a Princess Heart in a Not-So-Fairytale World by Nicole Johnson. It guides the reader through this very topic.

    Thank you for the memory verse challenges!

  6. Thanks Patty for the recommendation! I’m going to check that book out! :)


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