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Today We Begin! Check This Out!

Welcome Good Morning Girls! We are so excited that TODAY is September 15th! That means it is time to begin emailing, texting, facebooking or tweeting about your quiet times!!! I know many of you have already begun but for those who have not – the time is NOW!

We are at 105 groups!!!! How exciting! There are 625 ladies signed up so far, from exactly 40 States including Good Morning Girls from Alaska, Hawaii and Washington D.C.! How fun!  We also have Good Morning Girls in Germany, Canada, Japan, France, Brazil, Australia and Austria!

There are groups made up of pastor wives, working moms, missionaries, young moms, college friends who are now in their 40′s and more. Some are emailing each other daily while others are texting and quite a few created facebook groups where they visit daily to log in their quiet times! Beautiful!

Technically today is the last day for “roll call” (go the message board to sign up) BUT if you are still working on your group – we would love to have you join us midway! The more the merrier!

Today it is time to begin our Wednesday Link Up titled “Women In the Word Wednesdays”! 

If you are a blogger we invite you to blog about what you are learning in your walk with God and then link up below (this includes devotionals you have written).  If you are not a blogger, we invite you to weekly share in the comments section what God is teaching you in his word.

So let’s get started and on Friday I’ll be back to share with you what I’ve been learning and for a Giveaway!

Walk with the King!

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  1. I’m having trouble with the Linky – I’m working on it! Sorry :-(

  2. Jennifer Rouse says:

    I’m doing Beth Moore’s bible study Breaking Free. I want to walk in the freedom God has freely given. This week it’s about generational sin. Today specifically, it was about how Satan uses the sin that was taught/past down from our parents and grandparents against us.

  3. I am doing a study on Proverbs called A Woman of Wisdom by Dee Brestin. I love it! Right now I am learning how important it is to fear God!

  4. I am currently using a Journible. I am copying the book of Romans and writing my down my thoughts about each passage. It has been an eye opening experience! I am learning so much! You can learn about Journibles here: http://www.heritagebooks.org/products/Journibles-The-17%3A18-Series%3A-Romans.html

  5. Linky worked for me! Keep it up ladies! I’m thrilled at what God is doing through this ministry.
    Love ya,
    Becky (http://considerhimhebrews12.blogspot.com/)
    Jer. 18:4

  6. So excited to get started with the accountability and challenges! Thanks so much for hosting this!
    Hugs, HL
    (Oh – Linky worked for me too!!)

  7. @Rashell
    Thanks so much for sharing the link for Journible!! It sounds like a great way to really DIG into the Word; something I look forward to purchasing in the future!
    Hugs, HL

  8. Oh I love this idea of blogging once a week, simply because it will help me put some things in order in my own mind so I can get them down.
    I began the 90 Day Bible reading challenge back in July, but since having my newest addition join us 2 weeks ago, I’ve fallen dreadfully behind. I am still chugging along, but I have given up trying to catch up. It just seems a bit unrealistic…especially now that life is picking up the pace with a new little one and homeschooling beginning next week.
    I have enjoyed the journey though and do plan to finish…even if it’s not in 90 days!
    Anyhoo, thank you for this place! :)

  9. I am participating in Pricilla Shirer’s study ~ Jonah-Navigating a Life Interrupted. I am learning that interruptions by God are not interruptions, They are Divine Interventions and something big is about to take place.


  10. I blogged about how much I love this idea of the women’s accoutablilty group. Thank you!


  11. Blessings Courtney and Good Morning Girls… I just learned about this from HL this afternoon when I visited her blog and I just had to check it out! Fantastic TECH idea! So many groups and so many women seeking God or being accountable for reading His Word and quiet time with Him. This just delights me! I’m sure I’m too late to crate a group for now so I’ll lurk and follow along vicariously! I did look at your message board and prayed over the names that I was not sure if a group picked them up. I pray every one found a group! I passed this on to some of my friend’s but maybe we can get our ACT together for next “roll call”. I’m working on my own on two of Stormie Omartian’s book on prayer 30 weeks/chapters each plus Beth Moore(Breaking Free)waiting in the wings because I need to finish a small group study “Life’s Healing Choices” and a friend’s church is doing this churchwide starting Sept. 26th… I started this when I was home in MN from MX this summer but left before I was able to finish it. I was doing American Bible Society’s Daily Reading Plan but recently bought a new Bible with a reading schedule so I just finished Daniel and I’m reading Hosea! This looks so WONDERFUL and I pray it encourages everyone to not only READ but PRAY together and encouragingly support each other. Thanks Courtney for starting and hosting this! Many blessings to ALL!
    Love & peace,

  12. Love GMG…thanks for all you do for the lord and for inspiring women!

  13. I blogged about some verses that have really spoken to me this week: 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 and 2 Peter 1:4-11.


  14. It is too late to join a group? I am a 26 year old, stay-at-home, mother or 2 girls (2 and 4) with one in the oven (I’m currently 11 weeks pregnant).
    Let me know!! thanks

  15. Ginger Perry says:

    Hi everyone! I am really excited about getting to know everyone that I can and to learn what God is teaching you! I am going to take part in the Women In The Word Wednesdays, so I can learn more and others might be able to learn or get something from my posts. (I hope and pray) Our group is letting our lights shine this month for Christ and by doing so we are to light a candle as we read God’s Word and in our prayer times. Here is a link to my first post for this. I’m so nervous and excited at the same time! I have been searching and looking for Godly women that I could learn from for so long that I was getting so discouraged. But now that I have found tons of them I am beyond myself! I just want to thank each of you for sharing what God is teaching you so that others will learn!


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