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Let’s RUN!

Challenge: Memorize Philippians 3:13-14 and set a goal for this fall 2010 session. What is your personal goal for this session? Is having a quiet time 5 days a week a realistic goal for you? Pray about it and then share you goal with the other ladies in your group. Whatever GMG goal you set for this fall,  help hold each other accountable as you all strive to reach your goals!!

These two verses are so powerful to me. Pressing on toward the goal….to win a prize, forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead.

Forgetting what is behind. Why are we called to forget? Because we have been forgiven for our past sins. We have to believe, if we repented and asked forgiveness, Jesus has granted us the forgiveness we were needing. Let go of the guilt!!! If we don’t, we are holding onto baggage that will hurt our “race.” Jesus has forgiven us, have faith in that knowledge and freedom. As Jesus forgives us, so should we forgive ourselves. If we don’t we are only hurting ourselves and not being obedient to Christ.

Straining toward what is ahead. Straining is not an easy thing. When I am straining for something I am putting my whole self into it. Being a Christian is not easy at times. We have to strain against our past sins, memories and choices. We strain against our culture, family or friends and our own desires. I learned something about straining yesterday.

Lately I’ve been running on a treadmill because it’s so hot here in Texas, so yesterday since the weather was nicer I decided to go out on a run with my sweet husband around our neighborhood. Wow, I realized during the run that I’m not in as good of shape as I had thought! Running on a treadmill is not like running in the “real world.” It really showed me that even though it’s still good to go to the gym and exercise, I need to be getting myself out onto the “road” and running there as well. On a treadmill there is no wind, no sun in your eyes, in bugs that fly into your mouth, no uneven pavement and the ground beneath you can be steady and unchanging. I like running on a treadmill because of all those things. I feel like I’m actually a pretty good runner when I’m running on a treadmill. I feel like I’m actually a little fast when running on a treadmill…..but all of that is false and I realized that when I got out into the real world and ran next to a seasoned runner. My husband, Dirk, is a seasoned runner. Unlike me, Dirk has been running since we started dating way back in high school. I won’t say how many years ago it’s been! :) Ha!

As we started our run together, Dirk was sweet and “ran at my pace”, my pride wouldn’t let me tell him that this wasn’t my pace so I kept up with him, or at least tried to. By the time we reached our street I was “pressing toward the goal!!!” There where areas in my body that were hurting that NEVER hurt when I run on a treadmill!!! I was breathing much harder and “glowing” a lot more than I ever do on my wonderful, make-you-feel-good-about-yourself treadmill. Having gone on that run with Dirk and applying it to my real life I realize that even though it’s good to “run on the treadmill” at times, I need to make sure that I’m also out on the “real road”, the road that’s not as perfect. I also need to team up with people who are also running on the “real road” and who have a faster pace than I do, people who challenge me to be better than I am, people who challenge me to press on toward the goal…to win a prize…Jesus.

As we start this new fall session let go of anything that could hold you back from running your best possible race for Christ. Get out into the real world and make a difference for Christ. You don’t have to be perfect, I don’t have to be perfect, just make being in God’s Word a priority in your life and have faith as you run your race that Jesus is right beside you cheering you on all the way! There may be days you feel like giving up….but DON’T!!! STRIVE toward your goal and know that you have 700+ women cheering for you all along the way!!

Let’s get out there and run today girls!!!

Challenge: Memorize Philippians 3:13-14 and set a goal for this fall 2010 session. What is your personal goal for this session? Is having a quiet time 5 days a week a realistic goal for you? Pray about it and then share you goal with the other ladies in your group. Whatever GMG goal you set for this fall,  help hold each other accountable as you all strive to reach your goals!!

Chat with me in the comment section! I’d love to hear about your fall 2010 goal(s)!!!

Love God Greatly!

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  1. Awww – sweet Ang!!! I love to run too – and running outside is so invigorating with the fresh air…but yes, I always hurt in the wierdest places after my outside runs compared to my inside ones!!!

    I love how you described straining. That’s exactly where I feel I am right now – I am straining to run this race of life for God’s glory!

    It’s great to not be alone in this race! I need my

    Straining along side of you!

  2. My goal in this season is to be more purposeful with the time I’ve been given. I’m busy, no doubt, but I believe I’m doing all that the Lord has marked out for me (Heb 12:1). If I’ll be more intentional with the “free” time, I believe I’ll really soar in this season.

  3. My Goal this year is to start the posts for my group each day so that they may be encouraged by my faithfulness and dedication to also continue reading and posting. This means that I must do my reading and post shortly after my Dear Husband leaves for work. So far it is working well. But as things change in our home (with the addition of foster kids) I am sure that my schedule will be shaken up a bit. Thank you for your encouragement and support.

  4. What a great analogy that I would have never understood so clearly until last year when I really started running after a boot camp program. (story here http://skipperclan.blogspot.com/2009/09/open-letter-to-my-husband.html) This is my first round of Good Morning Girls and it started the exact same day as our new Bible Study at church. There is so much uncertainty in my life right now. We are a military family with no idea where we’ll be living in February and a house to sell at a horrible time. I am praying for God to use this time to not only establish a daily desire to spend time with Him in the Word, but for me to make permanent life changes in my dependence upon Him for the ability to display the fruit of His Spirit. Gal 5:22-23

  5. My goal is to bear the fruit of gentleness and self-control. Thanks again Angela for the challenge:-)!

  6. Blessings Angela and Courtney and Good Morning Girls… and we’re OFF!!!

    I so enjoyed this analogy that you used between:
    “Running on a treadmill is not like running in the “real world.” ”
    and that this compares to our walk (run) with Jesus.

    How we start off our daily race, with Him as our goal…perhaps we do ALL the right stuff; read His Word, pray, spend time in worship, do our Sunday & Weds. church ‘duty’ but until we enter in to putting ALL this into the REAL world; stretching our faith, pushing on to sharing with REAL people, witnessing, challenging & encouraging others to ‘run the race’… a good race toward the prize… all the stuff is for nothing, if not done in the purpose of LOVE, with the HOPE He gives us with one another and the FAITH
    to keep on keeping it on…

    …no wonder we hurt and get out of breath, when we don’t pause to breathe in the Spirit deeply daily.

    Great encouragement! Great challenge! Great verses! Now on to see what my GMGs are doing and our individual goals. Mine is not to do my reading every day but sharing it. Except when my reading plan is in a chapter or book in the Bible that I have no idea how to apply it to me, like AMOS… that I’m reading now. I think I’ll focus on “Jesus Calling” devo. You see that’s my problem,
    stick with the plan when I don’t like it. So my goal; sticking with the plan, even when it’s tough, or I can’t apply it or make sense out of it (counting on the Holy Spirit there)instead of reaching for something more soothing or enjoyable like a devo.

    That’s why this ‘running the race’ with GMG is so important. Good choice!

    ohhh, and I have a question, should each of us register on the message board or just one of us per group?

  7. Ohhh thank you all for your sweet comments today!

    Courtney- I LOVE it that we aren’t alone in this race! :) We need each other to help encourage us and support us and inspire us to continue to run with perseverance!!! You do that for me girl!!! ;)

    Renee- I can’t agree with you more! I feel if I can be more intentional with my “free” time, life would run a little smoother some days!!! :)

    Melissa- I have the same goal as you! :) I’m personally a night person……so getting to bed and getting up super early is a real struggle for me. Plus my husband has a crazy work schedule and does half nights and half days, so we are always a little mixed up around our house in terms of when to sleep. (My husband and I, not my girls….:)

    Skipsmkgirl- Praying for you!!! I’m from a military family- Air Force. Moving and the uncertainty of it all is really hard on a family. I appreciate ALL that you sacrifice for our country! I’ll be praying about your house selling, for peace in the midst of your uncertainty and for God to give you an overwhelming desire to be in His Word. That’s actually one of the things I’m praying over all the GMG women. That God will give everyone of us an unquenchable desire to be in His Word! So funny you mention the Fruit of the Spirit. That’s what all my posts were about this past summer. Each week I wrote on a different fruit. :) Go check them out if you have the time. :)

    Gertha- Ohhhh how I wish I could give you a hug!!! So good to hear from you again!!! Thank you so much for your faithfulness!!! You are such a blessing to me!!!:)

    Peggy- So glad you like the analogy!!! I find it hard to apply things that I read in the bible sometimes too. You’re not alone! :) That’s actually another prayer that I’m praying over all of you….that God will help all the GMG women understand and apply what they are reading to their lives. To answer your question: Only one person from the group needs to register for the whole group. Basically you’re just letting us know who you are, where you’re from, and how many are in your group. :)

    Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments!!! Keep them coming!!! I LOVE reading them!!

    Love God Greatly,


  8. My goal is to make spending time with God a priority in my day. I would also like to complete my Power of a Praying Woman devotional that I’ve have started and stopped several times in the past years.

  9. LaToya,

    I LOVE the Power of a Praying Woman devotional!!! I love all of Stormie’s books!!! Good choice! :)

  10. Well I shouted it to the world, via Facebook, that my goal was to read devotions every weekday morning for 15 minutes. I have always been a late night girl and the morning time is not easy for me. But, not any more.

    I also confessed seperately to our girls that I was letting go of anger. It is an emotion that has plagued me all of my life and I HAVE to let it go, NOW! Please pray for me.


  11. My goal for this fall is a daily meeting with my Savior at 6am. Going on day #9 today and it has been a HUGE help to me in my daily life! I can’t believe I have forsook that time with Him for so long.

  12. Hi Mindy,

    I’m right there with you girl….I’m a late night girl too! So glad to hear that you’re doing well with getting up earlier in the morning! :) Great job! I will join with you in praying over letting go of your anger.

    Hi Jenny,

    So happy to hear that you are enjoying GMG! Keep it up girl you’re doing GREAT!!!! :) I love my morning time with Him also! :)

  13. My personal goal for this session is to physically get on my knees each night before I go to bed and pray. My bad habit is to get in bed and THEN pray, which ultimately leaves my prayers cut very short because I have fallen asleep. Praying for all the ladies doing this challenge.

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