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Women In The Word Wednesday – Come Link Up or Share!

If you are a blogger we invite you to blog about what you are learning in your walk with God and then link up below (this includes devotionals you have written).  If you are not a blogger, we invite you to weekly share in the comments section what God is teaching you in his word.

So let’s get started!

I am in a small group Bible study with about 25 other women from church.  We are using the book “I Saw the Lord” by Anne Graham Lotz as our study guide.   Last week we were studying Josiah in 2 Chronicles 34 and here is a little of what I learned:

1.  The state of our churches are suffering for lack of role models. Josiah was a role model.

2.  The state of our churches are suffering because believers are addicted to activity. We think we are okay because we go to church, pray out loud, teach Sunday School, and are baptized but all the activity is simply masking the pain of our lack of intimacy with God.  Josiah treasured God’s word.

3.  The state of our churches are suffering  because of our lack of repentance. We have misplaced priorities and focus far too much on our outward activities rather than our inward heart.  Solution: Repent and retreat to silence.  Josiah removed all the idols in the temple and as long as he lived and reigned as King, Israel followed the Lord.

I learned…I/we  must be willing to step up and be role models to women and children who desperately need them.  Rock stars, actresses and fashion models are filling that gap and it should not be so.  I/we must not mistake activity we do FOR God as intimacy WITH God.  We must get alone in his word to be intimate with him.  And finally,  I/we must repent and turn from our sins and follow God all the days of our lives.

Your turn – what is God teaching you in your quiet times this week?

Walk with the King!

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  1. Courtney, my Mettle Monday was about parents being Super Hero’s in our children’s lives so they don’t go looking for something cool to emulate!!!!

  2. Tried to link up my blog post, but it didn’t show up. Does it go through right away or does it have to be approved? I tried twice, so one may have to be deleted if they both pop up at some point. Sorry and thanks for the help.

  3. Blessings Courtney, Thanks for sharing from “I Saw the Lord”!

    I shared on Haggai and was wondering if you might look at it and tell me if I can link it up here.

    But yesterday & today I read Zechariah:

    God’s anger against His people will not last forever.(Amen!)
    At the end of the 70 yrs. of Judah’s captivity, GOD SENT MESSAGES OF MERCY TO HIS PEOPLE.

    It was time to return and rebuild. (hmmmmmmmmmmm)

    The temple would be built again, and God would once again dwell among His people and make them prosper. In addition, God Himself would judge their enemies. (hmmmmmmm)

    A series of VISIONS IN ZECHARIAH tell of cleansing and renewal – of restored HOPE. The vision of the priest with filthy garments, reclothed by God in glistening, pure clothes, is a fitting image of the restoration of the people. And Zechariah’s prophecies about the Messiah offered hope and inspiration to the people.

    Have a wonderful day and thanks for GMG!


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