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Welcome Fall 2010 Good Morning Girls

Welcome to the brand new Goodmorninggirls.org!  Angela and I are already praying for you!  We are so excited for this Fall session.  This summer you all blew us away with over 600 “Good Morning Girls” enrolling!

The video above should answer most of your questions about what the Fall Good Morning Girls session.  If we’ve left something out just leave us a comment and we’ll be sure to answer.

What to expect on this new site:
On September 1st, Angela (my dear friend for 20 years, designer of this site, and blogging partner here) will introduce herself via video.  Then starting September 15th the groups will begin to email each other.

Angela will be posting on Mondays.  There will be a “Quiet Time” link up and feedback day every Wednesday.  And I will be posting a brand new series on Fridays (these will not be duplicated over at Women Living Well).

We look forward to you joining us and encourage you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or subscribe.  

Walk with the King!

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  1. It’s beautiful and perfect! You should use the same design for your site but just change the colors. ;)


  2. Can I share this video on the FB Group page I created for our group? Thank you so much!

  3. His Jules says:

    I love the new site!! Amazing!!So looking forward to September!

  4. His Jules says:

    I love the new site – Amazing!! Looking forward to September!

  5. Love the new site. Our group is so excited to start back again on the 15th.

  6. The new design is beautiful!!!!

  7. Thanks everyone!!! SOOOO glad you all like it!!! :)Looking so forward to our fall session!!! :)

  8. Jayme – YES please share it – I would love to hear more about how your group works on Facebook – that is SO cool!!!

  9. I love this idea and think it would be a great thing to get involved in. I got the chance to watch the video above and noticed that you mentioned men in the bible. *smile* Can you name a gal that was able to get up before her family rose to spend time with God? I know there is the … goodness, not coming to mind … one about she shall work by candle light, and rise before her husband. I have a hard time doing that consistantly though. I just get EXHOSTED! Any ways. *smile* I am doing the summer challenge you have here a little late, but am doing it over at my blog that my “name” is linked to. Sorry I missed this one, I think I will grow deeper in God over the next twelve weeks in focusing on Him as well as His will for my life as a daughter, wife, and momma. Thanks for sharing this page in a blog post over at Women Living Well. I appriciate it. Have a great day and if you are short a gal and need someone to fill in, I am more than willing to be an accountability partner if someone is looking. *smile* Thanks. Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!

  10. Mommy of two blessings – You mentioned wanting to hear of a woman rising early…The Proverbs 31 woman (verse 15) woke while it was still dark. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of another but truthfully – all I need is Jesus as my example. I long to be like Jesus!
    Much Love,

  11. My sentaments exactly, Courtney. *smile* The “Proverbs 31:10-31 Woman” is the only one mentioned specifically, is the only one to come to mind for me as well. And as for who to be my guide, I am fully with you in looking to the Lord. *smile* Thanks for making the time to share your thoughts with me here though. *smile* I was sort of wondering if anyone else came to mind I suppose. *smile* I didn’t meditate on that much just thought it is funny how we often think of the men in the bible when there are also several women in there as well. *big smile* I was being a bit silly I suppose, sorry if it frustrated you that I asked in such a way. Now I am trying to stay focused here while I have a very fussy 3 year old on my lap so not very focused even now. Sorry…Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more! P.S. Just an evening of fussy for our 3 year old I suppose.

  12. Hello here’s Sandra from France.
    I don’t find here in France a group of good morning girl.
    Can you see if you find a group in Europe that I can join???
    I can read and write english and german.
    If it’s not possible can I join some american women.
    Thanks for the answer.

  13. I’m a nighttime quiet person but am going to pray and look for a friend(s) to help me transition to mornings. Looking forward to following along. Many thanks!

  14. I am a nighttime quiet time girl but am looking for a friend(s) to help me transition to mornings. Thank you!

  15. Patty and Sandra – so glad to have you along!! Please go to the message board and post your name and email address and a little about yourself there. Women are connecting and starting groups there! If you don’t find the right fit yet, just wait – I know more ladies will be coming soon to join the message board.
    Much Love,

  16. I would love to join a Good Morning Girls group, but my friends are not available to participate during this season of their lives. If there is anyone that could use one more ‘long-distance’ Girl, please let me know. I am excited for this next session and will do it as a group of one if I need to.

  17. Hi Courtney! I’m looking for the e-mail message to send out and invite girls to a GMG group…Can you help me find it?


  18. Angela sackett says:

    Thank you! So excited…

  19. Just found you and really want to participate. I have a small group of young women that I meet with once a month, I would love to get them involved in this however the deadline is fast approaching and we have already had our Sept. meeting. Can you join late? I told them about the Women Living Well site.

  20. Mary Alice – yes we’d love to have join us even if it’s late! Once your group begins just enroll on the message board!
    Much Love,

  21. Awesome post.


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