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Led By The Spirit Summer Challenge #11 Self-Control

Week 11 Challenge: Target one area of your life this week that you would like to get under control. Ask your Good Morning Girls to pray over you concerning this area. Go through the Nehemiah 2 steps, then give your success over to God.

I don’t know about you……but I love a good cupcake every now and then…..especially if they come from Sprinkles or Dimples…..ohh my goodness…….a little slice of heaven on earth!!! Going inside either of those stores, makes me exercise my self-control!

Is there an area in your life you need to exercise self-control? Is it with your eating habits? Your spending? Your words? Your thoughts? Your computer or TV time? We all have areas in our lives we need help gaining control of. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Don’t allow your past attempts to discourage you from trying again. With God’s help you can experience success! Some of our world’s most successful people have experienced failure. If failure is part of your past, then you are in good company….

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”
~ Michael Jordan

You Can Have Victory

We are called to be bond servants of Christ alone, not to anyone or anything else. Beth Moore, in her book Living Beyond Yourself, says “the key to self-control is the refusal to allow our enemies (the flesh, the world, or Satan) to rule or hold us captive in any way.”  Is there anything in your life that you feel is ruling you, holding you down or making you a prisoner? Beth goes on to say “Christ has given us the victory over our flesh, our world, and our accuser…they cannot presume authority over us. In the life of a believer, they can rule only where they are invited” I think for some of us we need to un-invite some of our desires. We need to take a stand and tell our flesh, the world or Satan, that Christ is in charge of our life and they are no longer welcome.

Take a good look at your life. Are there any broken down walls? Ask God today to help you gain the self-control you need to repair those walls. Remember any area of our life where we do not have control is an open invitation to our enemy. Satan’s weapons are our greatest temptations. When you start to feel tempted, take that temptation captive and give it to God. Ask Him for the strength to overcome that temptation. (1 Corinthians 10:13)

Steps To Victory

Taking a look at Nehemiah 2:1-20 lets look at the steps we need to take to have victory over our enemies and gain the self-control in our lives that we desire.

1. Enlist a few accountability partners. (vs 12)
2. Perform an honest self-examination. In what areas do you lack self-control? (vs 13)
3. Admit that you have experienced internal or external disgrace in your areas of self-indulgence. (vs 17)
4. Don’t put it off any longer. Begin immediately to cooperate with God’s diligent work with you in your areas of captivity. (vs 18)
5. Give it to God, then keep giving it to God over and over until you have overcome. (vs. 20)
(Note: These steps came from Beth Moore’s book, Living Beyond Yourself)

Week 11 Challenge: Target one area of your life this week that you would like to get under control. Ask your Good Morning Girls to pray over you concerning this area. Go through the Nehemiah 2 steps, then give your success over to God.

Remember, you are not alone in your struggles, you are not alone in your failures……we are in the trenches with you……fighting with you…..praying for you!

Love God Greatly!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the insert from Beth’s book. I have jotted down the name of it and am eager to read the rest. And boy do I have an area that needs self control assistance. I will be definitely going through the step process to help me to take back the wheel.

  2. Thanks%20for%20sharing%20the%20insert%20from%20Beth’s%20book.%20%20I%20have%20jotted%20down%20the%20name%20of%20it%20and%20am%20eager%20to%20read%20the%20rest.%20%20And%20boy%20do%20I%20have%20an%20area%20that%20needs%20self%20control%20assistance.%20%20I%20will%20be%20definitely%20going%20through%20the%20step%20process%20to%20help%20me%20to%20take%20back%20the%20wheel.

  3. Angela,thank you for commenting on my blog; it made my day!!!. I am definitely returning to GMG for the fall session. I am still completing Challenge #11. I’m taking it one minute at time. Looking forward to your GMG posts and I love the new website:).

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