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It’s Your Turn Today!

Seriously, I look just like that little girl at Disney World when I hear from you! I get SUPER EXCITED! So today is your day to talk to us! How are your Good Morning Girls groups going? What are you all learning? Any suggestions for the fall? We’d love to hear from you!

Go ahead, make our day SUPER EXCITING!!!!

Thanks Kelley for this photo! It’s PERFECT!


Love God Greatly,

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  1. Hi Angela,

    Thank you for your prompt feedback. Well, my friend Calandra and I of GMG (GA) are focusing on developing the fruit of the spirit. Through the process, we are becoming better wives and mothers. Each challenge has been spot on and continues to give us encouragement to do / be better. Many thanks to you and Courtney for being such a blessing for us. Take care and keep doing what ya’ll do:-)!!

  2. Oh I love this picture! You crack me up! We are completing Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s Gratitude Challenge and it’s almost time for us to pick something new…I’m not sure what’s next? But it’s always good in God’s word!

    Our group has had a few hiccups! We have one in our group without internet access right now :-( and there’s been some summer travels and things that have slowed our momentum BUT I’m super excited because this fall we are adding two new girls!!

    Thanks for asking Ang!

    Much Love,

  3. Loving GMG! Our group is a bit unusual because there’s not a single person in the group who personally knows everyone (some people only know one other person) but we’re all sisters in Christ and it has been amazing to get to know each other. I loved the fact of being accountable to each other – it’s helping all of us to become more faithful to reading His Word.

    For fall – maybe we could focus on the greatest of all – LOVE (without making it marriage-related – encourage random acts of kindness towards co-workers, neighbors, strangers, etc. – something community oriented – Who Is My Neighbor kind of thing).

  4. Our GMG group (Lancaster, PA) has really enjoyed the accountability, and throughout the day being reminded to pray for one another. It also helps keep our eyes fixed on Christ, as 4 different times in the day, we get/send an e-mail about what we’re learning! I hope to continue this and keep on growing closer to one another and to Christ!

  5. I have been SO BLESSED by the encouragement and accountability of my Good Morning Girls. I have been amazed at the spiritual insights they share, and the dedication. There are a few who are struggling to keep up and one who has limited internet access. Everything in my life seems more calm, Spirit-filled, and tuned in with God because of the months of daily quiet times. It has caused me to be more disciplined!

    I like what you are doing with this site. The above comment about love, acts of kindness is a great suggestion.

  6. Also, I wouldn’t mind having the music stay but on OFF as default. When you try to read comments or switch over to the GMG message board, the music keeps starting back up every few seconds which gets redundant. Thanks!

  7. We are GMG in Vancouver, WA. Although we are only a few weeks in for our group, I believe God is working through this ministry in our lives. From the outside, I have seen some transformations in my sisters lives that I have prayed a long time for. I have also seen and felt a richness in my own walk with the Lord that has surpassed where I have been.

    I am sure there will be some changes to our group in the fall, but I only see God’s faithfulness to us all through them. Thank you for rallying the troops in a time of spiritual battle! We are preparing for our deployment, when ever that may come.

    In Christ,
    Sarah (Vancouver, WA)

  8. Julie Reynolds says:

    Our GMG group is awesome!!! We all go to church together and we have found that this group not only keeps us accountable but it has inspired new growth in each one of us. We are compiling a book of each day’s GMG post as a group because some of the insights are like reading a daily devotional . This has been one of the most amazing things we have been a part of…. Julie

  9. Alexis R says:

    Our group has been so supportive and encourging towards each other! We are all moms of small children and some days find it hard to get into the Word but we are not beating ourselves up about it!! We all understand the importance of being in the Word and God knows our season. It has been refreshing to see how God in working in our lives and what He is teaching us! We all get excited to read each other’s emails! I have enjoyed seeing where we are all at in our journeys and for me, it has been comforting to know, others have been or may be where I am currently and I don’t feel like I am going crazy or alone!!! We did have one situation and I was worried how it was going to turn out but God did a great thing through! I have been blessed!!!

  10. Well l’m doing the “happy dance!!” You all have made my day and I absolutely LOVE LOVE hearing from you!!! I so enjoy hearing how your groups are doing and what you all are learning.

    Helen, I really like your suggestion and you got my “wheels a turning!” I read your comment right before I took my girls to the pool this morning and I’ve been thinking about your suggestion all day! GREAT JOB and thanks so much for sharing it with me!

    Gertha, Sarah, Becca, Sarah (WA), Julie, & Alexis: I am so glad to hear your groups are doing so well and are such a blessing to you all! I just love to hear how God is working in your groups, how you all are encouraging each other and growing so much due to being in God’s Word on a regular basis! You all have inspired me as well today! I also love hearing how you’re doing so I know how to pray for you each day! Thank you so much for opening up your world to me today so I can peak in!!! Ha!

    Courtney, I think life is full of hiccups!!! :) Adding to new girls to your group is SUPER exciting! I love it that you all did the Gratitude Challenge together. :)

    Becca, another great suggestion with the music…..I’ll check on that. :)

    Julie- what a GREAT idea! In the years to come that book will be such a keepsake! I might create a book with my group too…in the fall!:)

    Thanks again for all your comments today! I enjoyed each and everyone of them!



  11. Our group has been enjoying getting to know each other in the process of encouraging one another toward regular time in the Word. We have grown a bit from our original 3 gals to 12 of us, all gathered in a gaggle!

    We have had a few ladies that have been overwhelmed with life, myself included, but we keep each other in good spirits. It seems like I ought to have more to say, but it’s late and I’m just getting over here for the first time in a couple of weeks.

    Thank you for asking about us.


  12. Hi there!
    I wanted to answer you the other day but alas, no time!! (And not much NOW, really. :)) Anyway, we just started a group a month or so (?) ago. I know everyone since I invited the ladies but no one else knows everyone (six of us). Our group seems to be going great so far. A lot of us struggle with consistency with our daily quiet times so everyone seems to think that this is GREAT! I’m torn for the fall. I wonder if people are going to want to invite others which would be great! BUT it’s a lot more intimate and honest with a smaller group…so not sure what to do if that comes up?
    Anyhoo…not to complain at all (!) but I do agree that it would be nice to have the music default to "off". I enjoy it and listen at times but other times when my family’s up and around it kind of gets in the way while they’re talking, etc. If I turn it off and go to another page on here it comes right back. So, take it or leave it…just my 2 cents. :)
    A subject I would enjoy for next fall would be "prayer". I struggle in that area greatly because reading is something I can "do" or "keep track of" or whatever…prayer seems so much more…elusive (?) to me. Like since I can do it anywhere or anytime I never get aound to doing it that much. I.e. I have to make myself sit down with my physical Bible to read. Anyway, okay, now I’m sounding like a rambling weirdo! Lol. :D
    I love our group and thank you!! :) The end. Lol.

  13. I tip this comment because I want to join a morning group in Europa .
    I ‘m a french woman and I don’t find some women who interest by praying and share with me.
    I perhaps can join the german group in fall ( I speak german). I don’t know what are the person who join this group (they can join me with my email).
    Thanks a lot for hearing me.
    Kisses from France.
    And thank you Angela for the different challenge, this help much so the quiet tip from Courtney. God bless you

  14. Melissa says:

    We LOVE our GMG group in Dallas, GA!! Every girl in our group(there are 8 of us) loves the accountability and the closer friendships we are building. We have all known each other for a while, but GMG has really helped us to be transparent with each other in our daily emails. And we have a fun girls night in planned for next week.

  15. Hi Trish, Kristi, Sandra & Melissa!

    Trish- I can’t believe your group has grown from 3 to 12! I’m so encouraged! It’s wonderful you all have each other! As you all do life together, you can lift each other up in prayer when you feel overwhelmed. Thanks so much for sharing Trish and I will keep your group in prayer as well!

    Kristi- I would of course pray about who is suppose to be in your GMG group for the fall and then ask the girls what type of group they are wanting. You’re exactly right, larger groups tend to not be as personal as smaller groups….but that’s not always the case. Maybe some of the girls might want to start their own groups and invite other friends into their group. The more girls reading God’s Word on a daily bases the better! :) In regards to the music comment, I’m looking into that and I’ll see what we can do! I LOVE the topic of prayer!! I have been considering that as well! Thanks so much Kristi for your input!!! I treasure it!

    Sandra- Thank you so much for commenting Sandra! I can’t believe you can speak so many different languages! How fun! I have some friends here in Texas trying to teach me Spanish and I have to admit…..I’m not picking it up to fast!!! Hahahaha!:) I will be praying for you to find some other women there in France to invite into your GMG group. I’ll be praying for you as well Sandra!

    Melissa- When I first read your comment I thought you lived in Dallas, Tx and I got super excited since I live very close to there! Hahaha! I had some family who use to live in Georgia, they just moved last year but LOVED it there! :) I’m so glad you are all enjoying your GMG group!! Doing this together will and should bring you all closer as you seek the Lord and pray for each other. Hope you all have a GREAT time on your girls night coming up!!! I do that with my GMG girls too!

    Thank you all again for commenting!!! I LOVE to hear from each of you!!!



  16. Hi Angela! Our group has been going for almost two weeks now, and I think it has changed our lives. My church is in "survival mode," so ministries aren’t going very well. We tried starting a young adult Bible study, but it wasn’t successful. I’ve been so discouraged because I haven’t had any fellowship with Christian friends my age. BUT, God is good and led me to this site, and since we have started our little group of 3, I am now developing some wonderful relationships. We love the posts on the fruit of the Spirit! Gal. 5 makes so much more sense to me now! Thank you so very much for what you do!!!!

  17. Sorry for the late reply!!
    I have been so blessed to be part of a "Good Morning Girls" group for some months now and each lady in this group has asked to be accountable to the rest of the group for making her time with the Lord a priority. I love the Lord. I want to make Him my focus and priority as the stuff of life seems to pile up no matter how much I get done in the day. I love the group as they help me stay accountable (or convicted as the case may be…) the girls have been an tremendous blessing to me. The girls in my group have prayed for me, encouraged me, and taught me, I appreciate the teaching on your blog and your wisdom, a sincere thank you!!

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