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Led By The Spirit Summer Challenge #1

Week 1 Challenge: Memorize Galatians 5:22,23a “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.”

Let me first express to you how very excited and humbled I am to be given this opportunity to work along side Courtney with her Good Morning Girls website. Courtney is such an amazing friend and I am honored (and yes still in shock) that she has asked me to join her! Courtney is like a super-woman and I guess with every superhero you need a sidekick…..just think of me as the sidekick!!! :) I don’t have all the bible credentials that Courtney has but I will tell you one thing……I love Jesus with all my heart and if I could, I’d reach out and give you a big welcome hug!

This summer we are going to focus our weekly challenges on developing the fruit of the Spirit in our lives. I will expound upon each one, in the weeks to come. But today let’s start with an overview.

1. All growing fruit is connected to a vine, our vine is Jesus. In John 15:5 Jesus states “I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me and you can do nothing.”  In order to do this we must be in God’s Word.  The most important thing that you can do for yourself, your family and your future is to be in God’s Word.

2. The “vine” gives nourishment to the branches, so the branches can produce fruit. In order to exhibit the fruit of the Spirit in our lives, we must allow Christ to remain in us. One way to do this is by reading our Bibles on a daily basis.

3. Jesus clearly gives us our roles: He is the vine, we are the branches. The “vine” gives nourishment to the branches so that the branches can produce fruit. Without the vine the branches can not produce fruit. Jesus states in John 15:4 “Remain in me, and I will remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.”

4. The result: We find purpose and we bring glory to God! Many people today wonder what their purpose is in life. Many times they’ll ask questions like, “Why did God make me?” or “What am I to do with my life?” In John 15: 8 Jesus states, “This is my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit….”

Our true purpose in life is to bring glory to God! That’s it! In the good times, glorify God. In the bad times, glorify God. When we remain in Jesus by spending time in His Word, God gives us the ability to glorify Him in all our life circumstances.

5. You are chosen to bear fruit! Take heart my dear sisters in Christ, God has chosen you to bear fruit in your lives for Him! It says so in John 15:16 “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit-fruit that will last.”

God loves you, He has chosen you and He wants to spend time with you daily in His Word nourishing you, loving you and giving you what you need in order to fulfill your true purpose.

Let’s get started! As we begin the summer Good Morning Girls groups – try to be in God’s Word daily. I know for some of us this can be really hard for many reasons so if you don’t, look on the positive side and say to yourself, “I was in the Word of God ___ number of days and that’s better than not being in His Word at all.”

For those of you who are new to this, please don’t allow Satan to beat you up and discourage you. I know from personal experience that the more you beat yourself up over missing a day, the more likely you are to miss another and another. Give yourself grace, shoot for being in God’s Word daily and if you miss a day or so then just shoot for that goal the next week. The most important thing is being in God’s Word, staying connected to “the vine” and growing that good fruit in our lives that will last!

Week 1 Challenge:
Memorize Galatians 5:22,23a “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.”

Chat with me in the comment section:
Which of these fruit of the Spirit do you struggle with the most and why?

Love God Greatly,

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  1. Awesome! I will get to work on memorizing!

  2. Oh Sweet Ang – I love seeing your signature there – Love God Greatly – AMEN!

    Okay – which fruit do I struggle with the most hmmmmm…

    I’m gonna say it’s a tie between Patience and Self-Control.

    Patience because I have something I am waiting on right now and it’s killing me to wait for God to give me clear direction.

    And self-control because with food and my words I struggle!

    It’s a fresh week – thanks for the encouragement to stay attached to the vine and walk with the King! Muah!

  3. The Fruit that I strugle with most mightly is also self-control. I am overweight, and I also struggle to stick to my budget.

    Just admitting that to myself, and others is helping me to take responsibility for this and I just pray that my King and Savior will help me to walk with Him and have His fruit!

    In Him, Barbaranne

  4. I honestly thin that right now it is self control. There are SO many things in my life that need to be controlled…sigh…I know it will come, I just have to get that under control.

  5. What a great post/challenge! Thank you so much for sharing this – and what a great way to start a rainy Monday ~ by being in the Word of God!!

    My struggle is self-control, especially with eating. I’ve tried in the past to get a grip on it but just haven’t been able too. But I’ve learned that its not something I can do alone – I have to surrender it to God. This past week I did a 3 day fast, surrendering my self-control/eating issues & although its only been a week, I really feel a diffrence in my will power. I still go to God with this daily, multiple times, its still a challenge but it is easier with Him in the lead!

  6. Sonya Schroeder says:

    Hi Angela! I think my struggle is self-control. Sometimes I let "things" get me worked up instead of taking a moment to step back, pray and then take on the situation. I have been working on this so it is better then it was!

    Thank you for your words today they were very up lifting!!

    Serving with Joy,

  7. Christin says:

    Mine is patience…which surprises me because I’ve had so much experience to cultivate this fruit (I have 4 children, going on 5!)

    I get frustrated with the whining and screaming in my children very easily. I guess it’s one of my pet peeves (whining) and it quickly gets under my skin. I have tried to remain diligent about correcting the behavior, and it does require WORK. And sometimes it results in MORE whining. But I really believe the consistency will help nearly eliminate it, if I can remain patient long enough to keep up with the consistency!

    My daughter (7) and I have already memorized this verse from before, so my goal this summer will be to work through learning to be patient. God gives me plenty of opportunities everyday!!!

  8. Mine would probably be JOY. I allow so much to steal my joy. If I don’t like the way someone treats me, my joy can be gone in an instant. Then I will get upset and focus on what happened and my joy gets stolen.

    I really need to pray more consistently in these situations and remember that no matter what, I should have JOY as the fruit of the spirit!

  9. Alexis R says:

    My struggle would be patience and self-control. I have good days and not so good days! :) Having children has definitely shown me that I am not patient and as others have said it gives me plenty of opportunities to practice. With being impatient comes the lack of control over my words. Looking forward to how God is going to use these verse to help me in the areas I am lacking!!!
    Thanks for the challenge!

  10. Tiffany says:

    I have two but they are connected to each other. See, I struggle a lit with patience. I am an impatient individual, expecting perfection in my own life as well as the lives of others. When I see that things are not moving as quickly as I would like or my husband and children are not understanding me etc, I become rather impatient and I lack the self control to control my emotions. It becomes a vicious and ugly cycle that I am ready to break.

  11. I am with Courtney on this one. Patience and self-control are the two that I struggle with most. Patience with people and kids, especially when I want to keep moving with whatever I am doing. Self-control when I have something that I want to say, but shouldn’t. Praise God though, I am still a work in progress!

    Thank you for today’s challenge and the things that you shared with us. What a great way to start this session.

    Have a blessed week,

  12. I struggle with self-control. I don’t always think before I act or speak, which leads to disaster.
    I also struggle with joy. I don’t mean to, but I know I am much to negative of a person – I call myself a "realist" and my husband (the optimist) calls me a pessimist. I am working on being more grateful, but it is definitely a struggle for me!

  13. C Robins says:

    Hi Ladies,
    I struggle with peace. There has been a lot of hard times in my family for the past couple of years. My focus has been on my pain and hurt not on God. My "fruit " has not been ripe for the picking one might say. I am reminded that when i try to produce these fruits of the spirit on my own strength they are bitter or sour. Just as fruit must remain on the vine to become truly sweet tasting, we must remain in Jesus our vine to produce true spirit led fruits. What an amazing God we serve! His traits are so sweet tasting to our souls!

  14. Kristen Y. says:

    The fruit I struggle with most is patience and self control. I tend to not like to wait for things. I want them now. I know I shouldn’t be like that but it’s so hard for me not to. I’ve really been working on that. And also with self control, I struggle with food and words. I know I open my mouth and say things sometimes with out thinking them through. That is something I really need to work on! Thanks!

  15. Hi Angela,

    Thanks so much for this post… I am encouraged and challenged! The fruit of the spirit I struggle with most is definitely self-control. With most areas of sin in my life, I can see them being connected to a lack of self-control (not holding my tongue, nagging my husband, going to sweets for comfort, spending too much time on fb, etc)… it is comforting knowing that there is hope and that self-control IS a fruit of the spirit which God will cultivate in my heart if i abide in Christ… thanks for the encouragement and for prompting me to think about this!!


  16. I struggle with all, but right now am focusing on self-control – discipline in all I do. Just so glad that you are doing this right now.

  17. Hi Angela,

    It’s nice to meet you:). I struggle with patience and gentleness. At times I can be quite direct and very impatient. This is a life changing challenge for me and I am looking forward to it.

  18. Thank you to everyone who has commented today! I am overjoyed by all your responses! I LOVE hearing from you…….helps me get to know you and also know how to pray for each of you! I feel like I can relate to what you shared today, I struggle in many of those same areas.

    Like many of you, the areas I seem to struggle with the most are patience and self-control. At times I can be rather impatient when it comes to changes that I want to see occur within myself or someone else. I’m learning I have to wait upon the Lord…..that can be hard sometimes. I also feel like I struggle with self-control especially in the area of self discipline. I feel if I was only more disciplined in a certain area then my life would run more smoothly…..if I could get up earlier….if I could go to bed earlier…..you get the picture.

    I read this quote from Ruth Bell Graham (Billy Graham’s wife) once and loved it so much I actually have it listed on my Facebook page. If Ruth can feel this way then take comfort my sweet friends…….we are all in good company!!!

    “I saw a sign on a strip of highway once that I would like to have copied on my gravestone. It said, End of construction. Thank you for your patience.”

    God is in the construction business and WE are His project!

    Praying for each of you this week!

    Love God Greatly!!!


  19. The fruit of the Spirit I struggle with is Patience and Self Control. I’m looking forward to this challenge. I love God so much and I just want a stronger relationship with him.

  20. I struggle most with Peace…I let satan steal my peace all the time. I let him get myself all anxious and uptight to the point I make myself sick. Great site, I’m thankful for my friend who led me here :)

  21. Hi Angela!
    I am so encouraged that you are doing this. I am a young single woman in Southern California who has been frequenting Courtney’s blog for the past few months. This is exciting news, and I look forward to growing with you and with the girls in the group I have joined over this summer.
    I am a recent college grad and find it hard to connect and grow spiritually with my friends at this point in my life. They are all newly weds, have moved after finishing college, or are crazy busy (like me!) with grad school. It is unfortunate, but I am grateful to have this place to grow for this time in my life.

    Also, I am pursuing my Masters in Education, so we have something in common : )
    Anywho, I don’t want to blab too much on this post : )
    Off to contemplate Galatians….Naomi

  22. Peace, Patience and Self-Control: Three stumbling block for me that I am working on daily!

  23. i would have to agree with most of the comments that my biggest struggle is in the area of self-control. but i love the encouragement from ruth gram’s quote that we are all in the process of refinement until we reach heaven {phil 1:6}!!
    i am praying for growth in this area as i study the fruits of the spirit with you this summer; thank you for sharing your hear ang!

  24. Good Morning! I just found this challenge this morning and I am so glad I did!! I very much look forward to memorizing new verses and getting closer to God through it!

    My personal struggle is with self control which also effects my patients. I work on it daily but some days are huge failure. And its awful because I see some of those negative traits starting to seed in my children, my daughters.

    I pray that the Holy Spirit will help me with these struggles daily!

    I love the above comment about how we are God’s project, I know I have a long way to go, but I certainly not were I once was!


  25. April Jo says:

    I’m a newbie!
    My struggle is Joy. I tend to let life get me down. However, right before Ifound this wonderful site, I was already quoting this specific scripture out loud to myself, so I could HEAR myself say it.
    Also, when we were adding onto our home , I wrote scruptures all around the window and door frames before sliding the hardware in, and this is one of those scriptures!
    Thank for a wonderful uplifting site! Its much needed in todays world for women!

  26. Hi Naomi, Gayle, (Kelley I already know you!!! Hehehe), Tina and April Jo!

    Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us! I’m sure, as you’ve all read, that you are NOT alone in your struggles! :) I sooo look forward to getting to know each of you as we go through this GMG session together!



  27. Such a great way to start off an accountability session! LOVE IT!
    I memorized this scripture about a year ago with a group of women from my church & made a Scripture picture:

    I would have to say, I mostly struggle with self control … which combines many of the attributes needed within this fruit! Lovin God for not leaving me where He found me though!

    Hugs to all, HL

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